The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 66 telling

Chapter 66

That night Brian comes home to Elizabeth in the kitchen cooking. As soon as he opens the door he gets hit with aroma’s that fill the air. The smell of their dinner warms the whole house. It also warms his soul, making him smile.

He walks into the kitchen, seeing Elizabeth set the small round wooden table set off to the side with the bay window.

“Babe, everything smells wonderful, what are we having?” Brian asks.

“Bake lemon garlic salmon with asparagus and roasted potatoes,” Elizabeth responds.

“Hmm, I can’t wait to eat. How was your day?” Brian asks going over to her giving her a kiss.

“It was interesting, to say the least. Yours?” Elizabeth answers.

“Mine was ok, nothing really new. How so was it interesting?” Brian asks.

“I got a call from Ethan, his father passed away. He wants me to go there to pay my respects.” Elizabeth responds.

Brian just looks at her, trying to figure out how to respond to this. He wasn’t really happy about it, he just didn't want it to hurt their relationship.

“I am really sorry about his father, but I don't see what that has to do with you anymore? Why does he want you to go? I thought they dislike you and you them. What the hell is the point in you going?” Brian snaps.

“I thought the same as you, but my daughters will be there and they are upset. They need me. I don't want to let them down, to think that because I moved here, I am not there for them anymore. It's not really about Ethan, it's about them.” Elizabeth answers.

After Brian heard that it calmed him down, seeing why she would want to go. He hated Ethan, he was a thorn in his side at times.

“Oh, I see your point. I know they must be upset. Do you want me to go with you? I can see if I can take time off of work.” Brian asks.

“No, You just started this job. You can't take off because of this. I will be fine and I'm not staying long anyway. I don’t think it would be a good thing if you walked in there anyway. This needs to go as smooth as it can. Even Ethan is going to let his side chick stay home.” Elizabeth laughs.

“Side chick huh? So am I the Side dude? Brain asks.

“No, you're the love of my life. The man I want to spend the rest of my life with. My fantasy comes to life.” Elizabeth responds.

“I can live with that. I just don't want them to hurt you anymore. From what I heard they are cruel. We don't need that in our life anymore. We have it really good, Ethan can’t always call you. Your not his wife anymore. Hopefully, soon you will be mine.” Brian admits.

“Someone a little jealous?” Elizabeth smirks. “I know what you mean, I wouldn't go if it wasn't for our children. You have nothing to worry about.” Elizabeth adds

“I don't know about jealous, I just don't like that he thinks he can call you and you will run. I know you're doing it for your children, so that is what he will use against you. Always blaming it on them. From asshole, now he wants to play Mr. Nice guy. I don't trust him.” Brian states.

“It will just be for this time, I promise. Can we please enjoy our dinner?” Elizabeth replies.

“Sure. When will you be leaving?” Brian asks.

“I will check flights tomorrow. I wanted to talk to you first before making any plans.” Elizabeth answers.

“Thank you. I really don't want you to go, but I am not going to stop you. I don't want to be him or anything like him. If you need me, call me.“Brian replies.

“I will, and I thank you.” Elizabeth states.

Brian just sits there throughout dinner, Knowing Ethan is up to something. Ethan didn't care about anything, he wanted her back. Brian figured it was just a way to get her to go home again. It burned him, he just did his best to keep that to himself. He didn't want to hold her back, he wanted to have trust. Just at the same time, he loved her so much he didn't want to let go and that scared him.

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