The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 86 insecurity

Chapter 86 Insecurity.

After Brian’s brother leaves, he goes inside to take his shower. He gets washed and dressed, when he stands in the mirror, he pushes his hair back, combing it in a new way. Getting it out of his face and looking nothing like Zach.

He then goes downstairs for dinner, Seeing Elizabeth in the kitchen making ravioli and meatballs.

“Hey babe, That smells really good,” Brian says.

“Thank you, why don’t you have a seat and I will get you a plate,” Elizabeth says.

Brian takes a seat, waiting for Elizabeth to notice him.

She comes over to the table giving him his plate and putting down her own. She just looks up and smiles at him.

Brian sees that she doesn't say a word, just continues to eat, which just makes him wonder more.

“How do you like my new hairdo?” Brian asks.

“It's great, I am sure you're getting really tired of those bangs.” Elizabeth answers.

“Yes, to be honest, I am. I can't wait to go back to my regular hair color and cut it short.” Brian replies.

“Hmm, it will be like being with a new man.” Elizabeth giggles.

“Will you be ok with that?” Brian answers needing to know the answer.

“Of course silly, its just hair. Yea I know, It’s Zach but I know you now, no need for a fantasy man when I have a wonderful real one sitting in front of me. One who treats me with respect and love. I couldn't ask for more.” Elizabeth says.

“So if I don’t dress up as Zach anymore you're still ok with all this?” Brian asks.

“Yes, I am fine with it. I don't need him anymore, I have you. You only fantasize when you don’t have the real thing. And sometimes it doesn't come in the package you thought you were looking for. It comes in a better one. Not that role play is a bad thing though, makes things fun.” Elizabeth states.

“I didn’t say, I wouldn’t dress up on occasion, I just don’t want to be him every day.” Brian answers.

“You don’t have to be,” Elizabeth says with a smile.

Brian sees that it was just Ethan trying to get under his skin. Trying to break them apart and say anything to hurt him. He saw that Elizabeth was growing more and more as a person. He didn't want Ethan to stop that. He sat there and wondered to himself why the hell, he even let that bother him at all. He knew she cared for him, yet he still had a bit of insecurity.

They have been together for almost a year. He knew it was more now than just Zach. Their relationship has grown into a lot more than just a little fantasy

Yet, he let Ethan get to him. Ethan was always on his mind lately, he knew he had to let it go.

If Elizabeth was able to put everything in the past, he had to do the same.

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