The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 51 Rage

Chapter 51 Rage.

It's now July, The last month of Elizabeth and Brian being together felt more like a dream to both of them. Brian suggested, that Elizabeth call her daughters and let them come out to visit. That they may enjoy the beach and to spend some time with her.

Elizabeth agrees to call them since she hasn’t really talked to them much since everything took place. Izabella would text every day, but Sofia stayed away. Still very upset with everything going on. She would even get a text here and there from Ethan. Wanting to talk to her. She wouldn’t answer him. She had nothing to say. Nothing was going to fix this.

“Izabella, I would like for you and your sister to come down to AC. I think both of you would love it. We can go to the beach and do some shopping.” Elizabeth says to Izabella.

“That sounds nice mom. I would like to go. I am not so sure about Sofia though. She is still very upset. I am not sure she wants to meet Brian again, she hates him. She blames him for all this.“Izabella states.

“Did your father ever tell you, girls, anything?“Elizabeth asks.

“No, not really. Just that you changed once you made it. That you wanted out of this life.” Izabella answers.

“Figures. Blame it all on me. I have been texting your sister. She won’t answer. Maybe you can talk to her for me? I would really love for her to come to. We were so close. I don’t want this to ruin it.” Elizabeth answers.

“Do you really want her there around Brian? Do you see that going well, mom?” Izabella comments.

“Whatever she is feeling, she is going to have to get out sooner or later. He isn’t going anywhere. After this vacation, we are planning on buying a home together. I would like for you to come to stay with us.” Elizabeth says.

“We will see mom. Let’s see how the vacation goes. I will talk to Sofia but I can’t promise anything. ” Izabella says.

“I understand. Thank you. It means a lot.”

“Are they coming?“Brian asks.

“Izabella is. I am not sure about Sofia. She is still very upset. She doesn’t like you very much. If she does come, I am not sure how she will act towards you. That worries me. It's not fair for her to mistreat you.” Elizabeth says.

“I am sure, I can handle it. She is dealing with a lot. How is Ethan?” Brian asks.

” I don’t know. He never told them anything about his woman or child. Just put all the blame on me. I know I was leaving either way, but it's just like him to never take any of the responsibility of things. It’s just my fault.“Elizabeth comments.

“Maybe you should tell them? Why get the blame for it all?” Brian states.

“I feel it should come from him. If I say it, they will feel I am just telling them to make him look bad.” Elizabeth answers.

“You have a point. Maybe you should tell him. He has been texting you. Maybe you should text him back.” Brian says.

“We will see. Maybe later on today. I really wish this was over.” Elizabeth answers.

“It will be. We are heading in the right direction. It just takes time.“Brian remarks.

Later that night, Elizabeth calls Ethan. Not really wanting to talk to him, but she knows she should.

“Hey,” Elizabeth says.

“Hey, I been trying to get a hold of you for a month. I know you’re pissed at me. I just thought we should talk.” Ethan says.

“Pissed? You think? That was really shitty of you to do. You lied all those years to me.” Elizabeth snaps.

“I know. I am sorry. I didn’t break it off with her because of my son. I wanted him in my life like the girls are.” Ethan answers.

“When are you going to tell the girls? You put this all on me. Making me look like the bad guy as if I was the one fucking us up from the start.” Elizabeth states.

“Look, we both know that either way, you were leaving with him. You had the intention all the time. It didn’t matter about any of the other. You were gone. You were never the same from when you came back home. You changed so much, you're not at all the woman I married.” Ethan spats.

“Maybe, but I didn’t lie for seven years and have a child. It was only a few months and I was coming to tell you. To leave. You lied to me for seven years. Having two families. Never really being there with me. Our marriage was over long before, I met Brian. If you were there for me before I met him. This wouldn’t have taken place.” Elizabeth shouts.

“It’s not all on me. You never wanted to have sex. You never were close to me anymore. You pushed me away long before I ever had the affair. It's why I did. I needed someone. I wanted to feel loved and desired again.” Ethan answers.

“So go off and have a child and relationship with someone else? God, you're so immature! I understand about the desire and want, just how you did it, was really shitty.” Elizabeth snaps. Step up for once and tell the children. They blame Brian for all this.” Elizabeth adds.

“Oh, so I am supposed to protect your boy toy? The hell with that. What happens when the sex wears off? When he finds you old and grey? NOt to mention your too old to have children. Doesn’t he want any? You won't look that young forever.” Ethan growls.

“Wow, you sure do know how to make up with a person don’t you?” Elizabeth hisses back.

” I am just stating the facts. You’re not a spring chicken. He is a lot younger than you. Its fun now, but won’t be for long. You’re giving up your whole life for a fling.” Ethan snaps.

“It’s not a fling. It’s more meaningful to me than our whole marriage ever was. You wish you were half the man he is.” Elizabeth says.

“I am. I am a man, not a child. I might have made mistakes, but that doesn’t make him any better than me. What happens when he goes off looking for more than you can give? When your not hot for him anymore?” Ethan answers.

” Why did I call you? Look if you don’t tell them fine. Let Brian take the fall for you. That’s just how you are. Maybe it's good our children don’t know what a real asshole you really are.” Elizabeth spats. Hanging up. Throwing the phone across the room.

“Are you ok? Brian asks.

“NO, I hate him. He just loves to hurt me. He isn’t going to tell them. He is going to let you take the fall for this. Making it was my fault all the way. Nothing ever being his.” Elizabeth states.

“Don’t worry about it. I am sure in time, they will let it go. Maybe I can win them over as I did you?” Brian says with a soft smile.

“I hope so. Do you think, I am too old for you? Are you going to be ok being with me? When you can have any young girl you want?” Elizabeth says. Letting the things Ethan told her get under her skin.

” Are you really asking me that? God, what did he say to you? Babe, I love you. I don’t care how old you are, age is just a number. Not to mention, you don’t look old at all. You’re freaking hot. He knows it and just can’t take that you don’t want him anymore. That I got it instead, he said all that to hurt you, the way he is hurting. Don't let him get under your skin.” Brian states.

“I may not be able to give you children. I don’t want to take that away from you. I think about that all the time. It will just be us, will you be ok with that?” Elizabeth says.

“I have a son. I am fine. We have each other. I told you that over and over again. Damn, what did he say to you? That bastard, maybe you shouldn't talk to him anymore.” Brian asks irritated.

“I am just scared you may regret this. That I won’t be all that you really want.” Elizabeth answers.

Brian goes over to her and puts his arms around her. “You are. Please do not make anything he said to you, hurt you. He just wants to be an asshole.” Brian comments.

“I know, but he wasn’t all that wrong,” Elizabeth replies.

“He was. He doesn't know how I feel, or what I want. He just wants to push your buttons, and please stop worrying about me wanting more kids. It's really not a problem. I have you, it's all I want. ”

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