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Chapter 98 Christmas day

Chapter 98 Christmas Day

When Christmas Eve comes, Elizabeth gets up early making sure everything is ready to go. All presents are under the tree wrapped and ready. All dinner items needed are ready to go. The house in tip-top condition, everything perfect and homey.

Tonight's dinner was the feast of the seven fishes. A tradition that went way back for Elizabeth’s family. Brian also heard of it and had it when he was growing up, so it was nothing new. Elizabeth hasn’t done this in a long time Since Ethan’s family wasn’t very into it. Their tradition was making homemade pizzas for dinner. Which they did for several years. Now Elizabeth wanted to be a little fancier. Having people at her dinner table that enjoyed fish and her regular tradition.

She was more and more getting her own self back, stepping away from more and more from anything Ethan has taught her. Brian not caring what she cooked, as long as she made it, he was happy. Even if she ordered it, he was happy. He was just a normal guy, who didn't make problems out of little things. He just went with it. As long as he was eating, He was good with it. It was honestly not a big deal to him.

Elizabeth gets the dining room table ready for dinner, setting it with fancy table wear, matching glasses and silverware. A large gorgeous flower arrangement in the middle of the table. Brian just watches as she puts every little detail together. Making things look very elegant. He just wonders to himself, why would Ethan ever say it was wrong? Or always want to put her down. It was amazing just to watch her in action. Then he just shrugs to himself, saying his loss is my gain.

Later on, Sean and Martha come for dinner bringing Tylor with them, and a bunch of gifts. Everything so far today has been calm and quiet. Brian, Micheal, and Tylor sit down to watch tv as the women gab in the kitchen.

Elizabeth tells them all to take a seat at the dining room table, as she brings out one dish after another, Starting with a shrimp cocktail, and ending with baked Salmon. Everyone getting full after eating all the food and desserts.

When dinner was done, they head into the living room to open their presents. Some taking a seat on the sofa and others on the floor just getting their gifts, talking and enjoying the time together.

Elizabeth hands Brian a small box.

“This is for you,” Elizabeth says.

“Hmm, what did you do now?” Brian says with a smile.

“It’s just a little something.” Elizabeth answers.

Brian opens the small box, to reveal solid gold cufflinks, with his intails on them.

“Babe, they are great. Thank you so much.” Brian replies.

“Your welcome, when we were at the dinner, I saw the others having them and you need a pair as well,” Elizabeth says kissing him tenderly.

Brian then hands Elizabeth a small box as well. Elizabeth smiling up at him. No matter what the gift was, it didn't matter. As long as it came from him, it was special to her.

She opens the box to a gold necklace with a heart-shaped pendant, with a picture of Elizabeth and Brian engaged in it.

“Brian this is gorgeous! Thank you so much.” Elizabeth says kissing him again.

“It’s nothing, I know you like things like that so when I saw it, I knew it would be a good gift.” Brian answers.

“It is, I will wear it always,” Elizabeth answers all smiles.

“I have another little present, one the girls told me you liked when you were out with them in New York. It's upstairs. I have to go get it.” Brian replies.

Elizabeth just watches as he goes upstairs to get the second present. Which he had to hide in their office. Which he had to admit wasn’t easy at all. He had help from her daughters, to make sure Elizabeth didn't see it.

Brian walks downstairs with a medium size box and walks up to Elizabeth handing it to her. She sits on the sofa to open it to a grey and white little kitten, that is meowing away at her.

“OMG, It’s so cute!” Elizabeth says holding the Kitten close to her.

“Yea, The girls said you saw it in the pet store when you were out. That you thought it was adorable. So I thought I would surprise you with him. I like dogs but I guess a kitten will do.” Brian chuckles.

“He is darling, and yes I did fall in love with him. I actually went back to get him and they said he was gone.” Elizabeth answers.

“Yea he has been upstairs for two days.” Brian laughs.

“You hid him for two days?” Elizabeth grins.

“Yes, with the help of your girls. He is now yours, I just don’t want him to get all my cuddles now.” Brian says with a smile.

“I think you may just get more cuddles now,” Elizabeth says.

The day going better than everyone expected. No fights, no crying in one's potatoes, No drama. Just family and friends having a great time together. Being with the ones you love. Sharing special moments that will last forever.

It was the best Christmas Elizabeth has had in a very long time, Brian feeling the same.

Brian giving her the kitten as something for them to raise together. Feeling a child would never happen, a pet would do. He knew she had a lot of love to give, and no matter if it was a child or a pet, she would give it everything she had.

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