The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 89 Victoria

Chapter 89Victoria

Elizabeth and Brian in the next few days, grow further in their relationship. Elizabeth feels safe with him and now can get closer to him. It's not totally back to where it was, but it's getting there. Elizabeth opening the door, wanting to move past her pain.

It's now Friday night, and they are waiting for Tylor to be dropped off, as he comes every weekend to see his father. He gets along very well with Elizabeth. She tries to be a friend, not his mother since he has one. She knows she wouldn’t like anyone stepping on her toes in that department, so she doesn't want to do that to anyone else either.

She doesn’t mind Tylor at all, she sees parts of Brian in him, which make her smile. She also feels good knowing that he has a son. That she won’t be taking that away from him. She feels her time for having children is over and she doesn't want him to miss out on it. That was the one thing about being ten years older than him, that bothered her. It just didn’t seem to bother Brian at all.

Brian is upstairs just getting home from work, taking his shower and getting ready to relax. The doorbell rings and Elizabeth gets it knowing that its Tylor. When she opens the door a tall, brown hair, brown-eyed slender woman is standing at her door, with Tylor. Elizabeth Knows right away its Victoria.

“Hi, Tylor come on in,” Elizabeth says.

Tylor just smiles and walks in going to the kitchen.

“Hello, I am Tylor's mother Victoria,” Victoria says

“Hi, I am Elizabeth. Thank you for dropping off Tylor.” She answers.

“No problem at all, I knew if I didn't drop him off, I would never get to meet you. Brian seems to be hiding you away from me. Why is that?” Victoria asks.

“Not sure, You would have to ask him that yourself.“Elizabeth says.

“So you are the one he claims to want to be with? I would be careful if I were you.” Victoria states.

“Why is that?” Elizabeth asks.

“Brian has a tendency to get around. He isn't happy with just one woman. He has had his share and I don't see that settling down.” Victoria answers.

“I already know about all that. That's nothing new, he isn't looking for that anymore. He finally found what he was looking for.” Elizabeth says waving her hand with the new engagement ring on it.

“I see you're engaged? I do have to say that's a first for Brian. He never took any relationship that far. I would still be careful if I were you. No matter what he may say about me, he isn't over me like he claims.” Victoria replies.

“I would think the ring shows you that he is over you. He is moving on with me, if he wanted you, he would be with you.” Elizabeth answers a little agitated.

“Really? Did he tell you what took place before he left to work for you?” Victoria gloats.

“Refresh my memory, what took place?” Elizabeth answers.

“Oh, I see he didn't tell you about our little excursion. We slept with each other before he left, he still has the hots for me. I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't happen again. It always does.” Victoria responds.

“Really? Shouldn’t you be a little smarter than to let that out of the bag? You are married to Matt correct? I didn’t think you would want that floating around. I wasn't with Brian when you two slept together, we only met once. Your the one that was and is married. I would watch what you tell people if I were you.” Elizabeth says as she closes the door in Victoria’s face.

Elizabeth just stands against the door closing her eyes and getting herself together. She may have hidden her feelings from Victoria, but inside she was dying.

Brian comes down the stairs, drying his hair from his shower, just looking at Elizabeth.

“Babe everything ok? Did Tylor get here?” Brian asks.

“Yes, he is in the kitchen,” Elizabeth answers coldly, walking by him and heading to the kitchen.

Brian can clearly see something is wrong, he just doesn't know what. He heads into the kitchen where Tylor is at the table and Elizabeth is getting dinner ready for them to eat. He takes a seat at the table as well. Not wanting to say anything in front of his son. Elizabeth stays very quiet, just placing the hot dogs, baked beans and mac and cheese on the table.

“When you guys are done please leave the plates in the sink,” Elizabeth says walking away.

“Aren’t you going to eat to?” Brian asks.

“No, I’m not very hungry,” Elizabeth answers walking away.

“I wonder if she is ok. She never acts like this.” Brian says.

“Mom dropped me off.” Tylor answers.

“She did? What happened to uncle Sean?” Brian asks.

“Mom didn't wait for him to pick me up. She took me here herself. She couldn't wait to meet Elizabeth.” Tylor answers.

“What did she say to her?” Brian says.

“I’m not sure I came inside they didn’t,” Tylor replies.

“Great, god knows what your mother said to her,” Brian responds.

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