Her Beautiful Addiction (Love and Lust #4)

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Chapter 6

Theo looked at the file on his desk.

The word Confidential stamped on it in bold red was a joke that his security had deliberately played on him. He smiled. Zion could be a real pain in the ass. He was his best friend and at the same time, drove him out of his mind when he wanted to.

Theo relaxed in the leather chair and steepled his fingers below his chin, placing his elbows on the arm rest.

He was probably being a douchebag. He was about to invade the privacy of a woman and unfortunately, he didn’t have a hint of remorse.

Neva had stayed on his mind since the time he saw her in the library. Nothing, absofuckinglutely nothing, could have prepared him for the shock he received when she had lifted those warm brown eyes and had looked right at him, sending his heart skittering and the blood rushing to his cock.

It felt like yesterday that he had kissed her soft, delicate lips in the darkness. Had felt the gentle touch of her tongue when he’d probed her mouth with his own. He could still remember just how incredible she had felt against his body, her arms wrapped around his neck. He remembered with distinct clarity the moan that had bubbled from her mouth, setting his blood on fire.

In the confines of his office, he felt the thickening of his cock in his pants.

Theo cursed.

Six years.

Six fucking years and she still affected him so fucking badly.

It was her eyes that got him, more than anything else. They looked so damn beautiful, a chocolate brown shade that he was becoming partial to. They held warmth in their depths. He couldn’t recollect meeting anyone in his life so far that had the same openness displayed so freely. And yet, when he’d stared at her the other day, her arm clutching her side, he had seen a hint of fear in their depths. A trace of something akin to vulnerability.

From that very moment on, all he knew was that he had to take that away.

He had to erase that haunting look from her eyes.


He’d asked himself that question multiple times now.

Spinning his chair around, he turned to look out the window. In the distance, the sky had turned a fading pink and the sun had almost set.

He’d never really forgotten her. The day after he had kissed her at the party, he had tried looking for her at school but she hadn’t been there. He’d looked for a whole week and then given up, thinking that she probably went to another school or had moved out of the area.

A year after that, hell had broken loose in his family. He’d had to quit a couple of things that he had been pursuing and take care of the empire that his father had built. It had been fucking unfair, but that was life, wasn’t it?

He still couldn’t describe what it was about Neva that made him want to gather her into his arms and hold her close. He wanted to wipe away the shadows he saw in her eyes and then fuck her mouth and her pussy till she couldn’t see straight.

Fuck, he’d probably scare her if she knew the thoughts that ran through his head.

Without giving himself a chance to think, he turned around and flipped open the file on his desk.

Neva’s smiling face stared back at him.

The picture had been taken when she was a few years younger. There were reports stacked in the file but all he could do was stare and wonder why in the world he hadn’t taken an extra effort to search her after that fucking incredible kiss they had shared.

Did she think about him? Did she wonder who had kissed her like she was meant to when she’d found out that it hadn’t been her boyfriend? Was she still seeing him?

A dark scowl formed on his face.

He flipped the page that held the photograph and began reading. She had been born and raised in Minnesota. She and her sister, Kaitlyn, had lost their mom to cancer and their dad hadn’t survived too long after that. The girls, at the age of eight and six, had been sent to live with their grandparents, who weren’t alive anymore.

Theo swallowed. She’d lost everyone.

Neva had been dating a guy through school and college, named Heath, who currently worked as a Pharmacist at a local drugstore. Apparently, a few weeks ago, Neva had been in a minor accident at the apartment they had shared and had been hospitalized. She’d cracked a couple of ribs and had severe internal bleeding. Theo frowned into the paper. What kind of accident inside an apartment would cause someone that kind of damage?

She’d had to quit her job at the bookstore she had been working at, but Heath had remained at his old workplace.

When Theo turned the page, he went still. It was a picture of the guy he had seen Neva with, all those years ago. He could vaguely notice the similarity in the features in the face he remembered.

He looked up at the clock on the wall opposite him.

That was why she was holding her side when she bumped into him the other day. Did it still hurt her that bad?

Suddenly anxious, he ran his fingers through his hair.

Continuing to read the reports, he flipped the pages in turn. His mind was spinning. There had been no evidence to point out who was to blame for Neva’s accident. She’d reported it as the result of falling in the bathtub. Theo frowned again. It didn’t seem plausible at all.

He went back to the picture of her boyfriend.

He let himself search his features. Motherfucking asshole. Theo couldn’t pinpoint what it was, but the bastard just didn’t look right.

He went back to the reports. They’d broken up after the incident and Neva had moved here. The job at the diner was the first one since then. Theo also read that she had a Bachelors degree. He looked at his phone thoughtfully. She was probably going to begin pursuing a career in that soon.

He glanced at the door and then back to his phone.

Neva had obviously had a hard life.

Pushing back his chair, he stood and stretched his arms above his head.

He had to pay her a visit.

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