The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 50 Casino

Chapter 50 Casino

Two weeks go by that Elizabeth and Brian are in Atlantic City. After their days in bed, they have been going around shopping, eating, and going to the beach. Enjoying all the time they have together. The feeling of them not having to leave one another makes the relationship feel even better. Brian is now more at ease, not having to worry that she isn’t going to leave Ethan anymore. She is always right there with him, just the way he wants it.

“This place is better than I could have ever imagined. To wake up to the smell of the beach is wonderful.” Elizabeth says.

“I am so glad you like it here. Maybe we should go to the casino tonight? Have some fun?” Brian states.

“That sounds good. I have never been to one before. I like having some firsts with you.”

Elizabeth just cuddles up to Brian before getting up to get ready. Her feelings for him have grown even more now that they’ve been together. Their relationship is very different than what she had with Ethan. It’s so much better on every level.

That night they head to one of the Casinos in AC. Spending the night gambling, drinking, and eating. Two of those things Elizabeth wasn’t used to. She never gambled and drinking wasn’t one of her things. with Brian though, she felt she could do or try anything. She felt safe with him, that he would never judge her, just embrace her.

“You’re a lightweight. Two drinks and I think you’re pretty toasty.” Brian says with a smile.

“I don’t normally drink. I thought I would let go. Have some fun with you.” Elizabeth says.

“Good, I am glad you feel you can with me. Please be yourself, have fun. It’s what I want from our relationship.” Brian answers.

Elizabeth just smiles at Brian, knowing how he feels makes her happy. She still in some ways can’t believe this is real or even happening.

They play the slots, winning some and losing some. Laughing and enjoying each other’s company. A lighter side of Elizabeth was out tonight, which Brian finds sexy.

They get out of one of the casinos walking the boardwalk, hand in hand with the moonlight shining on them. They go to sit on the beach, just watching the waves.

“I never thought life could be this way,” Elizabeth admits.

“What do you mean?” Brian asks.

“So alive. It’s amazing to be with someone that feels the same way you do. To have so much fun with. This month together so far has been more than I could believe. I don’t want it to end.” Elizabeth states.

“It won’t. I have no intention of leaving you. I want to spend my life with you. I have from the moment I met you.” Brian answers.

“We have a lot to figure out yet. I know it’s not always going to be like this. I’m not in a dreamland, Brian, even though at the moment it feels that way. What happens when the vacation is over?” Elizabeth asks.

“We find ourselves a home for good. Finish up our tour, I go back to work and we move on.” Brian answers.

“What about our children? I have to file for divorce. You have to tell Victoria. Real things are going to come... hard things.” Elizabeth states.

“We will worry about that when we get there. We will make it work.. as long as I am with you, I ’m happy. I won’t let anything Victoria says or does get in our way. She was never my wife, she doesn’t have much say, just about my son. We won’t let Ethan have any say either.” Brian answers.

“That scares me. He might be the only child you have. I don’t want him taken away from you. I don’t want you to miss out on anything because of me. It’s very special watching our children grow up.” Elizabeth comments.

“Stop worrying, ok? It will be fine. I have no problem with having one child, no matter what she does it doesn’t change that he is mine.” Brian remarks.

Thinking the same thing many times, just not letting Elizabeth know. He knew how Victoria was, how vindictive she could get. He just didn’t want to bring more worry to Elizabeth. He didn’t want her to feel guilty or that she would be the cause of it. It was just how Victoria was even when Elizabeth wasn’t in the picture.

Kissing her on her lips, pulling her closer to him. She moves herself, over sitting on his lap, kissing him back. Her hands in his silver-grey hair. That always turned her on. His hands aiming for her ass, then roaming up her body, to touch and caress each breast. His mouth going to her neck, where he places light suck marks and kissing down her breast, to her stomach. Rolling her over onto the sand with him now being on top of her.

He pulls up her dress, where he lays between her legs, sliding her black panties down her legs and he places kisses on her calf, then her thigh, letting his breath hit her core. Which just makes her want what is coming next even more.

He slides one finger inside her core, feeling the moistness that he created. He continues to slide it in and out as his tongue dances on her clit. Making her body move, without any of her control. He pays attention to her body, knowing that he is taking her over the edge. He sucks on her nub and slides two fingers inside her making her come undone.

Her body shakes and she lets out moans, her hands grabbing at his silver-white hair, as she climaxes. She doesn’t even wait to come down from the high or catch her breath, she pulls Brian’s body up against hers, as she goes to undo his pants. Still hot, and needing even more from him. She turns him over, sitting herself down on top of him. Grinding her wet, hot core on top of him. She feels the sand under her knees, as she pushes herself up and down.

She goes for his lips, lightly nipping at them as she slides up and down on top of him hard, feeling every inch of his hard member go in and out of her. The feelings just build, to the intensity inside each of them.

They continue to make love on the beach in the moonlight. The waves crashing onto the beach. Touching their toes as they make love. When they are done they lay there on the sand, both looking up into the moonlight. Catching their breath, holding each other’s hands, neither of them wanting this to end. The high feeling when they were together, it was something neither of them ever felt before. This was better than any high school romance, better than any drug.

Brian did know deep down there was a lot to come in the future to deal with. To make this relationship work, there would be a lot of hurdles to overcome.

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