The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 79 Office

Chapter 79

Elizabeth waits in the hall near the elevator for Brian and Matt to return. Before they do Brian pulls Matt to the side to give him a talk.

“Matt, I want to tell you, knock off the remarks with Elizabeth. She is going to be my wife and I don't really appreciate your remarks. It was different with Victoria, I wasn't planning on her being my wife. I also didn't feel this way about her.” Brian says.

“Wow, you really do like this one. I am sorry man, I didn't mean any disrespect. I was just saying the truth. I will curb it.” Matt responds.

“Thank you, and yes I do. She is my everything and I don't want to lose her.” Brian replies.

“I wish you both a lot of luck. Now let's get to this dinner. ” Matt says.

They both head to the Elevator, seeing Elizabeth waiting for them. Brian going over putting his hand on her back and smiling down at her. He can’t help but kiss her head. He has missed her greatly and was happy, she was home.

They all head down to the limo waiting for them in front of the law firm. Matt had nothing but the best, Brian enjoyed hanging out with him. His father owned the firm, he wanted for nothing. He loved to make a splash, its why Victoria married him.

“So babe, how was your trip? You seemed a little upset when I was talking to you on the phone.” Brian asks in the limo ride over to dinner.

“It was the same old crap. Nothing really changes. We will talk more about it later. Tonight is your night.” Elizabeth says holding his hand.

“I will hold you to that,” Brian replies.

Once at the fancy Italian restaurant they all get out and go in, being seated at a long table that sits at least twelve. Elizabeth just looks around knowing it's going to be a long night. She sees each seat being taken. She just takes hers and remains quiet. Brian sits next to her everyone saying hello to each other and being very nice.

The dinner itself is very good. Brian and Matt doing there best to get some new clients. Which together they worked great with. They complemented each other very well. She just sees Brian drinking one drink after another.

It just reminds her of the night with Ethan, she just does her best to shrug it off knowing Brian was nothing like him. Even though she wished, he would cool it with the drinks. She keeps that to herself, feeling this wasn't the time or place. This was important and needed to look perfect

The night goes well, Elizabeth standing by Brian's side, making sure not to take him down in this mess that was her own.

How was she going to tell him tonight? He was so happy with everything that took place. This wasn't the night for it. She just stays quiet on the way home.

“Babe your pretty quiet tonight, everything ok? I thought the dinner was great. Thank you for coming with me.” Brian says.

“Your welcome. It was, I loved it. I love being with you no matter where we are.” Elizabeth answers.

“Same here. So are you going to tell me about your trip?” Brian asks as they pull up to their home.

“I am pretty tired and just really want to go to bed. I will tell you tomorrow. Ok?” She says.

“Ok babe. I can’t wait to cuddle up to you in bed. The bed was empty without you.” Brian replies.

Elizabeth just smiles. She just hopes he doesn't go for sex. Right now she had no appeal for it at all, not to mention, she didn't want him to see the bruises on her thighs.

They both walk into their home, Elizabeth just puts her bag next to the door. Not even caring to unpack it at the moment. She just heads upstairs to their bedroom to get her change of clothes. She gets there before Brian does, rushing into the bathroom to change so he doesn't see anything. Putting on, some heavy flannel pjs to cover up her whole body. Then hurrying to get into bed.

Brian walks in seeing her already in bed, feeling this was a bit different. She normally didn't care how tired she was, she was all over him. Thinking, sometimes they didn't even make it to the bed, they used the sofa. They haven't seen each other in two days, then he just felt she was tired no biggy. He gets unchanged and gets into bed himself. Curling himself up next to her back, wrapping his arms around her.

“I missed you.” Brian ways.

“I missed you too.” She replies.

“Why the heavy PJs? Normally we use each other to keep warm. ” Brian asks.

“I Just got a chill from being in Wisconsin, no biggy. We can still cuddle up. I am just really tired it has been a very long three days.” Elizabeth states.

“I am sure it has been. I guess I just got used to the sexy PJs or nighties........or nothing.“Brian smirks.

“I have worn these kinds of PJs with you before.” Elizabeth comments.

“Yea when we were at the hotel in the snow, and I kept you warm. How badly, I wanted to take them off of you. It took everything I had to lay there next to you and not touch you the way I really wanted to.” Brian replies moving her body closer to his.

Elizabeth just closes her eyes and tries not to cry or flip out. It's not Ethan she keeps reminding herself. She is with a man who loves and wants her. He wouldn't do anything to hurt her. She just keeps repeating it in her mind, as her body wanted to shrivel up and die at the moment.

“I felt the same about you.” She responds.

Not knowing what to say. That was the truth, she wanted him so bad just now sex was a turn off to her.

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