The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 83 rage

Chapter 83 Rage.

Brian makes sure Elizabeth is sleeping, then he gets out of bed going over to her side table and taking her phone. He goes into their shared office, looking through her phone for Ethan's number.

It was now going on twelve midnight in NJ but in Wisconsin, it was only eleven. Brian paces the floor holding Elizabeth's phone in his hand, Not knowing whether to give Ethan a call or not. If he lets this go, he is afraid that Ethan will think either Elizabeth didn't trust him enough to tell him, or that it was ok.

Brian didn't want Ethan to feel that. He wanted him to feel like shit, the way Elizabeth felt and now himself. He wanted Ethan to suffer and pay for what he has done. He just was trying to figure out how to make that happen without him going to jail. Or losing everything that he gained over the last few months.

Brian can’t take it anymore he dials the phone knowing that Ethan would think it was Elizabeth since he was using her phone to make the call. He also knew he had to keep this low key not to make Elizabeth know what he was doing. He didn't want her to worry or bring any more sadness to her. He wanted her to get over this.

He dials the phone and waits for Ethan to pick it up. Which only takes him two rings.

“Elizabeth, I am so glad you called me. I wanted to say I was sorry. Can you ever forgive me?” Ethan says.

“No, she can never forgive you, you rotten piece of shit. What makes you think she will ever? What kind of man are you? She doesn't want you anymore can't you just be a man and get over it!” Brian snaps.

“Well, Well if it isn't lover boy. All this is your fault, none of this would have taken place if it wasn't for you. We didn't have the greatest marriage but she would have never left me.” Ethan says.

“You can blame me all you want, but all this is your own fault, not mine. If she was happy with you, she wouldn't have been looking elsewhere. It just shows what kind of man you are, from what you did. Was that the only way you could get laid? By holding a petite defenseless woman down? That's pretty fucking sad if you ask me.” Brian yells.

“You want to stand there and say all this shit to me, What about you? You didn't think anything about breaking up our marriage. Of her leaving her children and her life behind going to New Jersey to be with you. You just want to stand there and act like you had no part in any of this, Which you did. You and that damn book. I wish she never wrote it.” Ethan snaps.

“Why because she is finally herself? Finally, doesn't need you for anything? You're not in control of anything she does anymore so that's why you had to rape her. To get some control back? I am telling you once, Stay away from her, You come near her for any reason and I will have you arrested. Don't call her for any purpose.” Brian hisses.

“I am still her husband, we do still share children. What took place happened between us, Not you. What's the matter, you're not getting laid now so your pissed?” Ethan states.

“You are a real asshole, you know that? No wonder she didn't want you. And about being her husband you won’t be that for much longer. I know what you did and I will use it against you. I have no ties to you or cares. I am not Elizabeth. I will put you away without blinking.” Brian comments.

“Yea, maybe you would, but she won't let you. No matter how much she hates me at the moment, she wouldn't do that to our children. And no matter what you may think, I am sorry that happened. It's not what I wanted. I got carried away and lost in myself. I hope one day she can forgive me and move past it.” Ethan says.

“Good luck with that, and you feeling sorry doesn't change a thing. Stay away. Don't make me have to recall you or tell you again.” Brian answers.

“The big shot lawyer, I am shaking in my shoes. If it wasn't for my wife you wouldn't have shit. You were a freaking bouncer before this. She made you into that Zach guy. What happens when your not him anymore? When she loses interest in you?” Ethan gloats.

“We are past that, we have it very nice its why you hate me so much. I give her what she needs where you never have. Even without playing Zach, I am the one she chooses. You just have to get over it.” Brian says hanging up the phone.

Brian saw that Ethan was a real ass, even though he did what he did he still fought to make Brian out to be the wrong one. He saw Ethan's anger in his responses. Hating him for taking his wife away. He also knew that if Ethan wouldn't take no for an answer he would have to take care of him. He wasn't going to let him take them down, or be in there way. He just knew he was saying anything he could to hurt him. He wasn't going to let it get to him. Or at least he was going to try.

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