The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 57 Victoria

Chapter 57 Victoria

A few days go by, and it's getting closer to the time, that Tylor will be coming to stay the weekend. Victoria wondering if Brian is going to let Tylor go see him, or cop-out of it again. Since the last five months, he hasn't seen him. Leaving a few weeks earlier to go to work and passing up the time to be with his son. Victoria is pissed about it and wants to get her point across.

Brian's phone rings as he is looking on his computer for homes to buy. He picks it up and sees, that it's Victoria and rolls his eyes, not wanting to talk to her. Knowing anything she has to say will be filled with drama. It's just how she is. He knew her better than anyone. Just the way she knew him.

“Hello, Victoria what can I do for you today?” Brian states.

“Are you going to take our son this weekend? I wanted to make sure before, I drop him off and you're off again. Last time you left like a bat out of hell, not even calling me to let me know. I dropped off Tylor and he was with Sean for the weekend, since you already left. What the hell was with that?" Victoria huffs.

“I am sorry about that, things came up and I just left. I had to go to work. You like your child support payments on time don't you?” Brian replies.

“Whatever, You could have called and let me know, what the hell is going on. When are you going to get a regular job and be in town more? I am not sure why you took this one, going off here and there. Never around when your son needs you. What has gotten into you?” Victoria asks.

“You don't own me Victoria. I can take any job I feel like it. This one has a lot of opportunities in it. I get to see, places I would never get to. Meet new people. It's not going to last forever so I want to enjoy it now. Our son understands, why can’t you?” Brian responds.

“You always make me out to be the bad one. It's always me. I heard about your new tart. How long do you think this one is going to last? Does she know, what took place between us before you left?” Victoria comments.

“Does your husband? Anyway, it was a mistake, I had too much to drink, I'm not sure, what your excuse is. I wasn’t the married one. I met her afterward. So you don’t need to go thinking you have something to hold over me. No matter what you say, I don’t want you.” Brian states.

“You are a bastard, you know that? You know how I feel about you, you play it when you need to, to get what you want. You know just how to play a woman into getting what you need. Does she know that? Mr. lover boy? What is it that you need or want from her? What happens when it gets old?” Victoria smirks.

“Believe whatever you want, I happen to love this one. Something you would never understand. She knows I was around before her, she is fine with it. It was before her time, I am not the same person I was then.” Brian explains.

“Yeah sure, if you say so. When do I get to meet this woman? The one who can tame you so well? Is she staying with you and Sean?” Victoria asks.

“This really isn’t any of your business. I don't really want you to meet her.” Brian answers.

“Wow, are you that scared I may tell her the truth about you? That you're a real dick?” Victoria responds.

“No, I know you're a bitch and she doesn't need to be in your games. I won’t let you hurt her. I am never going back to you Victoria, I want you to know that. I am not playing, I intend on marrying this one.” Brian comments.

“Wow Marriage? You never even said, you would marry me. After all those fucking years of being with you, having your child. Putting up with you being an ass with Matt. Matt told me you asked about going back to his firm. Guess you didn't tell him you fucked his wife.” Victoria hisses.

“I did ask, we were good friends until you messed that up as well. If you want to tell him we slept together, tell him. I really don't care. I only lose a job, your the one that loses a marriage. Then with all he is probably screwing around with he probably doesn't even care.” Brian smirks.

“Why don’t you tell the truth about why you left the firm? That it wasn't all your mother. That you knew I was growing feelings for Matt, You couldn't handle it could you?” Victoria snaps.

“Care? You must have me confused with someone else. I was going through some heavy-duty shit with my mother. She was dying slowly of cancer, as I watched and couldn't do a damn thing about it. Do you really think, I gave a fuck what you were doing with Matt? That wasn't why I left. I left because I had enough of everything and needed a break. I didn't find out you were messing with him until after I left you. Which I guess in a way, me sleeping with you while you were married to him, was just returning the favor.” Brian remarks.

“You can say whatever you want. I know you. The real you. Wait till your little girlfriend sees what you really are. The sex won’t hold forever. “Victoria answers.

“She isn't like you, she is far from what you are. I don't have anything to worry about. Just drop Tylor off on Friday night like you always do. You don't need to walk him to the door either. ” Brian says hanging up.

Brian knew his past life with Victoria was anything but easy. They had a lot of history together. He also knew she wasn't going to let him forget that before he left for this job, of playing Zach they slept together. It was before he got close to Elizabeth. Before he turned his life around. He wasn't sure if that would put a damper on things or not. Would Elizabeth be mad? It was before they were together, he just knew what Ethan did to her and he didn't want to hurt her any more than she already was.

He felt that Victoria wouldn't be too eager to tell her though, knowing that would screw up her marriage if Matt ever really did find out.

It wouldn't only hurt her marriage but his new job. Which he wanted and needed at this time, it was the only reason he went to talk to Matt. They were longtime friends, just Victoria had to get in the way of that as well.

He was hoping that if he could prove, he could be a good lawyer that, he could keep the job without Victoria getting in the way. He always had a relationship with Matt's father. He liked Brian as if it was his own son. That would help him along. This is why he wanted far away from Victoria it just seems that life was bringing her back to him in different ways.

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