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Chapter 75 going home

Chapter 75

Elizabeth gets off the phone, knowing if she chooses to hide this, it isn't going to be easy. Brian wasn't anything like Ethan. He knew her feelings, he could see changes in her when she was upset. He actually cared. It would be hard to hide how she was feeling at this moment. She just hoped she could learn to curb it before she got home.

For now, she needs to push that in the back of her mind and head downstairs to say goodbye to her mother. She also knew the girls would be here shortly as well. She takes a look in the mirror telling herself she can do this. Trying to give herself the strength that she needs to get through this.

She heads downstairs, seeing her mother in the kitchen making breakfast.

“There you are. What time did you get in last night? I waited till 11. Then I fell asleep.” Joan says.

“Not sure, I think it was after 12,” Elizabeth says.

“So how was it? Did Karen do her normal thing?” Joan asks.

“Yea, it was normal her. James did show up trying to pay his respects. It wasn't anything much.” Elizabeth answers without much detail.

“Are you ok? You look like shit? What's wrong? What did they say to you now?” Joan says.

“Thanks, mom, nothing is wrong. I just can’t wait to leave here. They didn't say anything to me this time. I also have a meeting in NY I have to get through. ” Elizabeth replies.

“Are you sure?” Joan asks, with concern.

“Yes, I don't think, I will be coming back here mom, for any reason. I will send you the tickets to come to see me. Maybe while you are there, if you like it, you should stay there too live.” Elizabeth suggests.

“Move to NJ? I lived here all my life. I am not sure about moving. Maybe I can stay with you for a while, but moving for good I am not sure about.” Joan answers.

“It's your choice, I would like to spend more time with you. I would also like you to see everything new in my life. It just can’t be here.” Elizabeth admits.

“I understand. I mean I know Ethan wasn’t the best, but I am not sure why you need to do all this. Running away doesn't fix anything either.” Joan responds.

“No, it may not but it helps to forget,” Elizabeth says Kissing her mother goodbye.

“Don’t you want to eat breakfast?” Joan asks.

“No, thank you. I am not very hungry. I will call you when I get home.” Elizabeth says.

Joan just watches as Elizabeth walks out, knowing something is wrong as well. She also just figures god knows what Karen said or did this time. She hated the way they treated her daughter. She was glad that she let go of Ethan and got the life she wanted. She always missed her like crazy and didn't like the idea of her living so far away from her. At the same time, not really thinking she could give up all she knows to move to NJ.

Elizabeth sees her daughters outside waiting. She goes out there and Hugs both of them telling them that Joan has made breakfast for them to get some.

“Don't you want us to drive you to the airport mom?” Izzy asks.

“No, I am fine. You don't have to go out of your way. I will be seeing you both soon enough for the holiday.” Elizabeth says.

“How did it go last night with dad?” Sofia asks.

Elizabeth just stands there frozen.

“Mom, are you ok?” Izzy asks.

Her voice bringing Elizabeth back to reality.

“Yes, I am fine. I made sure he went to bed. He is fine.” Elizabeth answers coldly.

“Did he say anything to bother you?” Sofia asks.

“No, he was drunk he went to sleep. I need to be off. I love you both and if you need me just call.” Elizabeth says getting off the subject.

She hugs them both again, getting into the cab, she called earlier knowing she wanted out of here as fast as she could. It was hard to hide how she felt towards him. Even the mention of his name would set her off.

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