Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 14: Dream


Takes place during and then after "It Came from Angel Grove"

The past six months, despite frequent attacks by King Mondo, had felt like a dream to Adam Park. Studying with his girlfriend late that night at Angel Grove High, Adam reflected how he and Tanya had formed a fantastic friendship and relationship based on trust and support for one another. Tanya's confidence and fun-loving attitude made her infectious to be around. Plus, they learned new things from each other every day. Adam would teach her a new kata, and Tanya would teach him a new way to kiss.

"Plus she is absolutely gorgeous," said Adam dotingly to himself, watching Tanya twirl a strand of soft, brown hair around her finger. He could spend the whole evening studying curvaceous figure, bubbly face, energetic eyes and larger-than-life smile. Unfortunately, given that they had been alone in the Study Center for the whole night, that's what Adam had been doing. However junior police officers-in-training Bulk and Skull had eventually showed up, interrupting Adam and Tanya's mutual education on human anatomy.

"I think I've had enough studying for tonight," yawned Tanya, dropping her hands into her textbook. "And you?"

"No, I really want to ace tomorrow's exam," sighed Adam. While he had asked Tanya to come keep him company while they prepared for the test, he didn't realize he was going to spend more time that night studying her than studying his textbooks. "I'm going to keep going a while," decided Adam.

"Adam, you know every page in this book," protested Tanya, realizing that he had been reviewing for this exam since last week. "I really think you should rest," suggested Tanya. "And by rest, I mean let's go back to your bedroom together," Tanya thought to herself sneakily, knowing that Adam's parents were out of town.

"I'll be ok," said Adam. "Go ahead," he urged, nodding toward the door. While Tanya would forgive him if he didn't spend more time with her tonight, his exam tomorrow wouldn't.

"Ok," said Tanya, giving him a disappointed look as she grabbed her book bag. "It could be worse," thought Tanya to herself. "I could be dating Bulk or Skull," she mused, noticing the two junior police officers asleep at the entrance to the Study Center.

After Tanya left, with Bulk and Skull in tow, Adam was able to study for a few more hours before he needed a break. He turned on the TV and found "The Bride of Hackensack," which was one of his favorite scary movies. Before long, Adam had drifted off on the Study Center couch into dream land.

"No no, I won't let you," muttered Adam in his sleep, tossing and turning in the Study Center as the morning light shown through the window.

"Adam," said Tanya tapping him lightly. "Wake up."

"You were dreaming man," said Tommy as Adam sat up hazily.

"You must have fallen asleep while you were studying," said Kat gently.

"Wow," said Adam rubbing his head dazedly. "What a weird dream. It felt so real. And you were all there!" His friends all looked at each other, uncertain what to say. At that moment, the same black cat from Adam's dream jumped into his lap.

"Now this is really weird," said Adam a little freaked out.

"Hold that cat," hissed Bulk coming up behind the couch where Adam and Tanya were sitting. "We've been trying to catch her for days."

"If that cat gets away, Lt. Stone will have our hides," shrieked Skull. He and Bulk climbed clumsily over the couch – and Adam – as they chased after the black feline. "Great," Adam thought to himself disgusted. "I've always dreamed of having my head in between Bulk's legs."

Meanwhile the others were discussing the encore performance of "The Bride of Hackensack" movie on TV.

"I love scary movies," oozed Kat, plopping down on the couch on the other side of Adam.

"Hey, why doesn't everyone come over our house after school?" suggested Tanya brightly. "I'll supply the popcorn," she sung, knowing it was Adam's favorite snack. Everyone responded in agreement.

"Are you going to come Adam?" asked Tanya.

"Uhhh, look you guys go on without me," Adam grunted reproachfully. "I've had enough of monster movies for awhile." Everyone laughed.

"Thank goodness your parents are gone for the week otherwise they would have been worried sick where you were last night," said Tanya.

"So what were we doing in your dream?" asked Rocky.

"Well you were a werewolf," began Adam.

"Figures," said Tommy. "Rocko does have the hairiest chest!"

"And Tommy was a vampire," continued Adam.

"That's appropriate," said Rocky. "You should see the way he used to nibble on Kim's neck."

"Ok, we're even!" laughed Tommy.

"Kat was a witch," added Adam.

"Well, she is quite scary looking when she gets out of bed in the morning," joked Tanya.

"Hey!" chided Kat lightheartedly to her best friend.

"And Tanya was the Bride of Hackensack," finished Adam.

At that moment, the bell for the first class rang. The teens headed out their various ways, and Adam and Tanya sauntered out of the Study Center reluctantly to take their exam.

"So I was the Bride of Frankenstein in your dream?" said Tanya nudging her boyfriend playfully.

"Hackensack," corrected Adam. "But you looked just as scary as Frankenstein!"

"Are you saying I wouldn't make a beautiful bride, Adam Park?" said Tanya feigning mock hurt.

"You'll be the most gorgeous bride ever when we get married someday," assured Adam. They both screeched to a stop in the hallway upon processing what had just come out of Adam's mouth.

"You think, us, marriage, someday?" Tanya sputtered.

"Ummm," said Adam, turning tomato red. "Well you're the longest girlfriend I've ever had. I really care about you. Hey, if Angel Grove can be attacked by giant machine robots, who am I to rule out what could happen in this world?"

Tanya chuckled and stood up on her tiptoes to wrap her arms around Adam's neck. "Sweetie," she said placing a warm kiss on his lips. "I don't think being married to you would be the worst thing in the world at all."

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