Murdered By Love

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I didn't mean for any of this to happen and if could, I'd take it back. But I can't so hear me out. What I did was wrong but I had to or I'd be dead. Tequila Shaw, was an orphan. She sought refuge in the last place she thought she'd end up. She went back to high school and later to a university where she pursued a career in business. Finally, the world was on her side. She became a successful business woman, who left all the trouble of her past behind. The guilt, the pain, the shame, the hurt, the lies, she left it all. True love is finally in her grasp but can she hold on to it? Will it survive? What happens when her past catches up to her and threatens to take her new found happiness by force? Will she fight or give in? Is she strong and smart enough to become the victor? This is Murdered By Love. Find out how she got her name, what past she left behind, whether or not her love will prevail and how she does it. This story is not for the faint of heart, if you are brave enough dive on in. I dare you...

Romance / Mystery
Nia Jackson
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Chapter 1- Convinced By Tequila

The first door on the right... The first door on the right... That's what boss said isn't it? I kept reminding myself, messing up wasn't an option. I took my time as I went up the stairs, rethinking my strategy and shakily trying to boost my confidence, just so I could come face to face with him. As I approached the door I realized it was open. I stood in the doorway and swallowed my saliva hard and it went down, but it went down slowly and with a fight. I looked in and adjusted my white and black tight fitted dress at the bosom, making certain, I was appropriate enough to face him.

Beige shorts, and a red Tee was his attire; he sprawled across the bed vulgarly with a book in hand. His nose was buried deep into the book, his left hand held the slim spine firmly. I glanced at the book from where I stood and made a mental note of what had grasped his attention, so much that I was invisible to him. On the cover were two females wearing bikinis, one in hot pink bikini and the other in sea blue. I walked up to him, took a deep breath and spoke.


In a quick and swift motion, he flung the magazine aside and peered up at me. He froze for a second or three but when it finally set in that a stranger was in his room, he sat upright and adjusted his glasses. I looked down at him expecting a mutual greeting, however I got a question.

"What are you doing in here?"

"Oh," I smiled warmly and looked toward the door before facing him again, "Your door was open." I pointed to the door, giving him the obvious explanation.

He looked at the door, an expression of apprehension that I hadn't done much to intrude overwhelmed his features, then he asked, "Have we met before?"

I shook my head and clasped my hands, "No we haven't. My name is Tequila Shaw. I'm the General Manager of your father's company."

"Oh," A silence filled the room and to me, it seemed he was a bit confused as to why I was in his room. Then he nodded, "Yeah, congratulations." He sat on the front of the bed and reached for his slippers and without a second glance, he introduced himself, "I'm Tyler."

His skin was caramel in color, his jawline strong and sure. His broad shoulders appeared to be firm. He was biracial, but what caught me off guard were his eyes. The fact that they were a lazy deep blue had me in a state of awe. With a nod of my own, I replied, "I know."

Tyler was busy with his slippers, while I stood about like an idiot. I reminded myself that that was not what I came here to do. " Actually," I began easing into hot lava that I was about to agitate. "I'm sorry for intruding into your privacy this way but today is your parents' anniversary party and they are having a special family lunch. You weren't there so I came to tell you."

He sighed deeply and then turned to give me a piercingly harsh stare, "Tequila, you know nothing about what is happening." His voice sounded calm. However, one could hear the conviction in his tone. "Can you please leave my room?"

I was more than appalled at the manner in which he behaved and how angry he seemed... I was stubborn and I shook my head, refusing. "No gentleman has ever walked me out before."

"Oh, yeah?" He raised a brow.

"And you look like a total gentleman." I swallowed my pride as I said this.

He stood up and pushed his hands into his pockets, "Well, I'm pleased to be the first to do so and I'll give you ten seconds."

"If it is as you say, then allow me to use my ten seconds to explain something to you, Sir." I looked at him and spoke softly as to maintain the mirage of respect that I was expected to have for the CEO's son. "You don't seem too happy with your parents, why?"

"Are they happy with me? Do you know if they are happy with me?-" He answered my question with one of his own, his tone raising an octave higher when I poked the bear.

I cut him off, "I know they love you..."

My words must've struck a nerve because he went quiet and surprisingly, the venom in his voice became more pungent. His forehead crinkled when I leaned my head to the side, curious to know what were his next words. He took this as the the cue to continue, "You say they love me? Yet, they allow a stranger, an outsider, to come up here and tell me what's going on downstairs when they could tell me themselves?" He folded his arms as he spoke, making sure to be more rigid. "Would your parents do that to you?"

Would my parents do that to me? I understood his frustration but what he asked rattled something deep within me. It shook some bones, and opened the box of doubts and emotions I had locked up. My mother and father were two people I wish I had seen more of. Truth be told, I did't know if they would do that. And after a long pause, I realized, Tyler, the arrogant CEO's son, wads still waiting for an answer, "Well...?" He said.

I licked my chapped lips and looked down but not for long, not because I was submitting but because I didn't want him to see how much it hurt. I heaved heavily and swallowed then I looked straight into his eyes and told him the truth. "I don't know my parents."

It was obvious he wasn't expecting such an answer, because he blinked a couple times before he dropped the upset and arrogant behavior, "Oh, I'm sorry."

I sighed once more and began to speak, unable to hide the emotion that filled my voice, "Everyone has a perception or view of someone until they get to know them. Only then will they change their perception. I can see that you have fallen victim to that and the only way to fix that, is to rectify the situation. A hug and a happy anniversary goes a long way. Don't allow someone's perception of you determine the rest of your life. It's up to you, it's your choice."

On our way down the stairs, Tyler lagged. We hadn't spoken a word since our talk. We reached the end of the staircase and his parents acknowledged our presence. His father, my boss, was in pure shock. His mother was smiling broadly and I gave her a short nod. She mouthed a thank you and I replied with a simple smile. Hesitantly, Tyler looked at me, hugged his parents and wished them a happy anniversary.

"I'd like to make a toast, " Mr Martin announced as he poured everyone a glass. "I've been in love with this woman all my life and I'm just glad that we're still together and happy. To my wife, to our health and to our happiness." As Mr Martin mentioned happiness, he glanced at his son, the sound of champagne glasses chimed throughout the house and I was satisfied that I might have saved a family.
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