Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 12: Worst Case Scenario

Worst-Case Scenario

After "Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers"

"Green dress shirt or green sweater vest?" asked Adam anxiously, trying to pick out what to wear for his first date with Tanya.

"Shirt with a leather jacket," answered Tommy who had come to try and calm Adam down after his fellow ranger had called four times from the flower shop trying to pick out a bouquet.

"Should I leave the top button undone?" wondered Adam.

"Will you calm down?" laughed Tommy. "You're more nervous than I've ever seen you against one of King Mondo's monsters."

"King Mondo is not an attractive girl," muttered Adam as tried to choose some cologne.

"So where are you taking Tanya tonight?" asked Tommy when Adam was finally ready to leave.

"I was thinking we could go for a carriage ride around the park and then to that little café nearby," said Adam. "Kim mentioned you took her there for French food on a date once."

"Funny, I don't remember going to a French café with Kim," said Tommy puzzled.

"Figures," laughed Adam, getting in his car.

"Finally you're laughing," grinned Tommy. "Keep that attitude for the rest of the night, and you're as good as gold, or yellow in this case," said Tommy, punning Tanya's Zeo Ranger color.

"Easy for you to say!" shouted Adam as he drove off.

Over at Kat's house, Tanya smoothed out her silk, sleeveless v-neck yellow top, which she had chosen to wear with black flats, black tights and a short black skirt.

"You look beautiful," assured Kat, handing her best friend her jean jacket.

"What if we don't have anything to talk about?" worried Tanya, thinking about worst-case scenarios.

Kat gave her a "don't be ridiculous look." At that moment, the girls heard the doorbell ring. "He's here!" squeaked Tanya, fluffing out her hair.

"Here you go," said Kat handing Tanya her yellow, clutch purse. "Cell phone, money, lip gloss, and most importantly, breathe mints," said Kat winking. She walked downstairs to go get the door. "Tanya will be right down," the yellow Zeo Ranger heard Kat say to Adam.

Tanya felt more nervous than she ever did fighting the Machine Empire when all she was doing now was walking downstairs to see a guy she saw everyday. But Adam wasn't just some guy. "No he's not," thought Tanya upon seeing Adam looking unusually sexy in khakis, a green dress shirt and a leather jacket.

"These are for you," said Adam, blushing from Tanya's exquisiteness, as he handed her a bouquet of yellow, long-stemmed roses.

"Thank you, Adam!" said Tanya. "They're so beautiful….OWWWW!" exclaimed Tanya as a thorn poked Tanya's finger hard. Blood started trickling on to the yellow roses.

"I forgot to cut off the thorns!" panicked Adam to himself as Tanya rushed off to find a band-aid. "How could I have been so stupid?"

"Uhhh I'll put those in some water," said Kat taking the flowers. She smiled sympathetically upon seeing Adam's worried face. "Relax, she didn't break a bone," soothed Kat.

"Nothing like a band-aid to confine the cut," said Tanya cheerfully as she returned. "You ready to go?" she asked Adam, linking her arm through his.

Kat smiled as her friends drove off in Adam's car on their first date. They made quite an entertaining pair. Kat sighed, wondering what her own crush was up to.

Across town, Tommy had just picked up Billy and was driving to the Youth Center. "Guess who I heard from today?" began Billy. "Zack!"

"That's awesome," said Tommy excitedly. "How is the Zack man?"

"Still at the Peace Conference enjoying the sweet life in Europe," said Billy. "Zack's visiting France right now with Trini. He took her to a nice café for a belated birthday dinner. They couldn't understand the menu and ended up getting served frog legs!"

The warning bells were going off in Tommy's head again. "French café. Birthday. Frogs legs," wondered Tommy to himself. "Why does this sound like something I've done before?"

It hit Tommy like lightening. He had taken Kim to a French café in Angel Grove on a double-dated when Zack wanted to take Angela out for her birthday. Zack pretended to understand the French-written menu to impress Angela, but ended ordering everyone frog legsAngela was so upset with Zack not being himself, she almost broke up with him on the spot. "Adam's on his way to that same café with Tanya right now," panicked Tommy inwardly. "And Adam doesn't know a word of French! Where's my cell phone?"

Tommy threw his head back and groaned, realizing that his typical, forgetful self let his phone at home. "Billy, do you have your cell phone on you?" asked Tommy urgently.

"No, mine broke this afternoon," said Billy. "I was going to fix it tonight. What's the emergency?"

"We got to get to the Youth Center fast, and call Adam before he embarrasses himself," said Tommy to a confused Billy as the red Zeo Ranger floored the gas peddle of his car.

Adam and Tanya meanwhile had arrived at Angel Grove Park. Adam hopped around to open the passenger door for Tanya. He took her hand, enjoying the warmth of her touch.

"Where are we going?" asked Tanya eagerly, squeezing Adam's hand affectionately.

"It's a surprise," said Adam winking at her coyly.

"I like a man who's full of surprises!" grinned Tanya, pulling Adam closer to her for a quick peck on the check. Her smile faded as she saw Adam leading her toward a horse-drawn carriage. "Uhhhh, Adam, I need to tell you something…"

"Surprise!" grinned Adam, pulling her over by the horse. "I thought we could go a romantic buggy ride." He noticed Tanya tearing up. "Wow, I didn't think you'd like the surprise that much," he joked until he realized Tanya was starting to sneeze uncontrollably.

"I…allergic….horses!" wheezed Tanya, both wheezing and gasping for breath at a alarmingly frightening pace. Adam scooped Tanya up in his arms and practically ran in the opposite direction. "First the rose thorns and now the horse allergy," groaned Adam to himself. "Adam Park, you really know how to show a woman a good time." His first date with Tanya was so far was absolutely a worst-case scenario.

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