The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 77 leave me Alone

Chapter 77 Leave Me alo

The plane lands at the airport in NYC, Elizabeth is happy in a way she goes to see Monica first before going to Brian. Which she never felt before. She was always so happy and couldn't wait to be with him. Now she dreaded it, not knowing what to say or do.

She heads to the agency getting into another cab, still not feeling herself at all. Once there she heads up to Monica’s office just taking a seat. As she waits for Monica to show up, she just stares out the window. Wishing this was all just a nightmare.

“Hey girl, It's so good to see you. I have so much to tell you. I thought you would have let Brian be here as well. ” Monica says walking into the door.

Then she gasps when she looks up from the pile of papers in her hand. Looking at Elizabeths worn sad face.

“Ok, what the hell is going on? Why do you look like shit? Did Brian do something?” Monica snaps.

“No, Brian is wonderful.” Elizabeth answers.

“Then what is wrong? I never seen you look like this before.” Monica asks.

“I just came back from my in-laws. My father in law died I told you on the phone.” Elizabeth answers.

“Yea I know but I didn't see you caring about it. You went for your kids as I recall.” Monica answers handing Elizabeth a cup of coffee.

As Elizabeth goes to take the coffee Monica sees her wrist.

“OK, I want you to tell me everything. What happened? If Brian sees you he is going to ask the same among other things. Why is your wrist black n blue?” Monica asks.

Elizabeth just looks up at Monica, not knowing whether or not to say what happened. She needs to talk about it badly just doesn't want to make a scene, then the way she looks seems to be a dead give away. Maybe if she tells someone it will help. Anything was better than what she was feeling.

“Ethan raped me.” Elizabeth blurts out.

“What? When? Did you have him locked up?” Monica shouts.

“No, there is no point, look I want you to keep that to yourself. It happened the last night I was there. He got drunk and I was dumb enough to want to take him home. When I got there he took advantage of it. Pinning me down and taking what he wanted. It was my own fault, I shouldn't of went with him.” Elizabeth says.

“It's not your fault! If you said no, it's NO. Brian is going to kill him and I wouldn't mind helping!” Monica says.

“I did say no, it's like he didn't hear me. I just want to forget all this happened. I am not sure to tell Brian or not. I don't want him to do something he will regret. I also don't want him looking at me differently.” Elizabeth admits.

“Brian loves you dearly. He needs to know, you're not going to be able to hide it anyway. If I saw those bruises I am sure he will. Not to mention when I saw you, I knew something was wrong.” Monica states.

“I have to go to his office. I don't want to go looking like this. Can you do something? I have to meet the people he works for I have to act like everything is ok. I won’t do that to him.” Elizabeth answers.

“Sure, I will fix your makeup and hair. I have makeup that will cover your wrists better too. After the office thing with Brian, you need to tell him. This is going to stick with you for a while. When you start pushing away, or not wanting sex. He is going to wonder why and think its all him. I know you don't want that. You love him as much as he loves you. Don’t let Ethan break that.” Monica says.

“I don't want to push him away just at the moment sex is the last thing on my mind if he touches me I may flip out. Why does he have to suffer for something he didn't do? We are so open with each other. I am scared this will ruin it all.” Elizabeth confesses.

“Be honest with him, at least that way he will know why things are different. Why things changed. You can work through it together. ” Monica says.

Elizabeth just nods. Knowing that Monica had a point in everything she said. She was just hoping this would go well. She was scared of his reaction.

"Well, now to why I asked you here. I know we were going to make the second book come out after the new year. We changed our minds. The first book is doing wonderfully it's still at the top so we are going to wait just a tad longer to let out the next part. Online sales are through the roof. I was thinking maybe in Jan you and Brian could do a little more pushing of it. You don't have to go to a lot of places. Just here and there, to build up the hype even more. " Monica says.

"That's great, whatever you think is best we will do. Brian is working at the firm so touring on hold would be great for him. I am so proud of him. He is doing so well at the firm." Elizabeth says.

"I am happy for you both. I wish this didn't happen. I am so sorry. Ethan should pay for what he has done." Monica says.

"Thank you, I know but its better this way. We don't need that kind of publicity going around. My kids also don't need to know this. I am trying to build a new life here, one he isn't going to take away from me. I will get over this, it may take time, but I will not let it break me." Elizabeth says.

"I am the one proud of you. That takes a lot of courage. I am here for you if you ever need to talk. We are going to let out that you are Brian are together so there will be different kinds of publicity and your right you don't need the other." Monica states.

"I am glad we won't have to hide anymore, that I can show how I feel about him in public. And thank you for everything." Elizabeth answers.

Monica goes over to Elizabeth and fixes her makeup and hair, covering all flaws to make sure no one at Brians office would notice anything. Elizabeth now looked like her normal self even though she didn't feel like it. She was going to do her best to make everything perfect for Brian.

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