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Chapter 60 repentance

Chapter 60 repentance

A few days later, It starts a new week, Tylor went home after having a very nice weekend with Brian and Elizabeth. He hung out with them and even his uncle Sean. Tylor didn’t mind Elizabeth at all, they actually got along. Elizabeth was glad about that also, she didn’t need another Sofia. It was bad enough her own daughter was acting the way she was. She just saw Tylor being more mature than an eighteen year old. Then it was a bit different, she was with Ethan for a long time and it was breaking up her family. Where for Tylor they were not together so it didn’t matter. She still wished her own daughter would act more like him and stop behaving like a six-year-old.

As the new week started, Elizabeth and Brian planned on going to look for houses. Elizabeth couldn’t wait to get her own home and start a regular life with Brian. She was looking forward to it. She was still a little leery of things. Scared that Victoria was going to make things hard, she just decided not to make her win. She wanted Brian and this relationship to work and she was going to do her best for that to happen.

While checking her phone to see for houses that Brian sent her, she sees a ton of messages from Ethan wanting to talk to her. She isn’t sure if she wants to call him or not knowing that the last time he talked to her, he set her off. He knew just what buttons to push and she was tired of it.

Then the legal fees were not helping her at all and all the time it was taking for them to get this divorce over with. She still resented him for wanting alimony. There were a lot of things that she still couldn’t let go of. She decides that maybe talking to him might be a good idea. Maybe they could stop all this craziness. Maybe move on.

“Hello, I been texting and calling you for the last week,” Ethan says.

“Sorry I been busy, I just checked my messages. What is so important? I am still not giving you alimony. I am still not sure, why you think you deserve it.” Elizabeth states.

“I didn’t call you to fight. I know a lot has happened, I just want this to stop. I want you to come home. I miss you. This isn’t what I wanted at all.” Ethan admits.

“Really? What about your little girlfriend? I am sure you let her move into our home. You have someone. Why bother me?” Elizabeth asks.

“She isn’t you, she will never be you. I made a mistake that I couldn’t fix. I am sorry for it. And no, she isn’t living in our home. I go to hers after work, I spend time with my son. It’s not the same without you here. I want our life back.” Ethan states.

“Our life? We never really had a life. I could never go back to that, or be that. I am not that person anymore. I don’t want to be if I am being honest.“Elizabeth responds.

“You don’t have to be If you want to work that is fine with me. Even writing the books, anything you want. Arent, you tired of your boy toy yet?” Ethan asks.

“No, not at all. I happen to love my boy toy. I am very happy here with him. We are looking for homes and starting a life. You should tell the girls the truth, they have a right to know. If you don’t it will only come out in court and I don’t think you want them to find out that way.” Elizabeth replies.

“Come home, I will tell them and we will stop all this. Why are you being like this? Don’t you miss any of our life together? “Ethan spats.

“No, I don’t. There wasn’t anything to miss. I always sat on the sidelines, I was always a nothing to you. Just your maid if you want to be honest. Look, we are both adults, I don’t want to fight, and be mean to each other. We have two children together, we will be at a lot of occasions together, we can make this peaceful. Show them that we can be friends, something we haven’t been in a long time.” Elizabeth admits.

“I am not sure, I can be friends with someone I want as my wife. No matter what you think, I did and do love you. I am sorry, I didn’t show it the way I should have. That you feel the way you do. Is there anything that will change your mind and make you come home?” Ethan asks.

“No. I am sorry. I am sorry for a lot of things. I should have told you how I felt, that I needed more from a long time ago. I will admit that all of this wasn’t only your fault. I played my part in it, let’s just try to do this better.” Elizabeth says.

“I will talk to the girls. I just don’t want to lose them the way I lost you. I don’t think I could handle that, they are all I have left. Going home is awful without you being there. I am not sure I can live there without you.” Ethan admits.

“The house is yours to do with whatever you need to. Sell it if you have to and move on. I am also sure the girls will be there for you, you’re their father. They love you dearly. Sofia hates me at the moment, she is sticking up for you.” Elizabeth states.

“She doesn’t hate you, she is just upset. She never saw this coming, neither did I. Its hard to get used to. You’re even moving so far away, why not stay in the same state?” Ethan asks.

“Brian’s son is underage. He would like to see him every weekend and as much as he can. I also need to be close to New York. So it's more in our benefit to living in New Jersey. We can’t afford New York or we would go there. I intend on writing more books, so I want this to work.” Elizabeth says.

“I see. What about our children?” Ethan asks.

“They are welcome to visit or even come to stay. Izabella is thinking about it. I know Sofia won’t. She hates Brian and is blaming him for everything that happened. It’s not his fault Ethan, its mine and yours.“Elizabeth replies.

“I will talk to her, not sure she will listen after I tell them about my son, but I will try. I will also drop the alimony so that the divorce can proceed faster. This is what you really want? There is no turning back, just make sure this is what you really want Elizabeth.” Ethan responds.

“Yes, this is what I really want. I thank you for listening, for taking in what I said to you. That means a lot.” Elizabeth comments.

“I guess, it’s about time that I did. Maybe if I did earlier this wouldn’t be happening. I can’t change the past but I can fix the future. I also want to thank you for not telling the girls about what I did. You didn’t use it against me, that means a lot to me.” Ethan remarks.

“That sounds like a good plan. If you stay with your son’s mom, Listen to her. Be there for her and there wasn’t any point in telling them and being a bitch about it. I don’t want to hurt them.” Elizabeth responds.

“I will keep that in mind. I hope when all this is over your really happy Elizabeth.” Ethan says.

“I hope the same for you. We are both good people, we just were not good for each other.” Elizabeth responds.

Ethan gets off the phone, sad that the life he had built was really over. He knew it wasn’t all it could have been, he just never saw it ending like this.

He missed her dearly. No one there to take care of him as she did. No one washing his clothes, getting his dinner, making his lunch. Making sure everything was there for him, even though he complained that it was always wrong, or not done the way he wanted, now he had to do it himself. Realizing all she really did for him. All that he took for granted. He knew he would never meet anyone like her again. They grew up together, just drifting apart.

He wished, he had done things differently, it was just way too late to go back now. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to stay with his son’s mother or not. He didn’t love her either, it was only supposed to be a fling, that he got himself stuck into. Only time would tell what would happen with them, he just knew he didn't want to get married again. Even though it wasn’t the greatest marriage, no one could take Elizabeth’s place. There were too many memories, too much history. It might not have been all great, but it wasn’t all bad either.

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