The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 88 taking back Control

Chapter 88 Taking back Control

Later in the evening, Elizabeth and Brian lay down together on the sofa just holding each other. The light of the Christmas tree lighting up the room. Brian lays flat on the sofa as Elizabeth lays on top of him, feeling peaceful and at home. There are times, she can’t help herself but look at her ring, it makes her smile to herself. Never thinking this would be happening to her. That she could be so happy with someone.

Even with all that she is scared of it still makes her happy to know that Brian wants to marry her. That he wants her to be his. She wants the same deep down, just the past haunts her. She doesn’t want life to repeat itself.

She just looks up at his face seeing the man she has fallen deeply in love with. He Looks down at her and smiles. Wanting so badly to be close to her, to kiss her and have the magic they had when they first met. How he yearns for her to want him like she used to.

He lays his hands on her back gently, bringing his lips to hers for a passionate kiss. She moves her body up closer, so her lips touch his even better. Placing her hands on his chest, she takes in the kiss wanting it as much as he does. Remembering how he makes her feel, the tingles that run through her body just from his touch. Just the thought makes her fall deeper into the kiss, making it even more passionate. His hands move up to her face then down to her blouse, where he starts to undo the buttons.

When Brian touches her blouse, there is a panic that runs through Elizabeth. All she sees is Ethan ripping her shirt off. She can’t help but freeze.

“Stop please,” Elizabeth asks. Putting her hands up to her blouse trying to close it and closing her eyes.

Brian sees the panic in her face and knows. He also sees the tears that start to form in her eyes. It kills him inside that he can’t take her pain away.

“I won’t do anything you don't want me to,” Brian says in a low tender voice.

Elizabeth just looks at him, laying her head back down on his chest holding him tight. Brian places his arms around her trying to make her feel secure, that nothing will hurt her. He feels that at least they had the kiss, it was a big step to even get that far.

They lay there, Brian falling asleep holding her while Elizabeth just lays there and thinks over and over. Hating that Ethan has this control over her. It was the last thing she had to break to be completely free of him. She lays there fuming, that he took this from her. It's only been a month but she has come so far. She is determined to get past this. To get her life back to what she wants and how she wants. To lose the hold he has over her. She wasn’t going to make him win. He wasn’t going to take the one man she loved away. She wouldn’t let him.

She looks up at a sleeping Brian who is laying there peacefully. She reminds herself that he isn't the one that hurt her, that he never would. Their sex life was free, they trusted each other. She was going to get that back.

She moves herself up again, to kiss his lips tenderly. Her hands on each side of his neck, she kisses down his nose, to his lips, then to his chin. Brian just opens his eyes looking up at her.

“Are you ok?” Brian asks.

“Yes, I want you, and I’m not going to make anything or one stop that.” She replies. Kissing him passionately.

Brian is a little scared to touch or do anything at this moment, not wanting to scare or stop what is going on. He keeps his hands to his sides just letting her take the lead. He feels that may go better than the other way.

Her hands go for his pullover, both her hands going under it and lifting it off his head. She kisses down his neck to his chest, kissing all the way down to his hairline, where she undoes his pants. Rubbing his member through his pants with her hand feeling it grow with each touch.

Brian can’t help himself but moan, wanting to touch her, yet keeping his hands to himself. She goes to undo her own blouse throwing it to the side, then getting Brian's right hand and moving it across her breasts and down her stomach, letting him know it's ok to touch. He takes the cue as he moves her body closer to his kissing her again, as his hand moves lightly up and down her back. Her hands on his chest moving her lower body up against his hard member. Making him yearn to be inside of her, just remembering how it feels makes him even harder.

She unbuttons her pants sliding them off to the side, now just in her purple panties and matching bra. Brian under her in his jeans that are unbuttoned. He lets her take full control. His hands just rest on her waist as he kisses her. Her hand slides into his jeans and blue underwear, rubbing his hard member, sliding her hand up and down the shaft, then lightly squeezing his balls. Brian moans at the pleasure her touches bring him. Wanting to feel her core wrap around him.

She lightly slides his member out of his pants, rubbing it up against her purple satin panty. Sliding him from one side to the other, They both feel the desire and want build inside of them. Elizabeth slides the purple panty to the side as she slides Brian inside of her wet tight center, needing him, wanting him. For the first time in awhile feeling this desire. As she slides herself up and down on top of him, She lays her upper body on top of his as her lower half moves up and down. Their arms wrapped around each other as they kiss passionately. Her lower half moving harder and faster on top of him, as the feeling inside her builds, she pounds herself on top of him, meeting his thrusts from below. Each kiss and thrust gaining another moan, as they both climax together.

They kiss one more time before taking a long-needed breath. Still wrapped in each other. Brian just grabs the soft grey blanket that's over the sofa to cover them both. Curling up together.

“Are you ok?” Brian asks cautiously.

“Yes, I am better than I thought.” Elizabeth answers.

“Good, that was great, I just hope I didn't push you into it,” Brian says.

“You didn’t, it was something I needed to do. I need to take control back from all parts of my life.” Elizabeth replies.

“I think you did that very well.” Brian smiles.

“Me to, you helped, The trust I have in you made me able to do that,” Elizabeth admits.

“I am glad you trust me like that. It means alot.” Brian answers.

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