The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 85 talk with Sean

Chapter 85

Its four weeks later it's now December, Elizabeth looking forward to the holiday. She knew her mother and girls were coming soon and it gave her something to look forward to. For Thanksgiving, it was just her and Brian spending their first Thanksgiving together. It was nice and calm.

Elizabeth was still trying to go back to herself and for the most part, she was. She was looking forward to decorating, baking and spending her first Christmas with Brian in their new home. She hasn’t heard anything from Ethan, she was doing her best to block him out of her life for good. Trying to move on from everything that had to do with him.

Brian was working hard at the firm, doing his best to work his way up and show Matt and his father that he could do this. He was happy that Elizabeth was coming back to herself little by little. He also saw that she wasn’t feeling well lately even though she was trying to hide it. She never liked him to worry, but he noticed that she has been having stomach issues. He figures it has a lot to do with the attack. Her nerves getting the best of her. Which only makes him hate Ethan more.

One weekend, Brian is working on the lawn and his brother Sean comes over bringing Tylor. Brian still hasn't let Victoria come around not needing her to add any more drama or stress to what has already been going on. He has been letting his brother Sean drop him off so he can spend some time with him as well. He always enjoys talking to him, and he knows he can tell him anything.

“Hey bro, what's up? When I talked to you on the phone you seemed a little distracted.” Sean states.

“Sorry, I have a lot on my mind.” Brian answers.

“Like what? You know you can talk to me. I know I give you shit at times but I am always here.” Sean responds.

“Yea, I know,” Brian says.

“How is Elizabeth doing?” Sean asks.

“She is doing a lot better in some ways. She is her old self. Once the divorce was final that seemed to help her move past it a lot.” Brian states.

“That's great, then what seems to be the problem,” Sean asks

“We still haven't been intimate. We will cuddle and she stays close to me but it hasn't gone any further. ” Brian replies.

“That part may take a bit. Have you tried to get closer?” Sean asks

“No, I don't push at all. I want her to come after me. I don't want to spook her, I just hate that he has done this to her. I also see that she doesn't feel well lately. Her stomach seems to be bothering her. I think its stress from it all.” Brian comments.

“Wouldn’t surprise me, it was a lot to deal with. On top of it, she changed her whole life to be with you. New state to live in, New house, New everything. ” Sean says.

“I know that's all true. I understand it. I just hate him and hate that he has gotten away with it. He also said something that is sticking with me. What happens when she doesn't want Zach anymore? What if .....she doesn't see me for me?” Brian remarks.

“Are you freaking kidding me? He said that to get under your skin. Damn, didn't he know a button to push? Don’t you think she is over that Zach thing by now? If your that worried change your hair. That is the only thing you have of him.” Sean states.

“I can’t I am under contract with the book deal. I can’t dye it back until the second tour is over.” Brian answers.

“Ok, then how about styling it differently. Get it the freak out of your eyes. I don't see how the hell you see anyway. Push it back. See what she says. If she cares or if he is just being a dick Like I know he is. ” Sean responds.

“Ok, I will. I also have to ask you something. Remember David? Do you think he could do me a favor and have Ethan audited? Make his life hell for a few months? ” Brian replies.

“Sure, I can ask, he owes me a favor anyway. You have been thinking about this for a while haven't you?“Sean asks.

“Yes, I want to make him sweat. I figured that might just do it. Keep him busy for a while.” Brian answers.

“Ok, you know if he finds out, he may come after you. You did get their divorce to be final maybe you should end it there?” Sean asks.

“After this, I will leave him alone, I just need to do something and she won't let me. She won't press charges. I can't let it leak out for a number of reasons. So I came up with this. She will never know about it since they don't talk and even if she found out. She would never know it was me.” Brian states.

“And this is what you want? I thought your relationship was trust? She came to you and trusted you enough to tell you what happened. I know how much you love her, Don't blow it. Enjoy the holiday with her, do some fun things. Let her forget him, get your closeness back that you want. Concentrate on that.” Sean replies.

“I know your right, I will start doing that as well,” Brian replies.

Brian knew his brother was giving him good advice, he just couldn't help wanting some kind of revenge of Ethan. He figured once, he would get audited, he would leave him alone. He did want to move on from this and start their life together. Now that she was divorced, he was hoping that they could get engaged. He wanted to move their relationship up.

He also was going to try what his brother told him about the hair. He knew she loved him, just Ethan did get under his skin. It seemed they both got under each other's skin.

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