The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 9 Ethan

Chapter 9 Ethan

Elizabeth goes home, just wondering how she is going to put this. She knew she had a few more hours before, he would come home. Her nerves were still on high, from everything that happened today.

Elizabeth sits down and calls her mother Joan. Knowing that she is going to have to tell her as well. She never told her she started to write again. Never thinking she would need to. As she kept saying she didn’t think it was going anywhere. It was just for fun, something to do to get out of real life. It just now took on its own life.

“Hi Mom,” Elizabeth says.

“Hey, Babe. What’s up? I just sat down to watch some tv. I am glad you called. How is Karen doing? Still crying in the potatoes?” Joan says with a laugh

. “To be honest, I don’t know. I haven’t seen her since Christmas. I also don’t plan on seeing her anytime soon. “Elizabeth answers.

“I don’t blame you. The woman was always hard to get along with. I don’t see how you have all these years.” Joann answers.

“Mom, I called you to tell you something. Something big happened today.” Elizabeth says.

“Are you alright? Are the girls alright?” Joann asks.

“Yes. We are fine. Do you remember when I was young? I used to write some love stories?“Elizabeth asked.

“Yea that was a long time ago. You were like seventeen, eighteen. They were good, but lacked detail.” Joan states.

“Well, a few months ago, I started to write again, I wrote a novel, about a detective that falls in love with one of his clients. It was just something to do. Since the girls are in school. I was bored.” Elizabeth states.

“Well, that’s OK. Nothing wrong with it, so what’s the matter?” Joan asks.

“Nothing. Sofia let her English teacher read it. She loved it and gave it to her friend who is a publisher. She is publishing it, mom.” Elizabeth states.

“OMG, That’s wonderful. I am so proud of you. Holy shit!“Joan screams.

“I am going to New York on Friday to sign the papers. I won’t be around for a while. They want me to do book signings and things.“Elizabeth comments.

“That’s wonderful. Just be careful in New York. Don’t trust anyone. You know how they are, and I am going to be like Karen. Don’t forget to call me. So, I know you’re ok.” Joan says laughing.

“Mom, I haven’t told Ethan yet.” Elizabeth states.

“Don’t you dare let him stop you! Do you hear me? You finally have done something for yourself. Don’t let anything get in your way. All these years you gave yourself to him. Now it’s your turn. If he is any kind of man, He will be proud of you, not try to stop you.” Joan shouts.

“I am not going to let him stop me. I need to get off the phone. I need to make dinner. I will talk to you before I leave.“Elizabeth says.

“OK. I love you and be careful.” Joan answers.

“Love you too.”

Elizabeth gets off the phone, knowing what her mother just told her was true. If he had any feelings for her, he would be proud of her, not try to stop her. She just wasn’t sure, how he would react. He was used to her normally doing what he said. That wouldn’t happen this time.

Six o clock rolls around, dinner is on the table and Ethan is homelike clockwork. Sitting down at the table ready to eat. The girls already there as well. Everything goes the way it normally does. Elizabeth waiting till after dinner to talk to him. Not wanting to do it in front of the girls. They didn’t need to hear whatever would take place. Or at least not be right there to witness it. However, it went down.

After dinner, the girls go to their room. Ethan going to the sofa, putting on the TV, like he does every night. After Elizabeth cleans up, she goes to sit next to Ethan.

“Ethan, can I have a word with you?” Elizabeth asks.

“Sure, I had a long day and I’m pretty beat. Is it important?” Ethan asks.

“Yes, Very.” Elizabeth states.

“Than you better tell me. Are the girls doing OK?” Ethan asks.

“Yes, they are fine. It’s not about them, It’s about me.” Elizabeth comments.

“I am not buying a new stove. This one still has a lot of life left in it.” Ethan says.

“It’s not about a stove Ethan. It’s not about anything that has to do with this house. It has to do with me.“Elizabeth replies.

“OK then. What do you need?” Ethan asks.

“Nothing from you, I just need to tell you. That I got a book deal and I will be leaving for New York on Friday.” Elizabeth remarks.

“Yea and I’m going to Washington to be the president,” Ethan says with a chuckle.

“I am glad you find it funny. It’s real. I wrote a book, and it’s really getting published. I will not be here for a while. I am not sure how long though.” Elizabeth answers.

“When did this happen? Is this a trick? What the hell is going on? What book?” Ethan shouts.

“The last few months, I had nothing to do. So I sat down and wrote a book. It was supposed to be just for fun, Not amounting to anything. Sofia let her teacher read it. She liked it and asked her friend who is a publisher to read it, and the rest is history.“Elizabeth responds.

“You’re just getting up and leaving? What about the kids? What about the house? And Me? What do you know about writing a book? About contracts? About anything? And what do you mean you had nothing to do? You have us to take care of! This is the crap you been staying up late to write isn’t it?” Ethan snaps.

“I guess. I will find out a lot about it all when I get there, and yes I am leaving it all. Wouldn’t you if you had the chance? I am sure you can live a few weeks without me. The girls are old enough to take care of themselves. Yes, this was what I was doing at night.“Elizabeth admits.

“I think you’re crazy. I think this whole thing is crazy. Is this person even real? Why would she want to publish something you wrote?” Ethan says.

“Maybe because it’s good? Can’t you ever say, I did something right? I am someone without you, even if you like to think I’m not.” Elizabeth says.

“Whatever, If this falls flat, Don’t say, I didn’t tell you so. I am not telling my parents or anyone. In case no one buys it. I will be the laughing stock of Wisconsin. Not to mention, the dealership. Don’t let this cost me anything either. I’m not paying for trips and shit.” Ethan states.

“You do that. Be sure if it does well, that you tell your customers, who I am, At the dealership, so you get more. Use me like you always do. It won’t cost you a thing. I made sure of it. I knew you wouldn’t pay for it.“Elizabeth says. Giving Ethan a death glare. Walking upstairs to their bedroom.

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