The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 69 Mother

Chapter 69 Mother

Elizabeth walks into Joan’s home with her suitcase. Joan sitting on the sofa watching tv, waiting for her.

“So how did hell go?” Joan laughs.

“The same it always goes. I am not sure, why I even went there. I guess I never really learn.” Elizabeth answers.

“You know Karen she is, who she is. Now she just doesn't have her sidekick. You know she is going to play this out for years right?” Joan says.

“It doesn’t matter to me what she does. Soon as tomorrow is over, I am going home.” Elizabeth responds.

“Home, huh? So you really like it there? How is the new guy? Is he keeping up appearance or falling flat yet?” Joan asks.

“Everything is wonderful mother. He is more than I could have ever wished for. I can’t wait for you to see our new home. I just love it. I feel so calm with him. I just look at him and smile.” Elizabeth replies.

“I bet, he is quite the looker. I am glad everything is going well. I hope everything stays that way. How is his son with you?” Joan comments.

“Good, he took it really well. I haven't met Victoria yet. To be honest, I think Brian is taking as much time in that as he can. Which I can't blame him if she is anything like Ethan I really don't need the extra drama. We don’t have things like Karen there. We get along, we sit and talk. We are open with each other.” Elizabeth admits.

“That's a great start. You were open with Ethan at the start too.” Joan says.

“Yes, but not like this. It's just different all the way around. He listens, he does what I ask, not just pretending to listen and then going to do what he wants anyway.” Elizabeth says rolling her eyes.

“So are you really going to marry him?” Joan asks.

“Ahh, Good question. I know he wants to. I know he is planning to pop the question after the divorce goes through. I am just not sure if I want to jump into this again. Everything is wonderful, how about if Marriage screws it up again? Then I want to be his, and only his. I come and go on it. I don’t want, what Ethan did to me to hold me back. Then I can’t help but have reservations.” Elizabeth states.

“Have you told him that?” Joan remarks.

“No, I haven't. He is so happy and wanting to get married and be together. I don't want to hurt him. Plus right now it's not like we can run off and get married. We talk about everything so I am sure I will have to tell him this as well. I am just trying to figure it out before I even open my mouth.” Elizabeth comments.

“If you don't want to get remarried he should know. I also understand why you don't want to. I think maybe you should wait on it. Not rush into things. As you said, you are just getting out of it. Don't jump back in. Living together isn't a bad thing.” Joan states.

Elizabeth starts laughing.

“What? What is so funny?” Joan asks.

“Oh, just that’s what Karen told Ethan to do with me. Live with her, don't marry her. Freaking Bitch.” Elizabeth grumbles.

“Oh her! That was different you were young, it was your first time around. It's not the same now, you were married, had kids. Living together isn’t a big deal.” Joan replies.

“We will see. Thank you for listening. I think I will head to bed. I have a long day coming tomorrow. One I am not looking forward to.” Elizabeth says.

“Are you coming here from the funeral?“Joan asks.

“Yes, once everything settles down and the girls are ok. I will come back here for the night. Then the next morning I will be leaving.” Elizabeth replies.

“Ok, Sounds good. I wish I would get to spend more time with you. I am not going to the funeral. I can’t respect these people, that never respected you.” Joan comments.

“I understand. It's hard for me to do as well.” Elizabeth answers.

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