The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 84 Divorce

Chapter 84 Goodbyes

Monday morning comes before either of them knows it. Things still a little rocky from everything that has been taken place. Brian gets up kissing Elizabeth goodbye as he heads off to work. On the way to work, he gets a text from Matt, letting him know the deed is done.

Brian just smiles to himself, saying let's see what you are going to do now Ethan. Smirking all the way to work.

Back at the house, Elizabeth gets up and dressed to start her own day. She doesn't have to work as she is still getting paid for the online sales from the book. They haven't even started book two yet. In that department, things were going great and she was very happy.

She was also trying to get herself back into her old routines, trying to let go of what took place and move on. Wanting desperately to go back to what she had with Brian, just she saw roadblocks in some departments. She just couldn't help how she felt. She needed more time to let go of everything that has taken place.

As she is sitting in the kitchen drinking her coffee, looking out her window, the phone rings.

“Hey, Elizabeth I just wanted to let you know that the papers are in. You are officially divorced. They came in bright and early this morning.” Her lawyer states.

“Really its all over? I am free of him?” Elizabeth asks with joy.

“Yes, you are free to do anything you want now. You are no longer his wife. I have the papers being delivered to you today.” The Lawyer answers.

“Thank you for everything, You don't know how happy this makes me. I thought it was going to take a bit longer?” Elizabeth asks.

“Me to, just something happened and it went through faster than planned. ” The Lawyer states.

“Good I am so glad. Thank you again.” Elizabeth says hanging up the phone.

Finally, she thought it's over, the long played out shit was over. Ethan had no more say in anything she would do. He also didn't have any claim to any of the money, she was making from the book. She was finally free to do whatever she wanted. Also free of him in every sense of the word. It made her feel alive. Giving her back some of the control she felt she lost that night.

Her girls were older they didn't need to talk like they use to. Big Decisions were over, they were both of age to make there own choices now.

She goes to her phone and blocks Ethan’s number, wanting to get away from him in every way of the word. For the first time, in the last week, she finally felt her life going the way she wanted it to.

She texts Brian not able to wait to tell him the good news, never thinking he was the reason it took place.

Elizabeth: 10:00 Brian, the divorce is finally over. I am free of him!!!!!!

Brian: 10:02 I am so glad, now we can finally move on. Are you happy babe?

Elizabeth: 10:05 Yes, I am so happy. I feel myself today after hearing that. I love you so much.

Brian: 10:07 Good, and I love you too. We need to celebrate tonight. Do you want to go out to dinner? Just me and you?

Elizabeth 10:09 That sounds wonderful. I also blocked his number, I want nothing to do with him. If the girls need me they will call me. I don't want to talk to him for any reason.

Brian: 10:11 That makes me happy, I want you to stay away from him. At the moment, there is no reason to talk to him. It's over.

Elizabeth: 10:12 I know. I am so glad. I will see you later tonight.

Brian: 10:13 I am glad you're happy it's nice to see. I will be home a little earlier so we can spend more time together.

Elizabeth: 10:15 I am looking forward to it.

When Brian gets off the phone with Elizabeth, he is beside himself with happiness. It was over. At least if nothing else Ethan was no longer her husband. He had no say in anything. It was a smack to him, with him always saying he was her husband. Not anymore!

Back at Wisconsin Ethan gets the same news, He just sits at his office chair lost in a daze. He knew now it was over, which didn't surprise him. He knew what he did was awful and there was no going back. He just didn't want to give in to Brian on the phone. He also figured this was Brians doing that he wasn't going to let him get away with things. He knew he worked in a high up law firm. It was too suspicious that all of a sudden the divorce was final.

He just sits back feeling he needs to let go, she wasn't coming back, there was no friendship. There wasn't anything. If Brian wanted her that bad good luck to him. He just wondered if it would work or whined up like their marriage.

He did have to admit to himself, he saw differences in their relationship. He saw how they were open with each other, how close they were. He knew as much as he wanted them to spilt it might not be happening any time soon if ever.

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