The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 59 Dinner Conversation

Chapter 59 Dinner Conversation

After the conversation in the backyard, Brian takes Tylor to meet Elizabeth. Just hoping that everything would go well. He knew his son was being very mature about this. He was glad for it. He saw that no matter what, he and Victoria were raising a smart young man. He was proud of that.

Tylor takes a seat on the sofa, watching tv with his uncle Sean as Brian goes upstairs to his bedroom to retrieve Elizabeth.

“Babe, you can come down now, I talked to Tylor. So far he has taken it very well and would like to meet you.” Brian says.

“I am so glad. I want to meet him also.” Elizabeth says getting up from the bed, laying her laptop down and walking towards Brian.

They both go downstairs, Elizabeth going up to Tylor and saying hello.

“Hi, I am Elizabeth.”

“Hi, It’s nice to meet you. My dad was just talking to me about you. You're the lady that he works for aren't you?” Tylor asks.

“Yes, we work together,” Elizabeth remarks.

Martha coming out of the kitchen, saying that dinner is ready. They all head to the long wooden table with six chairs in the dining room to eat.

“So have you two figured out where you're going to live?” Sean asks.

“Yes, I found some homes in Jersey City. It's close to NYC and the prices are a bit more reasonable, so are the taxes for that matter.” Brian states.

“Aww, that's a good choice, a lot of great places to eat, depending on traffic commute isn't too bad. It’s also about an hour or so away from here, which isn't too bad. Gives you some distance from your friend.” Sean Chuckles.

“Yea I was thinking that. I didn't want to go too far, where I couldn't see Tylor but not close enough that she could be at my door every minute.” Brian answers.

“My mother will travel the hour just to see what is going on with you two. You know how she is. ” Tylor replies knowing everything that they are talking about.

“You have a very smart boy here, you know that Brian?” Sean says.

“Yes, I saw how much he has grown. I am very proud of him.” Brian answers.

“Are you ready to put up with my mother Elizabeth?” Tylor asks.

“I would hope there wouldn’t be much to put up with. That we can all be adults in this. But Your father has put up with my ex so I am sure, I can deal as well. It comes along with the relationship.” Elizabeth answers.

“My mother is a very strong-willed woman. I believe she is still in love with my father. Or at least he is the only person to really set her off.” Tylor responds.

“She is married to someone else correct?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, to Matt. My father's long time friend. I think she only married him to piss off my father.” Tylor chuckles.

“That would sound about right,” Sean replies.

“Isn’t Matt the man you asked for the job? Isn’t this going to cause issues?” Elizabeth asks Surprised.

“It shouldn’t. We were very close when I was younger. I have no issue with him marrying Victoria at all. In a way, I am glad she is his problem now and not mine. I am sure if he had a problem with me, he wouldn't have given me the job.” Brian states.

“I don’t know, that seems a little to close for comfort if you ask me. I thought you wanted to get away from her, isn't this making you closer to her?” Elizabeth asks a bit confused.

“Not really. It makes me closer to him. I won’t be seeing her. I have my own office and work for the firm. Not only Matt but his father, who I was very close to growing up. He was like a father to me. He always wanted to help me. So I am sure, he will be on my side.” Brian comments.

“If we have to go to work parties or anything for the firm, that puts us right in the middle of them both,” Elizabeth responds.

“We will worry about that then. Plus to be honest, I am not worried. I will love showing you off to everyone. That may even make her see up close how much I love you.” Brian answers.

Sean just watches Elizabeth's reaction, he can see that she isn't very happy with what she just found out. He knew it would take a lot for her to get used to. Victoria was something else. Elizabeth would have a lot to deal with, if she thought her ex was a pain in the ass, she hasn’t seen anything yet.

Elizabeth remains quiet for the rest of the dinner, just thinking about seeing Brian's ex for more than just picks ups for their son. She was a little panicked in a way. All she kept hearing was how Victoria was still in love with Brian. Would this cause problems? Ones she didn’t need or want.

After dinner and helping Martha with cleaning up, Elizabeth goes upstairs. Even Martha sees how quiet she became, that her mind was somewhere else.

Brian sees this also he just doesn't say anything to anyone. He tells his son goodnight and heads upstairs after Elizabeth. Wanting to know what is going on. In all their time together, he never saw her get this quiet. He knew something was bothering her. He didn’t want it to stew, he knew that would only cause problems.

He goes upstairs to their now bedroom, seeing Elizabeth laying on the bed. Brian goes over and sits on the edge, rubbing her back.

“Babe, what's wrong? I know something is wrong, I never have seen you get this quiet before.“Brian states.

“If she loves you this much, she isn't going to let you go. Do I have anything to worry about? You say I don't, I just am not sure about that anymore. You want away from her and we are getting closer to her. I don't need another Ethan, Just tell me the truth from now, before we start something that goes nowhere.” Elizabeth admits.

“I know, that must have been a shock to you. I am sorry about that. I just knew that Matt would get me the job. You have nothing to worry about with her, if I wanted her back, I would be with her. Our relationship doesn't work, we are two different people. I know you have trust issues, I just promise you can trust me.” Brian answers.

“I hope so. I really love you, and I want to be with you. I could never take what Ethan did if it was you instead. The way I feel about you, I never felt about anyone before. In a way, I have to say its scary. I never felt so much jealousy before.“Elizabeth replies.

“Jealousy huh? That's only natural, I am glad to hear it, and how much you love me. I feel that same and you have nothing to be jealous of. I am yours, and only yours.” Brian says.

He knows if she ever finds out about him sleeping with Victoria even though it was before her time, that was going to put a damper on things. Mostly their trust. He didn't know what to do, he didn't want to hurt or lose her. He figured, for now, he would keep his mouth closed. He just hoped that was the right choice.

He moves himself over to Elizabeth, kissing her tenderly on her lips. Her body moving up to his, wrapping her arms around him.

She knew she was in trouble, she fell hard. Maybe too hard, the feelings she felt, she didn’t like in a way. They were new to her. Only Brian was the one to bring all these feelings and sensations out in her. She didn’t want to lose him, he meant the world to her.

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