The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 90

Chapter 90

Brian sits at the dinner table, just wondering what Victoria might have said to Elizabeth. He knows how Victoria was. Its why he was doing his best to keep them apart. He also knew Elizabeth was pissed, it was written all over her face. So far she just didn't say anything, she just walked away, holding it in.

Brian waits for dinner to be over, cleaning up the plates and the dinner table as Tylor goes up into his room for the night to play video games. As Brian is cleaning up Elizabeth comes downstairs and into the kitchen. She sees that Brian is washing the dishes.

“I left you a plate, in case you got hungry,” Brian says.

“Thank you,” Elizabeth answers Taking a seat at the table.

“I know you met Victoria, I just could imagine, what she said to you. Please don’t take any of it to heart.” Brian responds.

“Really? That's a little hard to do when she comes after me with things you never told me. Why didn't you tell me you slept with her before we got together?” Elizabeth snaps standing up walking over to him. Clearly upset.

“Damn, I knew she would use that against me,” Brian responds.

“Then why not tell me? Is she right? Do you still have the hots for her? Am I here wasting my time? You need to let me know because I will not go through what I did before. Its different this time, I can’t see you with anyone else. The thought alone kills me. So if you don't want this and you really want her or anyone else for that matter, you need to be straight with me.” Elizabeth shouts.

“Babe, she just said that to get under your skin. She wants to push us apart. I don't want her. I want to be with you.” Brian says moving closer to her.

“Then why sleep with her? Why give her that hope?” Elizabeth asks.

“It just happened, it was stupid I know. I wasn't thinking, I had a little too much to drink and things got out of hand. We were not together though, I wouldn't cheat on you. I really do want this no matter what she told you.” Brian answers.

“You still never answered why you didn’t tell me?” Elizabeth responds.

“Because once we were together you were dealing with your own stuff with Ethan. He cheated and had a child, I didn't want to add to it. It wasn’t really important. ” Brian answers.

“It was because she used it against me. She flaunted it in front of my face. It took everything I had not to let her see how it bothered me. This isn't like Ethan, I care wholeheartedly this time. You with anyone hurts me. Ethan just pissed me off, all those years wasted and look what he was doing.” Elizabeth admits.

“Babe I understand I feel the same. I would never do anything to hurt you. Just don’t let her get to you. Or anything she said. It's just her game.” Brian responds.

Elizabeth just looks at him, still a bit pissed. Her feelings are a bit everywhere at the moment. She walks out of the kitchen into the dining room, where Brian follows after her. Lightly touching her arm. She turns around, looking straight at him.

“I love you Elizabeth,” Brian says.

“I love you too.” She replies.

“I don’t want anyone else with you.” She whispers, going straight for his lips.

Elizabeth then pushes his body towards the dining room table, as she hurriedly takes off his shirt, Her hands roaming all over his chest as her lips go for his. Their bodies pressing up against the others. The passion and fire building in each of them. It’s so hot, their bodies feel like they are on fire. Brian sees how much Elizabeth wants him, even more than before. He sees her coming back to life in front of him, which makes him feel great.

Victoria wanted to break them, this only made them stronger. It only made Elizabeth see just how much she truly loved and wanted Brian. Victoria’s plot failed.

Elizabeth starts to kiss his chest, Moving to his right nipple, licking sucking and now tugging on it. Then going to the left and doing the same. She kisses down his slender stomach, down to his hairline. Sliding down into between his legs, now on her knees, Brian parts his legs letting her slide in between them. His back pushing up against the dining room table. He almost blows, just from the sight of her there. Even though he has had many women. None compare to the one their at the moment. It was the only one that really ever mattered. The one he was desperately in love with.

She lightly licks the top of his member. The pre-cum oozing out, which she uses as lube to run her hand up and down his shaft. Grabbing his long hard member firmly. She licks the underside lightly nibbling at him. Teasing him, until she takes his head into her mouth. Sliding it down deeply. She keeps going up and down on him. Sucking hard. Going faster and faster until he loses every ounce of control he has and shoots his load on her chest.

Brian catches his breath, looking down at Elizabeth, slowly and gently pulling her up to kiss her lips.

“It’s my turn, to make you feel good,” Brian says.

Placing Elizabeth on the dining room table, He goes for her jeans, pulling them down and off her body. Laying her top half down, and her lower half at the edge of the table. He then Separates her legs to move himself inside them. He kisses the inside of her thighs, licking and sucking on the inside of her thigh. Leaving little purple marks, marking her as his. His warm breath hitting her core. Making her squirm even more, with anticipation of what will come next.

Brian slides her blue lace panties, down rubbing her mound with his hand. His touch light and gentle sends goosebumps down her body. He pushes her down closer to him. His mouth touching her very wet hot core. One lick sends her body arching up off the table.

He knows, he is turning her on and that she wants more. Which only makes him smirk. He holds down her thighs as he licks her bottom lips. Paying special attention to her bud. Every lick she grabs at him, her moans getting louder and louder. He keeps licking on her outer layers. As he gently slides in one slender finger. Feeling her tightness wrap around his finger. Only makes him crazy inside. Not to mention, how wet he is making her. He slides the finger in and out of her as he licks. Making her not able to control her body. She lets out one large moan as she screams out his name. Her body arching up, tightening and twitching.

He slides up her body, kissing her deeply. Her panting uncontrollably, her heart pounding kissing him passionately. There love life getting even more intimate then it was before. It just seemed that Ethan and Victoria’s plans were not good enough to tear these two part.

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