The Fantasy Affair

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Chapter 97

Chapter 97

As the week goes on, things are great. Elizabeth and her family go to New York. Elizabeth takes them to see Monica and her office. Showing them the agency she works for. After that, they go shopping and to see the Christmas lights and all the nice things New York offers around the holiday time.

Joan is a little taken back being from a small town in Wisconsin now in a big city like New York. Where Elizabeth’s daughters just love it and take in all the sites.

They also spend time at Elizabeth’s house doing traditions that they always have done, like baking cookies and cupcakes for the holiday. It makes Elizabeth happy to be able to spend this time with them. Brian also sees how she interacts with them, seeing what a great mom she is. How she caters to them, and always wants to do for them. It just makes him smile, knowing this time he is with someone so filled with love and so very giving.

While they are baking, and spending time in the kitchen, Brian just watches the tv with Micheal talking about the game and other things. Brian not minding at all to spend time with the young man at all. They get along very well. As he is there Brian’s phone rings and its Victoria.

“Brian, I know Christmas is coming up in a few days. I want Tylor to spend Christmas with us. We are going to Matt’s family. I want him there with us. “Victoria states.

“That's fine, Then I want him on Christmas Eve. I want him to open our presents as well and spend the holiday with me.“Brian answers.

“ Fine. I will drop him off, early and pick him up.“Victoria says.

“That's ok, Sean will pick him up, he is coming for Christmas eve dinner with Martha. It will be easier that way.“Brian insists.

“Yea, I bet. You just don’t want me around your little precious. Scared I might make her go away?” Victoria smirks.

“Nothing you do is going to make her go away Victoria. I just would like it better if my brother took him here.” Brian replies.

“Very well, Sean will take him. Just have him home by ten.” Victoria answers.

Brian just agrees and hangs up the phone, hating this part of being separated from Victoria. It always meant he couldn't spend the time with his son he truly wanted to. Victoria never making it any easier with her craziness. It was just something he has been dealing with for a long time. Something he had to get used to if he liked it or not. He did wonder what it would be like, not having to share a child like this. Having one to be able to spend time with all the time. Being a regular everyday dad. He just didn't think that was in his future, and if it meant being with Elizabeth and not having another child. He was fine with it, it just didn't stop him from wanting that with her.

Brian thinks about what he would like to do, hoping that Elizabeth wouldn't mind going along with it. He feels later after dinner when they are alone he will speak to her and see what she says.

Later that night after dinner, and everyone retires to bed, Elizabeth comes into their bedroom laying down next to him, taking a breather from the day.

“Tired huh?“Brian asks.

“Very, and my stomach is still not right. I always feel queasy it's driving me crazy.” Elizabeth states.

“I think after everyone goes home, you should go to the doctor. I am sure its all the stress maybe the doctor can give you something to ease it.” Brian replies.

“That sounds like a good idea. I will make an appointment for after Christmas.” Elizabeth responds.

“Babe, I have something I would like to talk over with you. If you are up to it?” Brian asks.

“Of course, what do you need?“Elizabeth asks, moving closer to him, laying her head on his chest.

“Victoria called earlier and said that Tylor would be coming for Christmas Eve instead of Christmas she wants him home than to go to Matt’s family for dinner.” Brian comments.

“That's fine, doesn't really matter he can come here anytime he wants.” Elizabeth answers.

“Thank you, I know that, but I was thinking since he won’t be here for Christmas would it be ok if we opened gifts and did everything on Christmas Eve so he is here with us?” Brian asks.

“Actually, I think that would be awesome. I hated having to get up early waiting for in-laws and all that on Christmas day. This way is easier we are all adults, we open our presents on Christmas eve and For Christmas, we can sleep in. Then when we get up, eat a nice breakfast, watch some tv and spend time with each other before dinner. I would love it.” Elizabeth admits.

“I am so happy you're ok with it. I didn’t think it would be fair for him to open his gifts only or not here with me.” Brian replies.

“When I was small, my parents always let us open the gifts on Chriatmas eve, then on Christmas you got up and was able to play with your goodies. When i married Ethan, he beleived in Christmas morning, so we followed that tradtion. I would very much like to go back to my own way.” Elizabeth answers.

Elizabeth was happy to do that for Brian and also for herself, stepping away from the old tradions of Ethan and doing her own. What she wanted. Not waiting for anyone to open things, just having a pleasant day, filled with family. The way its suppose to be.

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