The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 72 Hurt

Chapter 72 Hurt

Elizabeth gets out of the car helping, Ethan out as well, as their girls drive off. Leaving them both alone and together. Ethan leaning on Elizabeth to help him get inside. Ethan gives Elizabeth the house key so she can let both of them inside. Trying her best to hold him up.

“Ethan, I think you really did drink way too much,” Elizabeth says.

“Yea, I probably did. I am losing everything good in my life. Things are just falling apart around me. I want it to stop. I can't take any more.” Ethan says.

“You have to think of it as a positive thing. This will lead to new things, maybe one better than we had. You can give your son more attention now, be all that he needs.” Elizabeth says. Trying to help Ethan up the stairs to his bedroom.

“How about if I don't want that. How about if I want you and our old life back. I want things to go back to the way they were.” Ethan replies.

“That's not happening Ethan that's over. You know that. You weren't all that happy then either.” Elizabeth replies. Finally getting to the bedroom.

“I want you back, I want our life back. I was happy. Not this shit you're pretending with your boy toy. You did leave and have your fun. Come home. How long can he make you happy? “Ethan says raising his voice.

“I don't want to fight with you, Ethan. Get some rest, you will feel better in the morning.” Elizabeth answers.

“Feel better? When I sit here and look at this empty house. There is nothing to feel better about!” Ethan snaps.

Grabbing Elizabeth’s hand and throwing her onto his bed with a big thump. Making his heavy body land on top of her, pinning her down. Taking her by surprise.

“Ethan Stop whatever this is. Get off of me! You don't want to do this.” Elizabeth shouts.

Ethan holds both of Elizabeth’s hands above her head with one hand grabbing them tightly and not letting go. Placing all his body weight on top of her so she can't wiggle out.

Elizabeth's chest and head fill with panic. She knows this isn't a good position to be in. She does her best to wiggle her hands free, also doing her best to keep her legs tightly closed shut.

Its just Ethan is a lot stronger than her, and the more she tells him to stop the more he goes after her. Pulling off her blouse and pushing up her black skirt. It's like he has been taken over by someone else. Not hearing a word she is saying. The screams rolling off of him as if they were moans.

“ETHAN GET OFF OF ME. If you do this, I swear to you, I will never forgive you. GET OFF!!!!!!!!” Elizabeth screams as tears stream down her face.

Yet, Ethan doesn't stop. Elizabeth sees in Ethan that it's like he is glazed over. He doesn't seem to care at all to what she is saying. It's all about what he wants at the moment. All about his feelings wants and desires, what she needs and wants, doesn't count or apply. At the moment its as if, she is his toy doll that he can do anything he wants with, without any consequences.

Ethan keeps holding her hands down and together. Not letting Elizabeth be able to break free, She tries her best to stick her nails into his fingers and the palm of his hands, but he seems to be immune to the pain.

She shouts and even starts to cry harder with tears streaming down her face. Knowing she should have never come here and be alone with him. It is just way too late to turn back now.

She tries to kick and push him off, She keeps fighting throughout the whole thing. Ethan just grabs her legs and pushes them apart using his own weight to keep them open as he slides inside her, rough and hard using the other hand to squeeze her breast roughly. He keeps pounding into her like she is a dog instead of a woman. Being as rough and hard as he could, having no regard for her at all. Using all his weight to keep her in place using her lower half as his own punching bag.

Elizabeth does her best to try to get out of this Even trying to use her feet to kick his ass, it just doesn't seem to phase him, and at this point, there was no use.

Ethan is way too strong for her to overcome. What's done is done.

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