The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 62 Phone Call

Chapter 62 Phone Call

A few days go by, that Elizabeth talked to Ethan about everything. She was wondering, how things were going but figured to just let it ride. If her daughters knew, she was sure they would call and talk to her, at least Izabella.

For her and Brian everything was going well, they got the house and we're just waiting to move in. This made Elizabeth very happy. Finally, they could start a regular normal life together, not living with his brother. Sean was nice about everything, but Elizabeth did feel a bit uncomfortable living there with him. She knew that he wasn't all that happy about this. He was only going along with it, not to hurt his brother.

It was like everywhere, they turned someone was feeling they wouldn't make it. Someone would always try to say something against them to hurt them. She was determined to prove them all wrong. She needed this to work, hell is she would let Ethan laugh at her. He always saw her as one not to succeed, she was going to prove him wrong.

While boxing up some things to bring to their new home, Elizabeth gets a call from Sofia. When her name pops up on Elizabeth's phone, she is a bit surprised. Since she hasn't called in her months.

“Hey, Everything ok babe?” Elizbeth asks.

“Mom, you knew and you never said anything? Why? How could you let him look like the good one when he was the shit all along?” Sofia barks.

“Wait, what?” Elizabeth asks. Then realizing Ethan must have told them, what he did.

“It was for your father to tell you, not me. I just found out a little while ago myself. I am glad he finally told you. You should know.” Elizabeth adds.

“I am so sorry mom. I never thought dad would do something like that. I am sorry for treating Brian so terribly. I thought he was the reason for all this. It just hurts to see you and dad apart.” Sofia responds.

“I understand all that, just it's not Brians fault. It's me and your father's fault. We both let go along time ago, just never left for both of you. We wanted to give you a regular life with both parents. So we both sacrificed what we wanted. Now its time for us, you and your sister are both adults now.” Elizabeth replies.

“Are you really happy with Brian? Are you sure about him?” Sofia asks.

“Yes, I really am happy with him, and I love him very much. We just bought a home together and I would love for you and your sister to come down for the holidays. Maybe even Mom-mom could come to stay a bit once the house is settled.” Elizabeth comments.

“We will see, I am still very upset about all of this. I will try to do better in his presence. Dad wants us to meet his son and her.....” Sofia growls.

“Look, I know this is hard on you and your sister, I understand and I am very sorry. Just if you do meet the little boy, remember its not his fault. He didn't ask for this. He is as innocent in all this as you are. Don’t mistreat him, or treat him differently because of it.” Elizabeth answers.

“Mom, please how could you be like this? Why are you not bashing him? How could you be so calm about it all?” Sofia asks.

“At first, I wasn’t, even though we are not like we use to be, it did hurt a lot. To know about his betrayal all this time, hurt deeply. There just isn't anything that is going to change it. It just proved that he wasn't happy either. Now we both have a chance at that. And why Bash him? He is your father, he has always been a wonderful father to you and your sister. He is always there, always gives you both anything you want. It's the one thing, we always got along in, your happiness. What we did to each other doesn't change that. We are both still your parents. We both still love you more than anything and will always be there no matter what! We are also human and make mistakes, trust me, as you go through life, you will make a lot of your own and in time you will understand.“Elizabeth states.

“You won’t be mad if we do meet him? I don’t want to do anything to hurt you.” Sofia states.

“I will be fine. You do whatever you think is best. If you want to meet him, go for it. You live their with your father, make things peaceful. I already met his wonderful girlfriend.” Elizabeth answers sarcastically.

“Mom! Really? What is she like? When?” Sofia asks.

“I met her where your father works. She is the receptionist. She is pretty and young, she thinks your father is special. She was happy to talk about him. Maybe it's a good thing, something he needs as well. She didn't expect me to be what I am though. Surprise, Surprise.” Elizabeth gloats.

“I don't know how you didn't punch her? Or get out of control. I would have flipped a gasket.” Sofia replies.

“No, that wouldn't have gotten me anywhere but maybe jail time.” Elizabeth laughs. “I acted as if it didn't bother me at all. I kept my calm and showed I was better than both of them. Sometimes that hurts the other more. To show you don't care. Violence isn't going to get you anywhere but in trouble.” Elizabeth adds.

“True, I just want to say, I am sorry again. I will see about the holidays and I will also ask mom-mom if she would like to come. I really do hope you get all that you're looking for with Brian. You really do deserve it.” Sofia responds.

“I do too, time will tell. Even if it doesn't last, it's wonderful right now. I can’t ask for much more. How is Izzy doing with all this? Is she ok? I haven't heard from her yet.” Elizabeth asks.

“She took it like she took Brian, just another thing. She is different than me. Nothing surprises her, she just takes it in her stride. To be honest, it didn't even seem to be anything to her, like she knew.“Sofia states.

That makes Elizabeth wonder, did she know the whole time? Ethan would always take Isabella to his workplace, maybe she saw something. Maybe he slipped up?

“Your sister is very different than you. You live more in a kind world, where she sees all the bad. Let her know, I am here if she needs me. I am here for both of you. I love you Sofia.” Elizabeth says.

“I love you too mom.” Sofia responds.

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