The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 96 Family Dinner

Chapter 96 Family Dinner

A bit later, they all sit down at the dining room table to eat dinner together. So far the day has been noneventful and going smoothly. Which made Elizabeth happy. She still was a bit upset that her daughter was such in a rush to get married, but then it was her choice. There wasn't anything Elizabeth could do but support her and hope it goes better then her’s did.

As they are at the table, Elizabeth just smiles at Brian who is sitting at the other end of the long wooden table. She hopes that her daughter's relationship is on the order of what she has with him and not Ethan. She also knows she has to tell her family about her being engaged to Brian. Even though most probably already figured it out by the ring, she hasn't said it. She knew if she didn’t it would hurt Brian and she didn't want to do that.

“If I may have everyone’s attention, Brian and I have something to announce as well.” Elizabeth states.

“I wonder what that could be.” Sofia laughs.

“Like you, all know Brian and I are living together, and earlier in the week, he asked me to be his wife. We are engaged.” Elizabeth announces.

“Congratulations.” Izzy and Joan say.

Sofia just smiles as she already knew about it from their earlier conversation.

“So when are you going to get hitched?” Joan asks.

“Not sure, Elizabeth wants to wait a while before setting a date.” Brian answers.

Joan not shocked by that at all, she already knew her daughter wasn’t that into getting married again. She just shuts up, as she doesn't want to start anything. She sees how much her daughter cares for Brian and how happy they are. She didn't want to come in between it or cause any fighting. She knew her daughter would do what she felt was right. She wasn't a child anymore, she was a woman.

“Sometimes mother you have to take a leap of faith and see where it goes,” Izzy says.

“I agree with Izzy.“Brian says with a smile.

“I bet you do, I never said never, I just said let's wait a while.” Elizabeth answers.

The rest of the dinner goes smoothly everyone just eating and making plans on what to do while they are here. After dinner, Brian goes into the kitchen with Izzy to clean up. Giving Elizabeth more time to spend with her mother and an older daughter.

“I can see that you really care about my mother,” Izzy says.

“I am glad that you do,” Brian replies placing the dishes in the dishwasher.

“She has been through a lot with my father, I hope you understand that and don’t hold it against her.” Izzy states.

“I know, why would I hold it against her?” Brian responds.

“Because it will affect a lot of her decisions. You're going to need to go slow and prove yourself. Prove that you are not like him. I know he is my father and he is a great one at that, I also did see how he treated my mother. I am glad she found someone like you.” Izzy replies.

“I know it affects her decisions. Like getting married, I know she is scared it will wind up the same. She has come along way though. “Brian says.

“Just tread lightly, on certain issues. I am sure she will change her mind on the marriage with you. It's just going to take time.” Izzy answers.

“You are pretty smart for being so young. You know that?” Brian says.

“Yea, my mother always tells me that. I just pay attention to things, and I know her well.” Izzy remarks.

Brian knew that Izzy was right, Elizabeth just feared her past. She always has, he was ok with being engaged for now. He also knew everything that Ethan put her through, even knowing about the rape where her children didn’t. He saw that she was pushing past it. Doing everything to fight to be her own person. Not letting Ethan bring her down, yet he saw with the marriage Ethan still loomed over her. He knew it would take time. For now he would go slow and wait.

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