The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 91 Conversation

Chapter 91 Conversation

The next day comes around, Brain tired from the night before. He and Elizabeth, couldn’t seem to keep their hands off of each other, moving from the dining room table to their bedroom to extend their lovemaking. He knew she was a bit hurt about Victoria it just seemed to push her closer to him, then pushing her away. Which he was happy about.

He knew deep down that Victoria would use that against him, he also knew in a way he was dumb not to tell Elizabeth the truth from the start. He just felt at the time, it would just add more drama to an already drama-filled life. He wasn't looking for more of it. He was hoping that things would now settle down. He wanted to enjoy his life with her, just being them and not all the outside drama. He just knew where ever Victoria was, so was trouble.

Brian kisses Elizabeth’s head, while she is sleeping in bed next to him. He gets up wanting to call his brother to find out why he wasn’t the one to take Tylor here last night. He leaves Elizabeth sleeping and goes to their office making the call.

“Hey, Bro what happened last night? Why weren’t you the one to drop off Tylor?” Brian asks.

“Well I was going to, I even drove over there, Matt was the one to tell me she already left. She did it behind our backs, which doesn't surprise me. I did text you, didn’t you get it?” Sean replies.

“No, I guess I didn't, or I would have been the one to get the damn door. That is so much like her, to be a bitch and go behind our backs.” Brian responds.

“What did she do now? You know they did have to meet at some point.” Sean asks.

" I know they did, but where ever she goes, so does shit. I was trying to keep things calm. Things have been crazy thanks to Ethan. Its like one thing calms down and another thing pops up. She went and tell her that I slept with her. I am just wondering what else she told her, she was pissed last night.” Brian states.

“You should have told her that yourself before this. You can’t blame her for being mad, you wouldn't like it if Ethan did that to you.” Sean replies.

“No, I wouldn't, he just did it even worse. The two of them make me sick. I believe we are finally getting free from Ethan. Its Victoria that I'm afraid is going to be a bigger pain now.” Brian comments.

“Did you give her the ring yet? That should take Victoria down a few pegs.” Sean asks.

“Yea I gave it to her at the beginning of the week. She said yes, but that she didn't want to get married right away. We would stay engaged for a while. Committing to me doesn't scare her but marriage seems to. She is scared it will go like her last one. Everything fading and us not wanting each other or taking each other for granted.” Brian remarks.

“I can understand that. She isn't wanting to jump right into things again. Maybe that is a good thing, you two live together see if this is really something you want. If you guys can get through all that you have, then you shouldn’t have a problem. Is she still mad at you?” Sean asks.

“Mad turned into hot steamy sex. She was all over me, just like when we first started out. Victoria was doing her best to pull her away from me, it didn't work. I saw more of herself last night. It was great. I just don’t want Victoria to keep saying things. It turned out ok this time, but how many times can you talk your way out?” Brian says.

“Well, you don’t have any more secrets so there isn't anything for her to blab. You know bro, only you get the benefit like this. Someone else would have gotten slapped, you get laid.” Sean laughs.

“I was glad it went that way, at first I didn't know where it was heading. And no there isn't anything else I am hiding but that doesn't mean she won't say shit to hurt her.” Brian answers.

“Well, at least they met, it's over. I will try my best to pick up Tylor, as best as I could.” Sean replies.

“Please do, her family is coming here next week. I don't need Victoria here. Her older daughter isn't a big fan of mine as it is, she said she will try to make peace. I don't need things stirred up. Plus her mother will be here... I want peace for at least a week.” Brian comments.

“I will make sure for next week then. Relax, you always let Victoria get to you. Its what she wants, to rattle your cage. Wait, now thinking she told Elizabeth she slept with you? What about Matt? Isn’t she scared Elizabeth would tell him?” Sean asks.

“No, she figures we have too much to lose to run to Matt with that. My job would be on the line. She is too smart, she knew we would have to shut up.” Brian remarks.

“I don’t find that smart to admit to that, then I'm, not one for the games you two play. I am also sure Elizabeth isn’t going to be either. You better Tame your ex, before this gets out of hand.” Sean admits.

“Aww, now you see my point.” Brian states.

“Yea and I don't like it.” Sean answers.

Neither did Brian for that matter, he knew he had to talk to Victoria, it wasn't only his relationship on the line it was his job. Which made it that Brian had a lot to lose.

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