The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 92 confrontation

Chapter 92 Confrontation

Brian thinks about everything that happened and the conversation he had with his brother. He knows he needs to talk to Victoria, even though he would rather stay away. He couldn’t take any more chances of her saying something or even doing something to mess everything up.

The next day is Sunday, Tylor is getting ready to head home. Brian knows that Victoria is the one to come to pick him up. He waits on the front step for her. Not wanting Elizabeth anywhere near her.

Brian sees Victoria’s black SUV pull up into his driveway. He just sits there and rolls his eyes, thinking to himself. Here we go.

“I am here to pick up our son,” Victoria says.

“He will be right out. I want to talk to you about your little stunt on Friday night.” Brian says.

“What happened? Did I get the girlfriends panties in a twist?” Victoria giggles.

“I am glad you're having fun with this. The shit you told her could get the both of us in a lot of hot water, and I don't mean with Elizabeth. That was just the start. Do you really want Matt to know? Is hurting Elizabeth worth it to you?” Brian asks.

“No, I don’t want Matt to know. I just couldn’t help myself. She was so smug standing there in the house you two bought together with the damn ring you gave her. I just told her what she needed to know.” Victoria answers.

“I didn't do that to you when you married Matt. He was my best friend. OF all people you could fuck around with, you chose him, just to get under my skin. It needs to stop.” Brian states.

“At least something bothered you. You just walked out on us, Matt was there for me, it just happened.” Victoria answers.

“Yea, you just happen to fall on his dick..............” Brian mutters.

“Really? You say you don’t care but that statement proved otherwise. ” Victoria says.

“It only proves that I hated the idea of you with him. It's too close for comfort. You broke up our friendship. To see him, meant I had to see you. You didn't even let the breakup go the way it should. Its time you see I am over you. I have been for a long time. We just need to get along to co-parent. I don't want you coming here saying shit like you did Friday. You keep it up and even if it means I will lose my job, I will tell Matt the truth.” Brian admits.

“I don't need to say anything else. I did tell her the truth. Something for her to stew on for a while. Something to stay in the back of her mind for a bit. Maybe she will see you for what you really are. ” Victoria answers.

“You told her more than we slept together didn't you?” Brian snaps.

“I just told her what a womanizer you are. That you get bored easily. I was just telling her the truth. One you don’t seem to want to admit to.” Victoria grins.

“That was the past, not now. She knows that.” Brian replies.

“It will still make her wonder and fear you will do it to her. Late nights at work? Leaving her alone? Are you working or are you playing?” Victoria laughs.

“She doesn’t need to wonder that. I wouldn't do that to her, and she knows it.” Brian responds.

“Really? I am sure, I put a few doubts in her head.” Victoria comments.

“I am warning you, Leave her and me alone. The way you play games, I can too. I just rather we both grow up and move on from this.” Brian says.

“For now, I will let it go. I think I, have done enough anyway. I am sure you will do the rest all on your own.” Victoria states.

Tylor comes out of the house and says goodbye to his father, then heads to the car. Victoria following him with a grin on her face.

Brian knew that is what she was up to, to put doubts in Elizabeth’s head. Just the way Ethan did to him.

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