Sold to My Ex-Husband (English Version)

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Seven years ago… I was his stalker. Three years ago… I was his wife. Two years ago… I was his ex-wife. Since the day he left me, my life has never been the same. It seems like I gathered all life’s misfortunes – my mother died from cancer, our family business went down and my dad could not face the shame so he killed himself leaving me to take on the responsibilities of paying his debts. I have to work hard to make ends meet. I worked as a baker, a dance instructress, and an entertainer in order to pay the debts as well as to support myself. I was trying to be okay until he came back. He manipulated everything – owned the bakeshop where I worked as a baker, paid me to give him private dance classes and made me agree to perform in private with him. Do you think that is already worse? Nah-uh! He paid my family’s debt in the bank so I am obliged to pay him based on his terms. I am Patricia Sandoval, sold to Stuart Cordoval – I am his personal assistant, private chef, personal dance instructor, exclusive entertainer and on-call bedwarmer of my beloved ex-husband. This may sound absurd, but yes, I am sold to my ex-husband.

Romance / Drama
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I heaved a sigh as I lay my things on the side table found in the presidential suite which he rented for my private show. Even if this is not our first, I still felt nervous and at the same time awkward about dancing in front of him. I used to dance in front of people but tonight’s entertainment is different from the ones I used to do. Tonight, I am going to dance in front of him and only for him.

With my hips swaying and my arms raised, I closed my eyes in order to ignore his stare. He is still handsome, a bit mature with a body built to melt any woman trapped in his arms.

“Why are you so far?” he interrupted me, “aren’t you going to come closer?”

I knew he would say that but I decided not to retaliate. He is my customer now; I could not refuse him so even if I do not feel comfortable about it, I decided to move closer. I was trying to feel the beat when I felt his hands holding my hips. It was not supposed to happen so I stopped and stepped backward.

“Why are your hands free?” I know he could see how surprise I am but he answered me with a smirk.

“Did you forget about what my money can do?” he gave me an evil grin that sends shiver to my spine. He was supposed to be tied to the chair. He was not supposed to be allowed to hold me. That was the agreement I had with my boss.

Afraid about what he might do next, I rushed to the door but before I could even get hold of the doorknob, I heard him said, “that door is locked from the outside.”

I know he was telling the truth but I still tried to open the door. I cannot be alone in this room with him, not when his hands are free.

“I told you,” I heard him say, “I am going to buy all your time and services. You are mine, Patricia,” I felt my knees quiver as I sensed him closer to me.

“W-what is your problem?!” I tried to hide my fears as I faced him, “I thought you want me gone? I thought you don’t want see me anywhere near you? Why are you doing this to me now?”

“Because I am still physically attracted to you, Patricia,” I could feel his breath as I leaned on the door, “and since I paid for your debts, you are going to pay me by satisfying this attraction until I can get over you!”

I silently cursed as the reality revealed itself to me. Why did I thought that he is doing this because he loved me? He never loved me and nothing will ever change that. I am just here to satisfy his lust and I hated it not because I do not like it but because I allowed it. I still hoped that if I allow him to use me, he’ll realize that it is me that he wants and that it is me that he love. I allowed this not because I was merely sold to him but because I also wanted to be near him. I have nothing else to lose anymore. I loved him and I still do. If this is the only way for me to feel him, then let it be. I will gladly be sold to my ex-husband.

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