The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 73 Disgust.

Chapter 73 Disgust

When Ethan is done his assault, he rolls over, finally letting go of Elizabeth's bruised hands and wrists. Her whole body hurts from his assault and from her trying to get away. She just lays there a minute taking in everything that just took place. The tears still streaming down her face. She still can’t seem to believe what just happened. A man she spent her life with, trusted, did this to her. But why?

She takes one look at him lying there, she now hates him. Truly hates him. What she feels for him now, nothing could ever fix or change. He has taken the last thing from her, he will ever take. Not to mention, it has broken any kind of relationship they would ever have, even as friends.

Ethan falls asleep, which makes Elizabeth able to escape. She gathers her clothes as her hands shake and tremble being as quiet as she can be. She opens the bedroom door slowly slipping through it. Making sure to close it lightly behind her, not wanting any noise to wake him. She also felt he was drunk, so that was on her side now. It should knock him out for a bit.

She walks to the bathroom, locking the door behind her needing to clean up and put herself together. There was no way, she could let her mother see her like this. She didn’t want anyone to see her like this.

She also wanted to see the damage he caused. She knew there had to be some as she hurt in several places. As she stands there in front of the bathroom mirror looking into it, she sees her makeup all smeared up, and her face swollen from crying.

She takes a seat on the toilet, trying to calm her nerves. The trembling not going away and her heart still pounding deep within her chest. She takes a deep breath knowing she needs out of here, so she calls a cab to come get her. Wanting to leave this place and never look back. More so now than ever before.

She takes a look at her body, seeing her wrists are black in blue from his hands around them, holding them down fiercely. There are black and blues on her thighs and also her arms. Anywhere he used force to hurt. Even her side and back hurt from all the strain to try to get away, not like it worked. Not like it changed anything.

She knew she had to hide her wrists. What was Brian going to say? The thought of Brian hurt her. She didn't want this, it wasn't her choice. She was so sorry. She felt like she betrayed Brian, he warned her. She didn’t listen.

She splashes some water on her face and fixes it, putting her clothes back on slowly trying not to hurt herself anymore. She then grabs her purse being very quiet, opening the bathroom door. She looks all around, running down the stairs and out the front door.

The cab that is waiting takes her back to her mother's house. All Elizabeth is worried about at the moment, is not letting her mother notice anything. She was hoping, she was sleeping and wouldn't see her. She couldn’t talk to anyone right now, she was falling apart and just wanted to be alone. She was still trying to wrap her own mind around all this. Feeling all kinds of emotions.

When she gets to her mom’s house, it's dark, she knows it's late and she is lucky. She opens the door quietly and heads to the bathroom, locking the door behind her. She just slides down the door, crying again, not able to hold any of the pain she is feeling inside any longer.

How could he? That wasn't how you win someone back, or over. She never wanted to see him again. The rage inside her, took over her whole being.

She crawls over to the tub and puts the water on for the shower, slowly taking off her clothes and stepping in again sliding herself down sitting there, letting the hot water wash away his touch, his scent, and her disgust. She closes her eyes just sitting there wrapping her arms around her legs.

“I will not let him break me.” She says to herself.

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