The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 87 Decorating

Chapter 87 Decorating

After a few days, Brian comes home to Elizabeth decorating the house for Christmas. He sees the stairway all done up and the fireplace. Greenery with gold, red balls, ribbons, and white lights. It looks very nice, he also smells freshly baked pies that just came out of the oven. He just smiles to himself loving it all. Never having anything like this before and never thinking he would.

“Babe, the house smells wonderful. I also like what you did with the decorations.” Brian says going over to her and kissing her cheek.

“Thank you, we need to get a tree for Christmas. I also want to get a few things for outdoors. It's our first Christmas together, I want it to be special. “Elizabeth says.

“We can go to the tree farm and cut one down together. Just me and you, how does that sound? They also have wreaths and other things there we can look through.” Brian states.

“That sounds wonderful. We can decorate it together as well.” Elizabeth responds.

“Anything you want, I love to see you smile. ” Brian replies.

On that Saturday, Brian and Elizabeth go to the farm to pick and cut down their tree together. When they get there it starts to snow, as they look through a ton of trees. The farm also offers hot cocoa, which they both get a cup to keep warm. Walking arm and arm together, Spending the whole afternoon there. They pick up some greenery for the windows outside and around the door. Also getting white lights and Christmas balls for the tree. They had to get everything since they were just starting out. Which only made things more fun, doing it all together.

Elizabeth loved being with Brian, she treasured every moment together. They would hold hands and stay close. Brian sees the closeness coming back little by little. It makes him feel good.

They grab their items and head home, putting the tree in their living room near the window. So that way you can see it from outside. They both head outside to put up the greenery in the windows with white lights, red and gold balls with matching ribbons. Doing the same around their doorway. They have a few outdoor shrubs that they put some white lights around also. Lighting the place up and making it look festive.

When they are done with that they head inside and start decorating the tree together. Playing Christmas music in the background. When it comes to the ribbon tree topper Brian just lifts Elizabeth up so she can reach. Her body sliding down his as he places her back down. His arms just wrap around her, with her hands on his. She snuggles up to him as they both take a look at the tree.

“It looks pretty good.“Brian says.

“Yes it does, I think we work well together.“Elizabeth says.

“We do, but it seems to be missing something,” Brian says.

“Like what?” Elizabeth answers innocently.

Brian pulls out a small black box from him jean pants. Elizabeth just looks at him, in shock.

“Elizabeth will you marry me?” Brian says on one knee opening the box to a 1/2 ct. square diamond engagement ring with shimmering diamonds along every angle.

Elizabeth is floored and taken by surprise. She can’t help but let tears fill her eyes with joy. She thought she didn’t want this, that it would be too soon. Yet, seeing Brian this way just made her filled with joy.

“Yes, yes. I will marry you.” Elizabeth replies, hugging and kissing him.

The first real kiss they have had in a month.

“I am so glad that, you said yes. I have to say, I was a bit scared you would have said no.” Brian replies.

“I want to be with you. I hope you know that.” Elizabeth says.

“I do, I just know you were not so into getting remarried,” Brian admits.

“I’m not, to be honest. I don’t want to go down the same road as before. We are engaged we don't have to get married right away do we?” Elizabeth asks.

“No, not tomorrow but I would like it at least in a year or two?” Brian responds.

“That sounds fair, let's be engaged and take it slow. The ring shows that I’m taken and I’m yours. That we are committed to each other.” Elizabeth replies.

“That's a good start, I was that way even without the ring,” Brian says.

“I was too, I’m not going anywhere Brian,” Elizabeth admits.

"What are you worried about?" Brian asks.

"Marriage changes things, before your married, things are fun, happy, then you get married and get comfortable with each other. In some cases, too comfortable you take the other for granted. I don't want that to happen to us. I don't want us to lose what we have." Elizabeth admits.

"We won't, I know things were not good with Ethan, but I'm not him," Brian responds.

"I know that otherwise, I wouldn't be with you. When I started this, I was looking for something different. A real relationship, connection, closeness. I found that in you and I don't want to lose it. When my mother in law told Ethan, not to marry me, to just live with me, at the time, I took it as an insult. Now that I am older, I see maybe she was right. We would have gotten to know each other better. See if we were really compatible before taking such a huge step. When I realized how different we both were it was way too late. This time, I am actually taking her advice." Elizabeth answers.

"We have lived together for two months, do you have any regrets so far?" Brian asks.

"No, so far I am extremely happy with you. I know the last month you been dealing with a lot and I thank you for it. I want to be closer to you, it's just hard. I am working through it though." Elizabeth states.

"I know it is, I understand. I also understand that he hurt you in a lot of ways, but to be happy your going to have to let go of all of it." Brian replies.

"I am trying, just sometimes the past is hard to let go of. Especially when its all you known for the last twenty years of your life." Elizabeth responds.

Brian understands everything that Elizabeth said, he just hopes that she will let go, just as he needs to. Ethan managed to turn both their worlds upside down. He knew it had to end.

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