The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 78 Monica's

Chapter 78

When Monica is done, Elizabeth gets up and heads to Brian’s office which is only a few blocks away. She feels panic as she gets closer to the law firm, not knowing what she is going to feel when she sees Brian. She just knows that there isn't a place to lose it. It was time to control herself to be the woman she has become and stand tall.

She walks in heading to the elevator going to Brian's floor. When she starts walking, she sees Brian talking to a tall man with brown short hair and blue eyes, dressed in a very expensive suit. She took it that, it was Matt. Her eyes than go back to Brian, him standing there tall and slender wearing his black suit, white crisp fresh shirt, his grey hair that she would notice anywhere. Her heart flutters, and she smiles. All the fear she was carrying around melts away just staring at this gorgeous man in front of her. Ethan didn't take that away, he didn't win.

While she is walking their way, Matt can’t seem to take his eyes off of her. She is all done up perfectly. Wearing a black short skirt, V neck black top with black high heels. Her hair up with all curls hanging down her back. You would never know what took place a day ago. All signs were not showing at the moment.

“Well, who may you be?” Matt says.

Brian turns around and smiles. “This is my beautiful girlfriend Elizabeth,” Brian says with a smile.

Elizabeth just smiles back going over to Brian's side giving him a light hug.

“I missed you, babe,” Brian says.

“I missed you too,” Elizabeth replies.

“Well, How do you get all these gorgeous women? I want to know your trick?” Matt asks.

“I am just lucky. This will be the last one though, She will be my wife.” Brian states.

"He is pretty great himself. Inside and out, it just draws you to him." Elizabeth says.

Brian just smiles at her, keeping his arm wrapped around her waist.

“Damn, wait till Victoria sees you. I may not go home for days.” Matt laughs.

Elizabeth stands there just listening, standing close to Brian. She was in no mood to put up with Victoria at the moment she was glad she wasn't around.

“She will get over it, she is your wife, she shouldn't be caring what I am doing,” Brian says.

“True, but you are her baby daddy so I have to hear all kinds of things. It just rolls off my back anyway. Brian, did you tell her about the work dinner? I hope he is taking you, so I have something nice to look at while we are talking bullshit.” Matt gleams.

“No, he didn't. I thought we were going home for dinner.” Elizabeth replies.

“Sorry babe, things changed. I did try to call you, you didn't pick up, I then left you a message didn't you get it?” Brian asks.

“Oh sorry I was with Monica, I haven't checked my phone. It's not a problem we can go.” Elizabeth says.

“I am sorry, I normally wouldn't spring this on you. It was just sprung on me. You look gorgeous by the way. I am sure we will get the client with you there.” Brian smiles.

“I don't want to be in the way.” Elizabeth states.

“You're never in the way. Some will be bringing their wives so it's fine. It's just a casual dinner." Brian answers.

" Victoria isn't going to be there is she?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, She had to work late herself so she won't be here,” Matt replies.

Elizabeth just nods feeling at least she won't have to put up with that tonight.

“Let me get my coat and we will be off,” Brian says.

Going to his office to get his long black wool coat. Elizabeth just holds herself together acting like everything is fine. No one noticing anything was wrong, not even Brian at the moment.

She was doing well now at hiding things. She was going back to her cold side, hiding her real emotions. It finally came in handy.

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