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Chapter 49 Getting to know you

Chapter 49 Getting to Know You

For the next few days, they spend together in bed catching up on lost time. Or at least, what they felt was lost time. Being close, and talking about what the future would hold for them. Both of them finally able to think about the future and what it would mean for both of them together. Brian is finally able to have the life he so wanted with Elizabeth or at least he hopes.

“When the book is over what are we going to do?” Elizabeth asks.

“Not sure. I don’t really want to go back to being a bodyguard or bouncer. I did go to law school.” Brian states.

“You did? What happened?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, I went, did pretty good too. Just at the end of my last year, my mother got sick. I came home to take care of her. I did get to take my bar. I even passed. I Just didn’t get to take the jobs that were offered to me at the time. My brother was younger than me. He couldn’t even take care of himself let alone someone else, so I did it. My mom didn’t last very long, just about six months. Then she passed away from cancer. I could have taken the jobs offered to me, I just didn’t feel like it. I left Victoria and just wanted to move on. I felt there wasn’t anything really keeping me here. I went from woman to woman, job to job. I guess I was just trying to experience what I didn’t when I was younger. The only reason I stayed with Victoria that long was because of my son. He just didn’t need to see us fight that much though. It wasn’t doing anything good for him.” Brian answers.

“I am so sorry about your mother. That had to be hard on you.” Elizabeth states.

“Yes, it was. We were very close. She wanted me to stay with Victoria, it’s another reason I stayed, while she was alive. To make her happy. She loved Tylor, I just couldn’t afterward.” Brian explains.

“Would you ever consider going back to being a lawyer?” Elizabeth asks.

“Actually I was thinking about it. I am not sure if the law firms would still take me. I had a lot of offers back then. They all understood about my mother, they weren’t here in New Jersey though. They were all in New York. Its why I had no trouble when we were there showing you around. I’ve been there, I studied there. What do you think?” Brian asks.

“I think it’s wonderful. I say go for it. Of course, you’ll have to work your contract with Monica into this. We have one more month of the signing for this book. Then a few months for the other book. Then that will be over, as there won’t be a part three.” Elizabeth comments.

“I will talk to some of my old friends. I will see what they recommend. If I can even get back into the firms, I’ll have to start out with a pretty low salary again. I worked at one before I left to take care of my mother, I will see what they say.” Brian replies.

“You sure are full of surprises.” Elizabeth smiles.

“There is a lot more, we do have to get to know each other. This will just be the start of it. I want to be someone when I am with you. You bring out the best in me. I want to give you the world. I really do love you Elizabeth. ” Brian says.

“I love you too. I’m glad I can bring that out in you. It makes me feel good.” Elizabeth responds.

“This was another thing Victoria was pissed about. She was with me through all the schooling. She thought she would have a rich lawyer for a husband. When I broke it off, she wasn’t too happy. Saying she gave me the best years of her life. I gave them as well. But I can’t be with someone I don’t love.” Brian states.

“I understand that. I can see her point as well. It’s just hard. Relationships are hard. I just want us to do everything we can to stay as we are.” Elizabeth answers.

“We will. When one is feeling things are changing we need to go to the other. We need to talk it all out.” Brian comments.

“How did I get so lucky to meet you?” Elizabeth asks.

“It was just meant to be.” Brian replies.

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