The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Airport Meeting

Elizabeth gets into the cab and drives to the airport, glad to be headed back to the place that makes her happiest. At the same time, she worried that her new feelings would hurt everything she accomplished. Her mind was still swirling from everything that took place and she still wasn't sure about telling Brian or not. She just knew that all her new feelings inside her would be hard to hide. Ethan, yet again took something from her, this time her trust in a different way. Was there anything else he could do to her? She didn't think so.

She pulls up to the airport grabbing her bag and heading inside, going through security. As she is going through she sees Ethan walking towards her.

“Elizabeth wait,” Ethan shouts.

“Just go away Ethan, I don’t have anything to say to you,” Elizabeth says trying to walk faster.

“Elizabeth Wait, I want to talk to you,” Ethan says as he gets closer to her. “I want to say, I am sorry for what happened. That's not what I wanted, I wanted to get close to you, not push you even farther away. That wasn't my intention, I was drunk and I wasn't thinking.” Ethan adds

“I don't care. I don't want to hear anything you have to say. I just want you to stay away from me.” Elizabeth answers.

“I know you're scared of me, I see it in your eyes. It's written all over you, I don't want this. I felt like I was losing everything. I wasn't thinking straight.” Ethan says.

“Than you should have thought about that before you did this. Nothing is going to change what happened. I need for you to just to leave me alone. I am not coming back to you, if I never saw you again I would be fine with that.” Elizabeth states.

“I know your hurt. I am sorry. Elizabeth please.” Ethan says trying to touch her hand.

Elizabeth pulls it away not even letting him touch her. Ethan knows this was the last straw, he blew it. There was no going back.

“Are you going to press charges?” Ethan asks.

“No, it was my stupidity for being alone with you, for wanting to help you. Plus it wouldn't do any good for our daughters to really know what an ass you are. I don't need the publicity either. So your ass is free. I have to get going, my flight is boarding. Ethan, don’t call me, for any reason. Move on.” Elizabeth says walking away.

Ethan just stands there watching her as she gets farther and farther away from him. He has a sadness in his heart, this isn't what he wanted at all. He was so down and falling apart, he just took what he wanted not caring about consequences. That time passed and it was now time for the consequences, which left him alone. Elizabeth now hated him more than ever, before there was a chance for at least friendship, now there was nothing. She didn't even want to talk to him. He was lucky she wasn't going to press charges. He was thankful for it, he didn't want his children to know about it either. It wasn't a side of him he wanted anyone to know about.

Elizabeth boards the plane just sitting there, her heart beating out of her chest. Just the sight of Ethan made her sick. Even him saying he was sorry and having regrets didn't help her at all. There wasn't anything he could say or do to make this better. It just made her see him even more for who he really was.

She was glad to get away from it, just now going home was going to be hard. What does she say to Brian? Can she tell him the truth? Or will this eat her up alive and take everything from her. Is that what Ethan was really trying to do?

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