The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 55 House Trips

Chapter 55 House Trips

Carol calls Brian up to let him know that she is able to take them to see some houses today. They were going to Franklin Lakes to see some houses. It was only an hour away from New York, which wasn’t too bad considering.

Carol takes them to see a bunch of homes, they are all gorgeous and well over a million dollars. Brian and Elizabeth just look at each other not knowing if this is a good idea or not.

The last house that Carol takes them two is 1,780,000 with 5 beds, 5 baths, 3,825 sqft. The whole house is gorgeous, to say the least.

“I can see that both of you are not sure. I have other houses to show. I trust you both, so I am going to leave the key with you when you're done looking it over, Just leave the key under the mat. This house is wonderful, I just want you both to know that taxes alone here are 20,000 a year.” Carol says.

“Thank you for taking so much time with us today. We will let you know what our decision is tomorrow.” Elizabeth answers.

“No, problem. I am sure, we can find you two something you like.” Carol responds, heading out the door.

“20,000 thousand a year? How about if the books stop? Or your job doesn’t work out? We will never be able to pay for that” Elizabeth states.

“No, we won’t. We don’t want to fall on our face before we even rise. Maybe we should look in another area? One where the houses are nice just not this expensive.” Brian answers.

“That sounds great. I would like that. We don’t need anything this big. I am happy with something smaller.” Elizabeth remarks.

“I know. I just wanted to give you something you deserve.” Brian responses.

“We are together and happy, it’s all I want. We will make any house our home as long as we are together.” Elizabeth replies.

“This is why I love you so much.” Brain comments.

Walking up to Elizabeth, and placing a long passionate kiss on her lips. No one was at this house, it was empty. They were all alone. Brian was going to take advantage of it.

Grabbing her close, kissing down her neck, as his hands slide up her shirt.

He slowly caresses each breast making Elizabeth start to moan.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do this here?” She says.

“It’s empty. We are fine.” Brian responds.

Licking down her neck and removing her shirt. He pushes her body up against the dining room wall, sliding her jeans off her body. Both their hands roaming each other. Their kisses getting more and more intense, as their tongues engulf the other’s mouth. Only coming up for air.

Elizabeth goes for Brian's jeans, undoing them, letting them fall to his feet as he steps out of them. She then pulls off his blue pullover. Now both of them only standing in their underwear.

Elizabeth pulls down Brians black boxers and his hands go for her waist, pulling her closer to him. He kisses down her stomach, going down to her mound, kissing her through her red panty which he now slides down her body. He kisses up her leg, kissing and licking her left thigh as he places one slender finger inside her, feeling her wetness grow from him. Her hands grabbing at his silver hair. He gets off his knees and kisses her all the way back up to her lips, pulling her close to him as he rubs his member against her.

He teases her, just rubbing on the outside, making her pant and moan for more. He keeps it up letting the passion grow. Rubbing his hard member on her outer lips, as he is still kissing down her neck.

“Brian please,” Elizabeth says in a low tone. Needing him.

Brian just smirks to himself, knowing how he makes her feel. It just drives him more. Sliding slowly inside of her, making her legs wrap around him, and her arms around his neck.

Her moans increase as she tries to push herself even closer to him to get more of him inside of her. The feeling incredible to both of them.

His movements get faster and harder sliding inside her wet hot core, as it wraps around his hard long member. He feels the heat bubble up inside of him. Till he can’t take anymore and he screams out her name, releasing his seed inside of her.

They both slide down the wall into each other’s arms, sweaty and breathing heavy.

“Wow, that was hot,” Elizabeth says Out of breath.

“That sure was, but thats how you make me feel.” Brian answers.

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