The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 54 Moving on.

Chapter 54 Moving on.

Finally, the tour is over and Elizabeth and Brian are heading back to his home. Both tired and needing some rest from traveling. Even though it was fun and they were together, a different place every night wears them thin.

Once back home, Sean sees that Elizabeth comes back with Brian. Seeing that she didn't return to Ethan or change her mind as of yet. He is happy for his brother, he didn't think it would make it this far. He is just hoping that he doesn't get hurt. That this isn't all just a waste of time.

"Wow, I'm beat." Brain says. Walking up into his bedroom.

"Same here, I am so happy too see your bed." Elizabeth answers.

Brian chuckles. "Yea I know what you mean. I think this week we should start looking for our own place. One in between here and New York. I have been asking around while we were touring about a job and one of my old friends is willing to take me on at their firm. I have to start at the bottom but it's a start." Brain says.

"That's wonderful. I am so proud of you." Elizabeth says. Hugging Brian.

"Is that ok with you? I mean the location? Are you happy about staying here? I want this to be a home both of us want." Brian comments.

"Yes, That is fine with me. Being close to New York is a good thing. That makes me close to the publishing company. I won't be too far from Monica when she needs me." Elizabeth answers.

"Great. There is Franklin Hills. It's a real ritzy place. The houses cost a lot."Brian replies.

"I am not sure if we need anything like that. I guess we can check it out, but we should have another place in mind as well." Elizabeth responds.

"Ok, I will check around and let the realtor get us some houses to view. We will see which is the best fit for us. I am sure we will find something." Brian states.

"I am sure to. I am happy being anywhere with you. These last few months have been better than my whole life. I never thought things could be this way. That I could be so happy with someone. I love it, and I love you." Elizabeth remarks.

"You don't know how happy that makes me feel. I feel the same way. It's incredible. We do still have a lot to go through though. You have to meet Victoria, we need a home, and we need to see how my son takes to you." Brian replies.

"He has met me before everything was ok, but then I wasn't your girlfriend then." Elizabeth states.

"I don't think he will be too upset. I wasn't married to his mother or left her. We haven't been together for a while." Brian answers.

"Have you let him meet anyone else?" Elizabeth asks.

"No, there wasn't any reason to. I wasn't serious about anyone. Why make them meet my son? I told you I got around. There wasn't just one... "Brian admits.

"Yes, I remember, which in a way makes me happy to be the first." She says with a smile.

Elizabeth and Brian stay in bed and get some rest, the rest of the week Brian goes online looking around at different houses, that he thinks Elizabeth would like to see. He calls his realtor telling her where he would like to look, and the price range. Feeling that between the both of them, the would be able to get a pretty good home. They were not rich but they were making good money at the moment. With him going back to be a lawyer he was feeling his pay would increase there as well. It didn't bother him to start at the bottom, he did it before. Just this time, he had a reason to want to make it. A reason to get up in the morning and be happy. He wanted this feeling to last and to go on with Elizabeth always.

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