The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 95 Sofia

Chapter 95 Sofia

After they are all settled in, Sofia comes downstairs looking for Brian. Finding him in his man cave.

“Hi, May I speak to you?” Sofia asks.

“Of course, What can I do for you?” Brian says.

“I just wanted to say, that I am very sorry for the way, I treated you. I was very upset and I took it out on you. I thought you were the cause of it, I know better now.” Sofia says.

“Don’t worry about it. I am glad we can move past this. You mean a lot to your mother, and I don’t want to take you or your sister away from her. I just hope you can see, that I really care about her.” Brian replies.

" I do, I also see how much she cares about you. How happy she is here. I also know you asked her to get married. I saw the ring.” Sofia responds.

“Yes, I want to be with her for a long time. I would like us to start over again.” Brian comments.

“I would like that as well. Thank you for having me in your home.” Sofia answers.

“My pleasure, and it's not only mine, but it's also your mothers.” Brian states.

Sofia smiles, walking upstairs into the kitchen where her mother is getting dinner ready.

“I told Brian, I was sorry for everything. I know I was acting very immaturely, I am sorry for that. It just hurt me a lot to see you two split. I never thought that would happen.” Sofia says.

“I understand and I am glad we are moving past that. I am sorry your father and I didn't go the distance. In one way, it's sad to look back at all those years and to throw them away. In another, it's also sad to stay and be unhappy. It was a hard choice Sofia, one that was on my mind with or without Brian. He just happened to make me see it more clearly.” Elizabeth answers.

“So, you really are going to stay with him and even marry him?” Sofia asks.

“I know for sure, I am staying with him, I am fully committed to him. I have no desire to be with anyone else but him. Marriage, on the other hand, I am not so sure about. I am finally free of it, I am not so eager to want to go back. Marriage changes things, it's all good at the start then reality sets in and life. Which makes things get hard and you start drifting apart.” Elizabeth answers.

“I guess that is up to you. He seems to want to go all the way.” Sofia comments.

“Yes, It's his first go round, being and wanting to be married. Which brings me to you, are you sure you want to get married? You are so Young Sofia, you have so much life to experience. What is the big hurry?” Elizabeth asks.

“I love him, mom, we are happy. I want to be with him.” Sofia states.

“I understand that we have all been there. But your still a child, you will grow, he will grow. What you want now you won’t when your 30 or 40. What you think is cute now, in later years will annoy the shit out of you. All that fades.” Elizabeth answers.

“I know mom, but right now it's not. Not everyone has a marriage like you and dad.” Sofia replies.

“My darling, most do, maybe not all the same circumstances but being with the same person for 20 and over years...........gets old. I wish you nothing but the best, all the happiness in the world. I just don’t want you to have the regrets I do.” Elizabeth responds.

“Do you regret being with Brian? Do you think you will in ten years?” Sofia asks.

“No, I don’t regret anything I have done with him so far. Then he isn’t like your father. In ten years you will have to ask me the same question, but as of right now. No.” Elizabeth states.

Elizabeth thinks about what her daughter said about Brian, regrets? Maybe if you find the special someone, the person that completes you in the right way, maybe it doesn't fade? Maybe it could last? She wasn’t thinking last by being or staying with the person because of obligations or children. She meant being and staying together because you truly wanted to.

She wasn’t sure, all she knew that when she looked around a lot of people were in the same boat she was in before. Looking for more, bored in their marriage and relationship. It was sad but it was true.

As of right now, she wasn't bored or tired of anything with Brian, the fire was still there. Not only sexually, in every other way. She knew there would have to be more, than just sex to keep this relationship alive. So far they had it.She just hoped it stayed.

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