The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 63 Stepping in

Chapter 63

Elizabeth gets off the phone, now knowing that both girls knew the truth. It was a weight off her shoulders and she knew it would be one off of Ethan's as well. To carry that all these years had to be something for him. Yet, he did it. She knew her inlaws must be happy as hell over all of this. Oh well, what's one more laugh? It will be the last one.

Brian comes up to his bedroom with more boxes, just looking at Elizabeth sitting on the bed.

“Babe, everything ok?” Brian asks.

“Yes, Sofia called, Ethan told them the truth........or at least his version of it.” Elizabeth states.

“Wow, is she ok? How did they take it?” Brian asks.

“She is a bit upset, which you can understand. That was a lot for me to take in, I am sure it is for them as well. I just tried to act as if it was nothing. All is well, so they didn't hate him because of me, As they did you. She said she was sorry for the way she acted. She will try to do better the next time, she sees you. She thought it was all your fault, she sees that differently now.” Elizabeth answers.

“I am glad she does, maybe it was best for him to tell. Now everyone can move on. Maybe we can get some peace from this.” Brian says.

“He wants them to meet his son, and probably her too. She stepped into my life. Granted it wasn't the best but I have to say, it still stings.” Elizabeth replies.

“I am really sorry for everything. I know, he hurt you in many ways. May I ask why it bothers you so much if they meet?” Brian responds.

“I don't really care about them meeting their.....half brother. I care about her, I don't need her playing mommy to my children. They are my children.” Elizabeth snaps.

“Mama bear coming out huh? Babe, they will always be your children, she can't take your place. They know that and so does she. Plus they are older now, they don't need her to play mommy.” Brian says.

“I know, your right. It just bothers me. There isn't anything I can do anyway. Just let it go. I did invite them here for the holidays, also my mom. I think it would be nice. I hope that is ok, I got ahead of myself when she was being nice. “Elizabeth comments.

“That's fine, I don't mind your children or your mother. Your mother has been very cool with all this.” Brian states.

“She knows what my marriage was, she is happy to see me happy. To be with someone who doesn't take advantage and sees me for who I am. This just makes me want to succeed even more. After the second part of the book comes out, I am going to write a tell all. No holds.” Elizabeth admits.

“I know you dislike him, for the things he has done to you. It's your choice and I will be there no matter what you decide, but if you do that, you may hurt your kids. He may also get pissed too. ” Brian says.

“I will see how things go and talk to them before I do it. I don't care if he is pissed. So be it.” Elizabeth admits.

“I thought you were trying to be friendly? This will not help that at all.” Brian responds.

“Darn why do you always have to be the voice of reason? Sexy, hot, and smart, what have I done to deserve you?” Elizabeth says with a smile.

Pulling Brian closer to her, wrapping her arms around him.

“I don't know, I just don't want you hurt any more than you are. You can succeed, just maybe do it without hurting everyone in the process. I know deep down that's not you at all. You're just hurt at the moment. Maybe tell the story, just as fiction. Change names and everything around a bit. Ethan can’t sue us that way.” Brian laughs.

“Maybe your right, Thank you for being here for me and listening. Thank you for everything. I really do appreciate you. It's funny how we know each other such a short time and you see and know more about me than he ever has. I was with him for 20 years and he never really got to know the real me. ” Elizabeth answers.

“I know you do, and me you. I am not him, or anything like him. His loss is my gain. Now, let's finish up here. We have to get into our new home, and our new life.” Brian responds.

They both pack up the rest of Brian's things to take to their new home. Elizabeth lets go of the anger, she is feeling at the moment. Knowing that what Brian said was true. Don’t fall to Ethan's level, just rise above it. That would be the right way to succeed in this.

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