The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 61 House Shopping.

Chapter 61 House Shopping

While waiting for Brian, Elizabeth just thinks about everything she and Ethan just talked about. She saw him grow from this, it’s just sad it took all this for him to see. She was relieved that he would proceed with things in a mature fashion instead of being an ass like before. It was just one less thing to worry about.

She also wondered how her daughters would take it once they would find out about their father’s son. She knew that would be a lot to take in, it was for her. It was also something she would never forget. It was something that hurt her deeply even though she was trying not to show it. All those years of lies and betrayal it just saddened her.

While thinking of that Brian finally comes down the stairs with all his papers and things needed. Just looking at Elizabeth.

“Is everything ok? Brian asks.

“Yes, everything is great. I spoke to Ethan a little while ago, he is going to proceed with the divorce and not ask for alimony. He is going to let go.” Elizabeth answers.

“What changed? I mean he was determined to make this go as shitty as it could before.” Brian says.

“We had a good conversation, a mature one. He finally sees things the way he should, just a bit late.” Elizabeth responds.

“He wants you back doesn’t he? “Brian replies.

“Yes, but he knows that’s not happening. He is even going to tell the girls about his son and all that. We are going to try to be at least friends when we have to see each other for them. I am not sure if he is going to keep all that he said, but it’s worth a try.” Elizabeth comments.

“I see, He does know there is no chance of you going back? That we are going to move in together?” Brian asks a little undone.

“Yes, I told him that we are getting a home together, and also staying in NJ. You have nothing to worry about. I am not going back to him, there is no point. He is upset now, wanting to try, once you go back I am sure in a few months everything would return to what it was. I don’t want that, plus I don’t love him. I love you. I want to spend my life with you, Brian. It might have taken me a bit to see but I see it clearly now.” Elizabeth answers.

“I am glad to hear it. I am also glad he is going to let things proceed, that way we can all move on faster. I found a few homes I think you will really like. I can’t wait to have our own and start our real life together.” Brian responds.

“It’s happening, its just taking time,” Elizabeth replies with a smile.

They both get into the car and go looking at all kinds of houses, seeing that the houses are small in a way. They need at least three bedrooms, one for them, one for Tylor and one as an office for Elizabeth. They spend all day looking at different ones, not really finding anything they like, almost giving up.

There are two more on the list to see, Brian and Elizabeth not feeling they are going to be any better than the rest until they pull up to the last one.

Three bedrooms 2.5 baths 2050 square feet, with large eat-in kitchen. Elizabeth is taken in just by walking in the door, the dining room and living room are open and spacious. The living room even has a fireplace, which helps sell this to Elizabeth.

“Brian I love it, what about you?” Elizabeth asks.

“I do too, How much is this one?” Brian asks.

Elizabeth takes a look at the paper in front of her.” It’s 735,000 I think we can do that. The taxes are normal its something we can handle. What do you think?” Elizabeth says.

“I think if this is going to make you happy, let’s do it. I love it. Its the first one we have seen that brought that kind of smile to your face.” Brian states.

Elizabeth just goes over to Brian and gives him a hug, happier than she ever has been. This was something she only thought others had, not her. Finally, she was getting what she wanted, she just hoped it stayed this way and didn’t fade away.

Brian calls the real estate agent and tells her that they are putting a bid on the house. They finally found the one they want. He also hopes that this goes as he hopes. This is the first time ever, he was opening himself up like this. The first time, he really wanted to live with someone and be with someone.

He still had Ethan on his mind from earlier, wondering if he would be good enough to wiggle his way back in, or if he would go away and leave them alone. Its the first time since Elizabeth has gotten here that Brian saw him as a threat. He now saw that he wasn’t going to be any better than Victorica

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