The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 68 Arrival

Chapter 68 Arrival

Elizabeth gets off the plane now in Wisconsin, she grabs her bags and sees Ethan waiting for her. She goes over to him giving him a smile.

“Hey, I am so sorry about your father,” Elizabeth says. Giving Ethan a hug.

“Thank you, and Thank you for coming. It means a lot to me. The girls are at my mother's. They are making sandwiches and getting ready for the funeral tomorrow. My mother isn’t herself, she is acting like a madwoman. Everything seems to bother her, it's like she doesn't even want me there. She didn’t even know where to start, my sister has done all the funeral arrangements.” Ethan states.

“Your mother really wasn’t ever the type to deal with things Ethan. I am not sure, I want to go to her home tonight. I am sure, she doesn't want me there.” Elizabeth answers.

“Please, I know how she is, just I would appreciate if you went. Plus the girls are waiting for you. They were so happy to hear you were coming. We can drop your bags off at the house and then go to my mom's.” Ethan replies.

“Maybe I should stay at my mother's or something. I think that would be best.” Elizabeth responds.

“Are you sure? It's still your home as well as mine. You can sleep in the girl's room.” Ethan says.

“It’s fine really. I want to spend some time with my mom while I am here anyway. Thank you though.” Elizabeth comments.

Ethan doesn't really like the idea but keeps it to himself. He wanted to try to get closer to her, to make her forget this foolishness as he would call it and come home. Brian was right, it had nothing to do with his father's death, he just wanted her there. He was always sneaky, doing anything he could to get what he wanted. No matter how it hurt.

They both get into the car and head to Karen's home, Elizabeth not looking forward to this at all. She knew that Karen hated her. Her leaving Ethan and cheating on him wasn't going to make it any better.

They pull up to Karen’s driveway, both getting out of the car, the car ride there was mostly talking about Joe and how sick he got all of a sudden. Karen just calling everyone up and telling them they needed to help because she couldn’t handle it. That was nothing new to Elizabeth. Karen always did that, making sure to shoot the waterworks off to make you feel guilty. It was her normal thing when Joe was alive, Elizabeth was sure she would still be at it now. Maybe even more so.

Once they walk in, Izzy and Sofia both run to their mother and give her a big hug. Elizabeth doing her best to comfort both of them.

She takes a look around, at Patricia and Mike sitting at the long dining room table making sandwiches for tomorrow after the funeral. Again, Karen threw herself on the sofa saying her hip hurt and she couldn't do anything. Leaving it all up to her children to take care of it. At the same time, barking at them that everything they did was wrong. It was all the norm. It's where Ethan got it from.

“What is she doing here? How dare you come to my home after what you have done to my Son. Your nothing but a Whore!” Karen says in front of everyone.

“Mother, Stop that! I invited her here. I want her here with me.” Ethan states.

“I don't know what is wrong with you Ethan. I told you not to marry her. To just live with her, but NO you couldn't do that.” Karen shouts.

“She didn't want that, she wanted to get married, to have a family.” Ethan comments.

“Yes, I wasn’t just living with your son. I wanted to get married and do it the right way. Not like you, who had to get married because you were pregnant. You know some people actually do it the right way. Marriage then children.” Elizabeth snaps back.

“You bitch! You just think you're better than us. You always have. Your nothing but a witch and you're on my death list. You took my son away from me. I don’t see what he ever saw in you.” Karen responds.

“I was young and naive, someone he thought he could control,” Elizabeth growls.

“Please, ladies stop. This isn't what should be happening here. Mother, you need to respect her.” Ethan answers.

“WHY? she didn't respect you running off with some younger guy. Making you look like an ass! As soon as she was able to dump you she did!” Karen snaps.

“Like your son was an angel? Don’t you know about his son and side chick? Why is it I am the one to always get the blame for shit? I never took your son away from you. He didn't call you because your annoying and he didn't want to! He hates talking to you on the phone all you do is whine and cry like a freaking baby. Why don’t you grow up and put your big girl panties on!” Elizabeth replies.

“I don't need this! I am sick and I can't walk. How dare you talk to me like this.” Karen says putting the waterworks on.

Her daughter taking her upstairs and putting her to bed.

“I am sorry, Ethan. I told you I am not going to just sit back and let her talk to me any damn way she pleases anymore.” Elizabeth says.

“I know, I am sorry she has been attacking everyone here. Not only you. Her attitude with all this has been terrible. I know its a lot to go through she has a lot of things that are changing.” Ethan says.

“I know, I will try to curb myself to make the funeral go smoothly.” Elizabeth answers.

Elizabeth spends the rest of the night with her girls, talking and being with them. When the time gets late, Sofia drives her to Joan's home. Dropping her off.

She knew something like what took place would. She knew how Karen was, and she knew she was a different person now. One that faught for herself. Even though it wasn't the time or place, she couldn't hold back.

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