The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 56 Thinking.

Chapter 56 Thinking.

Elizabeth and Brian head back to Brian’s home, both enjoying their little playtime at the house they saw earlier today. They both knew that the price was a bit high for them to take on. It would make a lot of problems if the book didn’t do well, and his job fell through.

They had to be practical, with what they were going to do. Brian just wished he could give her the best. Give her everything she ever wanted. He just knew if he fell into this, it might break them in the end. Not having the money to pay for it. Brian didn’t want that, he wanted this relationship to go smoothly not start off with even more stress. They would just have to look in a different part with lower prices. That way they could have a home and not stress about paying for it.

While in the car heading home, Brian also knows that this weekend Tylor will be coming over to visit him. He needed to let Elizabeth know, so she would be aware of it. Also hoping it didn’t go like Sofia. That was another thing always on his mind. He knew his son was a bit different, he just hoped it went well.

“Babe, this weekend is my weekend to have my son. I hope that is ok?” Brian asks.

“Of course, You don’t have to ask me. I want you to see your son. He needs you.” Elizabeth replies.

“I know, I want him to meet you, I want to tell him about us getting our own home and that you will be my wife. I also know in telling him that, Victoria will find out everything and be on my case. Are you ready for all that is next?” Brian says.

“Bring it on. You put up with mine, now it’s my turn. We have to get it over with sooner or later. While you’re with your son, I will give you both space to. I can work on the book, while you spend some quality time with him. You haven’t seen him in months, Brian. Once we are settled, I think that should change.” Elizabeth states.

“I would like that. Thank you for being so understanding. I know this is hard, I am just hoping after a while, it gets better.” Brian replies.

“It will. It’s just new to everyone. They have to get used to it. You can tell Tylor that he will have his own room in our new home. I think he will like that.” Elizabeth answers.

“I am sure he will. I will let him know that. I also have to look around to see where else we can get a reasonable home. One we both like that won’t let us go bankrupt.” Brian Chuckles.

“We will be fine, I think we were trying too hard. It’s nice to dream though.” Elizabeth smiles.

“It may be a dream now, but that doesn’t mean it always will be. If everything goes well with the firm, I can move myself up. I will be able to afford a home like that, just right now. I don’t want to use up all our funds before we are sure.” Brian answers.

“It’s fine, I am happy with a cozy little home just for us. I would like an office though.” Elizabeth states.

“I am sure, I can make that possible,” Brian replies with a smile.

Once home, Sean is there with his girlfriend setting the table for dinner.

“Yo, Bro. You’re going to have dinner with us aren’t you? I haven’t seen you in months.” Sean states.

“Sure, we will have dinner with you guys. Its been really busy with work and now looking for a home.” Brian answers.

“I’m sure. Did you guys find anything you liked?” Sean asks.

“They were nice but not in our price range. We will need to look around more to find something more fitting.” Brian comments.

“Where were you looking?” Sean says.

“Franklin Lakes,” Elizabeth says.

Sean starts laughing. “Are you crazy? It’s insanely expensive. I don’t think you guys are that rich yet. Even if you could afford the house, you could never pay the taxes.” Sean responds.

“Yea we figured that out when she said 20,000 a year,” Brian replies.

“Holy shit, I figured it would be around that. There are other towns around that are cheaper and still close to here and New York. I am glad you are both sticking around.” Sean says.

“Elizabeth and I talked about it, and she doesn’t mind staying here. That way I get to see Tylor and also work in New York. I got a job at my old firm. Matt got me in again. This time I am just going to take advantage of it.” Brian says.

“Wow, I am proud of you. I didn’t think you would ever go back. You left so abruptly, never turning back. Are you sure this is really what you want?” Sean asks.

“Yes, It was always what I wanted. I just needed a break from it all. So much was going on with mom and Victoria. I needed to just be me for a while. Now, I need to get my ass in gear and be a man. The one I always wanted to be. The one I want to be for Elizabeth.” Brian comments.

“I do have to say Elizabeth, You do take out the best in my brother,” Sean says turning to her looking directly at her.

“Your brother means the world to me, I am here no matter what, he chooses to do,” Elizabeth replies.

“I am glad to hear that,” Sean responds.

After dinner, Elizabeth and Brian go upstairs, and Sean and Martha talk downstairs while cleaning up.

“Is your brother for real? Looking at Franklin Lakes, who does he think he is? A plastic surgeon?” Martha laughs.

“I don’t know what he is trying to prove, I am just glad he was smart enough to back away from it. I am glad, he wants to grow up at the same time, I think he is trying too hard. He left that life because he hated it. The stress it brought to him, was crazy. Now for her, he is willing to go back to it. Wanting to be rich, all of a sudden, where all these years he was fine with a regular everyday job.” Sean states.

“He even went back to talking to Matt. You know how those two are together. All the trouble they can get into.” Martha says.

“It's been a long time, I am hoping that Matt grew up. I have heard he is a big time lawyer now so maybe he can help. He was always willing to help Brian even getting him into his fathers firm. I know why Brian went there, he knew it was his best choice. I just hope it all works out for him.” Sean replies.

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