The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 94 Family

Chapter 94

Elizabeth and Brian get to the airport, Joan, Izzy, Sofia, and Micheal all waiting for them to pick them up.

“Mom, I am so happy to see you. “Izzy says running up to Elizabeth and giving her a hug.

Sofia follows suit, and so does Joan. Micheal and Brian stand there saying there hello’s to each other.

“I am so happy your all here. I can’t wait for you to see our new home, and where we are living now. It's really nice here.” Elizabeth says.

“We can’t wait either. Micheal and I have a lot to tell you.” Sofia states.

“I am all ears,” Elizabeth says.

“We set a date for Feb 12th of next year.” Sofia comments.

" Wow, that doesn't give you guys much time to get ready. It's only a few months away.” Elizabeth answers.

“Yes, we know but it doesn't matter. We are having a very small gathering. Dad is having some financial problems at the moment so he isn't able to help us with anything. He is going through a lot.” Sofia remarks.

Brian just drives the car smirking to himself, knowing he is the cause of the problems. Just keeping it to himself and listening. Knowing that his friend came through for him, giving Ethan a little bit of pain for a while.

“Oh really? I didn't know, I haven't talked to your father since I left in November. If you need anything I can help. I don't mind at all.” Elizabeth states.

“Thank you but we got it covered. All you need to do is show up. Mom-mom has helped with a lot of the preparations.” Sofia replies.

“I knew she would,” Elizabeth says with a smile looking over to Joan.

“Well, someone had to, Ethan is crying the blues like he always does. He has no money. Cheapskate. So I offered to help my granddaughter. I know your busy here, so we didn’t bother you. Lately, everything bothers Ethan even more than before. He has been a pain in my ass.” Joan responds.

“You're never bothering me, but I have been busy getting the house done, and working on another book. In January we are headed out again to still promote the first half of the first book. So we will be busy.” Elizabeth replies.

Paying no attention to any of the comments about Ethan, he wasn't her problem anymore. She didn't care. She knew how he was, why would it all of a sudden change? He is what he is, just like she was who she is.

“We are all very proud of you, keep doing what you're doing,” Joan says.

“Thanks, mom, we are hoping the second half is as big as the first. Monica is waiting to get it on the shelves, taking advantage of how well the first book is doing. She wants to build more momentum.” Elizabeth answers

“Sounds good, and how are you, Brian? Are you ok with all this?” Joan asks.

“Yes, I love it. I am working at the firm now so it makes it a bit tricky but we worked it out, so it doesn't interfere. “Brian says as he pulls up into his driveway.

“This is your house mom?” Izzy asks.

“Yes, this is our house,” Elizabeth answers smiling over at Brian.

“Its a lot bigger than the one you had with dad. It's very nice.” Izzy says.

They all get out of the car and head inside Elizabeth giving them the grand tour. Showing them all around the house. Proud that it's hers. She was happy that they were here and happy they could see how well she was doing for herself. How she has grown in so many ways.

She wished her daughter would take it slow with the marriage, not wanting her to be like herself and marry too soon. At the same time not wanting to start a fight, they were just back on good terms. She didn't want to ruin it. She just knew what it was like to marry so young, she didn't want her daughter to regret it.

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