The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 53 Hard breakups

Chapter 53 Hard Breakups.

Elizabeth’s daughters stay just a few days. Not really wanting to be around Brian. Sofia wants to go home, nothing you say to her seems to change her mind about him. She just blames him for everything.

After they leave, Elizabeth and Brian spend the rest of their vacation together. Brian doing his best to make Elizabeth happy. He even stays away from Victoria, only talking to his son on the phone. Not letting him come down to the house, Not yet. Brian feels that Sofia was enough to deal with at the moment. He didn’t want Victoria adding fuel to the fire. He knew what she was like. That she would be ten times worse than Sofia. He didn’t want to deal or bring any more hurt to Elizabeth. He knew the rest of the month would go fast. He wanted to enjoy it.

Once the rest of the month passes, Brian and Elizabeth get ready to go back on tour. Gathering their things and moving along. They keep their things at Brian's brother's home. Knowing that when the tour ends in September, they will come back and move on with there regular life. Its what Brian was looking forward to, finding a home and settling down. Something he really never had before.

Elizabeth files for divorce, while she is on tour working. Trying to get it to move along. Hoping that it would go fast since the kids are adults and they don’t need to put them in the middle. Just once she does, She gets a call from her lawyer.

“Elizabeth he is fighting for alimony,” Richard says.

“What? Why? Is he crazy?” Elizabeth says.

“No, he claims that he supported you all these years. Now that you’re making your own money, he wants his back.” Richard states.

“Whatever. I can’t believe he is doing this.” Elizabeth answers.

“It’s just to get you rallied up. He knows you are leaving him for Brian. He wants to say you abandoned him and the kids. You just walked out and went with your boyfriend.” Richard responds.

“Ok, he wants to be an ass. Bring out the big guns. He has a son, that was created while we were married. He has been with his mother for almost seven years.” Elizabeth mentions.

“This is going to get nasty. You know that right?“Richard says.

“If that is how he wants to play. Then lets play. I am not going to take full responsibility for this. It was both of us that went wrong. Not just me. Yet, he always wants to blame everything on me.” Elizabeth comments.

“You know this will get out. Be a big thing while you’re trying to sell your book.” Richard remarks.

“That’s fine. Monica will spin it some way. It may even bring more people to read the book. I am not worried about that. I just want him gone. Out of my life. He is doing this for spite. Just because I left. I am not going to let him win. I owe him nothing!” Elizabeth barks.

“Ok, I will add that. Let’s see how this goes.” Richard replies.

Elizabeth gets off the phone pissed.

“How could he.” She spats.

“What did he do now?” Brian asks.

“He wants me to pay him for everything, he ever gave me. Make it all out to be my fault that I abandoned him and the kids, to be with you. Yes, I know I left. I know I want you. But he has his faults in this as well. He has a child with someone else. You would think he would want to just let this go so nothing came out. But no, he wants to be a dick. So be it!” Elizabeth states.

“Some people just don’t like to be dumped. This is just his way of revenge. It’s not going to be too pretty when all this airs. He should have just signed the papers.” Brian states.

“That would have been way too easy. We can’t have that.” Elizabeth hisses.

The rest of the tour goes pretty good. Brian and Elizabeth are happy to be together. Richard fighting to get Ethan to drop the alimony. With scaring him about Elizabeths Tell all. Ethan not moving to any of it as of yet. Just trying to hurt her, which he does well.

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