The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 71 In Laws

Chapter 71 In-laws

Once back at Karen’s home, Elizabeth takes a seat on Karen’s sofa with her girls. Just looking around at the few people that did show up. Karen telling people to go home, that she didn't want them at her house. She only left a select few to her home.

She saw at the viewing that people really didn't want to be there. She wanted them to stay and pray, where all they wanted to do was eat her food. She didn't find that to her liking at all. It was just another thing to set her off. She was in a very unsettled state at the moment.

“I Need for each of you to chip in some money. I spent five hundred dollars on flowers and I can’t afford it. I also need money for your father's headstone. I can't afford that either. I don't know what I am going to do.” Karen snaps.

“Mother, why did you spend that much on flowers if you couldn't afford it. When I called to make the funeral, I didn't ask for that many flowers.” Patricia states.

“I wanted your father to have them. You all work, five hundred between yourself shouldn't be anything. It's the least you can give your father.” Karen snaps.

Elizabeth just sits there, feeling yep this is Karen, nothing new. She loved to control and wasn't good enough to do anything on her own.

Karen was still stating she couldn't walk and that she was in pain and now too alone to stay alone. She wiggled going to stay with her daughter for a while. Which with her and Mike it just wouldn't work. Those two mixed like oil and water. It was just time before one or both of them would blow.

Mike was a short, extra thin man, with blue eyes and cut short brown hair. He also could be very controlling and rude himself. Karen and himself clashed in more ways than one.

Elizabeth sees Ethan drink one drink after another. Getting himself plastered. She knew he was trying to take the pain of all this away. She also saw how quiet, he was during most of this. Letting his sister deal with all of it. Not able to accept anything that was happening. Just sitting back not able to wait to go home and try to put this past him.

She sees Ethan head into the back yard with Mike, they set a fire and take a seat in front of it, talking about Joe and drinking. Soon Karen and a few others join. Elizabeth feels uncomfortable and ready to leave. Yet, she looks at Ethan and knows he will need someone to help him home. Even though she knows better, she still feels bad and wants to help.

After awhile Izzy and Sofia tell everyone bye, wanting to head out and go see their boyfriends. They have had enough sitting here, doing nothing. It was getting late and they were getting tired.

Elizabeth sees that they are getting up to leave and knows she wants to also.

“Guys, can you wait a minute? I would like to leave as well, I just feel we should get your father to leave to. That way we know he got home safe.” Elizabeth asks.

“Ok, mom. He really had a lot to drink.” Izzy says.

“I know, I will go get him.” Elizabeth states.

Elizabeth walks out into the yard going up to Ethan who is just sitting there with his family.

“Ethan, me and the girls are ready to leave, we would like to drive you home to make sure you're safe,” Elizabeth says.

“Ok, that sounds very nice. I am ready to leave as well.“Ethan replies. Getting up and swaying.

Elizabeth helps Ethan to the car, then getting in herself.

“Mom, Maybe you should help dad inside? We have to go soon. We will drop you off though.” Sofia says.

“Sure, not a problem. I can always call a cab. You two are coming to see me in December right?” Elizabeth asks.

“Yes, thank you for the tickets. We can’t wait to see the new house. Do you really like it there?” Izzy asks.

“Yes, I love it, you will too. I can even take you into NY to see the Christmas decorations and maybe a little shopping.” Elizabeth says.

“That sounds great.” Both girls respond.

“You're going to see your mother for Christmas what about me?” Ethan says. Somewhat coherent.

“We will celebrate it a week early with you dad. We will think of something.” Izzy says.

Ethan just sits there in the back seat, thinking what the hell was going on with his life. He was losing everything at once. Things were dropping for him and fast. This would be the first Christmas they were not together as a family. None of them now being there. This ate away at him as he sat there and kept thinking about it.

Wanting and needing Elizabeth back into his life, just not sure of how to get it. He knew she went there for him and was even making sure she was taking him home. That made him feel good, that at least she cared enough for that. She really didn't have to. It gave him a little faith, he just new once she would drop him off and leave the house, it would be it.

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