The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 81 awkward

Chapter 81

Elizabeth goes up to take her shower, feeling a bit better being fully honest with Brian. Now seeing that he was there for her and so far it didn't change anything. She just hoped as time went on, that wouldn’t change. She also hoped that Brian wouldn’t do anything stupid. He was trying to build himself up. He didn't need to kill that before it started because of Ethan.

While she is taking her shower, Brian just sits there stewing. His mind in overload of everything Elizabeth told him. The thought that Ethan touching her alone kills him, but that he pushed himself on her and hurt her eats away at him. He knows what he has to do.

Brian goes into the office they share and makes a phone call to Matt.

“Hey, What do you need? It's our day off, I would be enjoying your new girlfriend instead of calling me.” Matt says.

“I need your help with something,” Brian replies firmly.

“Ok, I can hear it in your voice something is up. What do you need?” Matt asks.

“I need you to push Elizabeth’s divorce through now. No more waiting. No more playing games. The lawyer keeps saying it's going through but it never seems to. I think Ethan is doing something to stall it. I need her free of him and now.” Brian remarks.

“Send me the papers and the names of the lawyers. I can see what I can do. Its the weekend, though so nothing is going to go through till Monday. How far do you want me to push this anyway?“Matt asks.

“All the way, no matter what it takes. I need him out of her life. That will be the first start to making a clean break. She didn’t ask him for anything. She gave it all to him, leave it that way. I will find another way of taking him down or at least making his life miserable for a while. I just want her out of the picture in his life.” Brian answers.

“Ok, I can see you really care about her, are you sure about this? Speeding up the Divorce is nothing, I can do that without any hitches. I mean are you sure, you really want to be and spend your life with her. I just ask, because I know from your past you didn't like being tied down.” Matt responds.

“I am sure. I just need to make sure Ethan doesn't get in the way of things. He doesn't want to let go. I just faxed you all the information that you need. Text me when it's done so I know to be expecting it.” Brian replies.

“Will do, He is an ex. You know how they get. You deal with Victoria all the time. I am sure when she meets her and sees how much you care it's going to start her up.” Matt comments.

“Why do you put up with her? She is married to you and drives you crazy about me. Doesn't that get old?” Brian asks.

Thinking of what took place before he left for the book tour, now feeling a bit guilty to do that to Matt. Who has been a good friend. It was too late to go back. What was done was done, he just hoped that Matt never found out. He wasn't sure he wanted Elizabeth to find out either.

“She was your first, we all knew each other, I knew the situation. My father wanted me to get married and settle down. It makes me look more put together having a family. She keeps up appearances well. We are happy together. I know she does love me, she just happens to love you too. I know you don't want her so I just shrug it off.” Matt admits.

“I’m sorry man. Maybe after she sees Elizabeth and that I am moving on maybe she will finally.” Brian says.

“Maybe, either way, I really don't care. I will go take care of that little thing for you. Enjoy your weekend, and your new girlfriend.” Matt replies.

“You too and thank you.” Brian answers.

Brian gets off the phone feeling at least they won’t be married anymore. He won’t have any claim over her. She will be free.

He was still beside himself, doing his best to hide his feelings, not wanting it to hurt her. Not showing her how filled with rage he was. He just knew if he ever saw Ethan in person, it wouldn't be a good thing. He also knew the divorce wasn't enough, he had to get back at Ethan. He just couldn't let him get away with this. Or make him think he did.

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