The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 70 Funeral

Chapter 70 Funeral

The next day comes, pretty quick as Elizabeth gets up and gets ready to go to the funeral. She knows Ethan is going to pick her up with the girls to head there. She also knew Ethan’s half brother might show up at the funeral.

James was a child from Joe’s first marriage. He was married while he met Karen. He left his other wife to be with her. Karen wasn't by any means a saint but liked to throw stones at others.

While he and Karen were playing around, she had gotten pregnant with Ethan. He left his wife, Sarah and married Karen, who he stayed with until death. It wasn't a real wonderful smooth marriage. Joe cheated on Karen like crazy, there was even a point in time, that Karen left Joe and wanted to try to be single. Just when she did, it wasn't what she wanted, so she took him back. By no means was there marriage perfect, Then again who’s is?

James resented Karen for taking his father away, feeling if it wasn't for her, maybe he would have stayed. He only got to see his father here and there throughout his life. At the end even though he lived close, it was as if he lived 1,000′s of miles away. He wanted nothing to do with them. In many ways, Elizabeth understood, he was a very nice man. One she talked to on a number of occasions when she first married Ethan. He told her how they were, he even warned her.

When they finally get to the funeral, there are tons of people going in every direction. Family and friends came from all over to see Joe. He was very popular. Elizabeth looked around and laughed wondering how many women here were his extras. She just laughed to herself, saying you go, Joe.

Elizabeth goes and takes a seat with her daughters in the front of the Methodist church. Not saying a word, feeling very uncomfortable. So far no one approached her to say something about her and Ethan not being together. Then again, all their attention was aimed at the nut at the head of the church crying and throwing herself on the floor. Yes, Karen. Drama followed this woman no matter where she went, why would here be any different?

Elizabeth just watched the freak show, wondering to herself How and why she would act like this? First Joe wasn't the best husband to her at all. She could understand being married for as long as they were, that she would miss him. Just not throw herself on the floor crying like a two-year-old.

Elizabeth also sat there and wondered if it was Ethan would she cry? Then thinks, no. Feel bad yes, They spent over 20 years together had two children. They have a history just between them, but crying uncontrollably? Throw herself on the floor? No, that wasn't her style. She would just pay her respects and move on.

Then She thought about if it was Brian, just the thought of it, bringing a tear to her eye and a pain to her heart. She couldn't imagine never seeing him again, never being able to talk to him and share things. He would make her cry uncontrollably. Yet, she still didn't see herself on the floor, but she did see the pain and loss.

After a while of sitting there, she sees Mike, Ethan’s brother in law go up to James who was sitting in the back row.

“If your family you should be sitting up front, not back here,” Mike says.

“I am ok back here, thank you,” James replies.

“You really have a lot of guts showing up here. You never were there for your father. You never cared, now you come? Where were you when they needed you? Every time your father would call you were too busy.” Mike snaps.

“Really? Here? What happened between me and my father is between me and him.” James replies.

“No, it isn't, because you were never there, that meant I had to be. It was always on my wife to pick up your pieces.” Mike responds.

“He was married to her mother. Thats her problem, not mine. I would like to pay my respects.” James says with glare.

Mike just glares back heading to the front of the church. His wife Patricia doing her best to console her mother. The funeral doesnt last too long, when its finally time to go.

Ethan driving Elizabeth and the girls back to Karen’s home.

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