The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 52 beach dinner

Chapter 52 Beach Dinner.

A few days go by, Izabella and Sofia go down to AC. Elizabeth sending them both airplane tickets. Izabella doing her best, to talk her sister into coming. Elizabeth is very worried about how this is going to go. She didn’t want them to blame Brian. It wasn’t his fault. Elizabeth wasn’t happy long before him. He made her happy. She just hoped they would see this. She also knew that her soon to be ex-husband wasn’t doing anything to make this better. Just adding fire to the flame when he could just like he always has done.

Elizabeth goes to the airport herself to pick up the girls. Not wanting to start it off on the wrong foot from the start. Brian going out, food shopping. Getting items to make a BBQ for dinner. Getting out of the way for a bit, so Elizabeth could get the girls situated. Hoping to ease them into this.

On the car ride back to the rental, Sofia is quiet. Just looking out of the car window or at her phone.

“I am so glad you both came. I am sure you will love it here. I know since I got here I really have been enjoying it here. ” Elizabeth says.

“Really? He is here, isn’t he? Shacked up here with your boyfriend Mother. Don’t you think your a little too old for this?” Sofia states.

“Please, I want this to be a nice vacation for everyone. I didn’t invite you here to be rude. I know for some reason you blame him. He didn’t do this. I did, Your father did.” Elizabeth comments.

“He didn’t help the matter, just made it worse,” Sofia says rolling her eyes.

Elizabeth is not sure what to say to this so she remains quiet the rest of the way home.

Once back at the house, Elizabeth helps them get the luggage out of the car, bringing it into the house.

“So where is lover boy?” Sofia asks.

“He is out getting food for dinner. He is going to BBQ for us tonight. I would like you to show some respect towards him.” Elizabeth asks.

“He didn’t show any towards our father.” Sofia spats.

“That’s not fair. I don’t know why you are acting like this. Your old enough to know how things were with your father.” Elizabeth comments.

“You just upped and left us all for him. Is he that great? You left your whole life. Not only daddy.” Sofia says.

“I wasn’t happy there. I haven’t been for a long time. I am now. He makes me happy. I have a life that I am finally who I want to be, with someone who respects me. “Elizabeth answers.

“For how long? Than what? You’re just acting like a lovesick teenager.” Sofia spats going off into her room.

“I don’t know why she is acting like this Izabella. There is no need.” Elizabeth states.

“She is upset. She never thought you and dad would split. Even though you were not happy. If it wasn’t for Brian you would have stayed, that’s how she feels. It’s just weird having you and dad not together.” Izabella replies.

“Maybe. Maybe not. She is too old to act this way. Anyway, you are sharing a room. You can get washed up and ready for dinner. I am also sorry that it’s weird for both of you. I hope in time that changes.” Elizabeth responds.

“I am sure it will. It just takes some getting used to.“Izabella states.

Brian walking in the door with the bags of food.

“So how did it go?“Brian asks.

“Not good. She is still pissed. So be ready for anything. I am sorry ahead of time for anything she says.” Elizabeth responds.

“It’s fine. I am sure when you meet Victoria it will be the same way. I am going to go start dinner. I got us some good steaks.” Brian replies.

“Thank you. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to make them come here.” Elizabeth responds.

“We had to meet up sooner or later. They have to get used to the idea that we are together.” Brian comments.

“True,” Elizabeth replies.

Brian goes in the backyard, getting the grill ready. Elizabeth and Izabella get the food prepared for dinner. Izabella being nice to Brian. Not really seeing anything wrong with him. If this is what her mother wanted, then so be it.

She knew her mother was never happy with her father. She saw a big difference here. Just how they interacted was different. How they liked to be in the same room. That they didn’t even have to talk, just touch getting a smile out of the other. She also saw how her mother stared at him at times. That she was so taken in with him. It was something new. She never saw this in her mother before. Sofia just sat there quiet, not saying a word. Taking it all in as well. Just pretending she was on her phone.

“Dinner is ready,” Brian says.

The long glass table with umbrella and six chairs outside all ready for dinner, everyone getting a seat. Brian sitting at the head of the table and Elizabeth on the side of him. Izabella on the other side then Sofia sitting next to her sister.

“I hope all of you enjoy dinner,” Brian says.

“Thank you. It looks really good.” Izabella responds.

Sofia still staying quiet. Watching her mother interact with Brian, pouring him a glass of tea, Smiling at him.

“Good Grief mother. You sure are one sick love puppy.” Sofia says. Not able to hold it in any longer.

“Yes, I am. There isn’t anything wrong with it. It’s great to be in love. To have someone treat you and feel the same way about you. I hope you have it one day as well.” Elizabeth answers.

“How blind are you? What happens when he tires of you?“Sofia spats.

Brian grabs Elizabeth’s hand taking the lead.

“I know you’re upset, but that isn’t any way to talk to your mother. I am not going to tire of her. I love her and I want to be with her for a long time.” Brian responds.

“Really? What do you mean by long? The next few months? Till you make enough money from her with the book? Isn’t that why you’re really with her? You were nothing before you met her. She is the one to make you something.” Sofia hisses.

“Sofia!” Elizabeth shouts.

“I don’t want your mother for money or fame. I am also not just with her because of the book. I am thankful because of the book, I met her. I have plans after this to be something more. I also plan to be with your mother always.” Brian answers.

“Always huh? Does that include marriage? Or just shacking up with her? She is middle aged you know. She is a bit too old for the shacking up.” Sofia spats.

Brian chuckles. “Why must you all say things like that. Your mother isn’t old. I am not that much younger than her. Age is just a number. I also don’t plan on just shacking up with her, as you put it. I would like to Marry your mother. That is if she would have me. This isn’t just a flash in a pan relationship. Can’t, you realize we really care for each other?” Brian responds.

“No, I see a lovesick puppy. Who never had this kind of relationship before. So she is gong ho. I see that you’re younger than her and taking advantage of it. She may be older in age but that’s it. She hasn’t been around like you. She isn’t worldly. She was just looking for something my father wasn’t giving her. You just happened to be there. I see you both falling flat on your faces. I just don’t want to see my mother hurt.” Sofia says. Getting up. Leaving the table. Izabella running after her.

“Wow, I am so sorry,” Elizabeth says with a deep sigh.

“She got off what she had on her chest. It was a good thing. She is worried about you.” Brian answers.

“She didn’t have to be that way. That was just downright rude.“Elizabeth replies.

“I think she got most of that from her father. Whatever he has been putting in her ear. It sounded too much like what you were saying earlier. Its what he told you about the age difference. They all need to get off of. ITs not a big deal. They are acting as if I am eighteen and you robbed the cradle or something. Your forty. That’s not old. I’m thirty-one. It’s getting old now, with them repeating it. They need to come up with something better than that.” Brian responds.

” It probably was a lot of what Ethan put in her head. God knows what he is telling them and others. That doesn’t surprise me. Umm, was it true about wanting to marry me?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes very. You are the first woman, I ever wanted to marry. Don’t worry about anything he has to say. He is just pissed off.” Brian responds.

“I’m not even divorced yet. That may take time. I am not even sure, I want to get married again.” Elizabeth replies.

“I think right now, you need to just lay down and relax. We can talk more about this in the future. We have plenty of time.“Brian says clearing off the table.

“Thank you for everything you tried to do tonight. It meant a lot to me.” Elizabeth states.

“You’re very welcome. Giving her a kiss on her head.

“I found it funny, how she is thinking you’re using me for my success. I was a nobody too. Still, am. The book is doing good but I am no Brad Pitt.” Elizabeth laughs.

“She is your daughter. She is worried about you. She doesn’t want you hurt. I see that. I understand it. Not to mention when book two comes out. It should really be huge. We still are not Brad Pitt as you put it, but we will not need for money for a while.” Brian replies.

“Maybe not, but you didn’t ask for any of this. I know none of that was true. It bothered me to hear her say things like that.” Elizabeth responds.

“It’s just words. Let it go. She needs time to get used to this idea and to cool down. Time heals all wounds so they say.” Brian replies.

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