Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 15: Game


Takes place during "Bulk Fiction"

While the others had gone to the Youth Center, Adam and Tanya had hinted to their friends that afternoon they wanted to spend some alone time as a couple. After "playing" for awhile in Adam's room, the pair had ventured outside for a game of basketball once Mrs. Park had gotten home.

Adam dribbled the ball toward the basket and tossed a fancy hook shot into the hoop. "Showoff as usual," chuckled Tanya to herself at Adam's tendency to flaunt his athleticism. But then something unusual caught Tanya's eye: Bulk walking in their direction on to the basketball court.

"Uhh, Tanya," began Bulk, shoving the basketball at Adam. "I was wondering if I could have a word with you for a moment. Alone!" ordered the junior police officer, glaring in Adam's direction.

"Sure," replied a baffled Tanya. "Adam, would you excuse us?"

"Sure," smirked Adam, walking off while purposely staying within earshot of the twosome's conversation. "If Bulk is going to hit on my girlfriend, this something I'd love see," thought Adam smugly to himself, clearly entertained by the thought of Bulk trying to woo Tanya.

"A friend of mine needs some advice from a woman's perspective," Bulk said to Tanya resolutely.

Tanya immediately saw through the "friend of mine" act: Bulk – known for years as the school bully – had gotten bitten by the love bug. "I see," said Tanya, trying to hold back her laughter.

"I, he needs to know what girls like… in a guy," said Bulk desperately.

"Well the best rule Bulk is just to be yourself," said Tanya, sincerely hoping to help the big guy.

"That won't work," responded Bulk unhappily. "What do you like in a guy?"

"Well, I like the sophisticated type of guy," explained Tanya.

"Sophisticated," repeated Bulk.

"Yeah, worldly you know?" mused an amused Tanya.

"Worldy" comically reiterated Bulk. "Got it, thanks!"

Bulk ran off the basketball court with renewed determination. Tanya chuckled as she walked over toward Adam who was doubled-over in laughter.

"So you like the worldly type of guy, mademoiselle?" teased Adam with a twinkle in his eye. He grabbed Tanya's hand and began placing kisses up her arm. Tanya couldn't stop laughing.

"Or do you prefer a sexy, Spanish senor to sweep you off your feet?" said Adam in a deep accent, taking Tanya by the waist and swinging her into a low, Tango dip.

"Sweetie, you goofball," giggled Tanya. She loved how gradually over the time they'd been dating Adam had learned to loosen up around her.

"Oh, maybe you'd just go for a guy with skills like mine?" boasted Adam as he ran back on to the court and sunk another hook shot. The yellow Zeo Ranger grabbed the ball, and with Adam closely guarding her, tried for a jump shot. Tanya sighed as the ball bounced off the rim, knowing she could never get one up on Adam when it came to a game of basketball. At that moment, the couple heard their communicators go off.

"Adam here," answered the green Zeo Ranger, immediately all business.

"We're in trouble," came Tommy's voice urgently over Adam's communicator. "Get over here fast!"

"We're on it," responded Adam. "It's Morphin' Time!"

"Zeo Ranger 2: Yellow," cried Tanya.

"Zeo Ranger 4: Green," called Adam.

They teleported to the scene where their fellow rangers were battling the Googleheimer monster.

"Cogs!" warned Adam as the Machine Empire's foot soldiers came flying overhead. This gave Tanya an idea for a new game.

"Hey Adam," said Tanya, going over to her boyfriend. "Here's an incentive to get this fight finished. For every Cog you knock down, I'll take off a piece of clothing later."

"Woo-hoo!" yelled Adam excitedly, eagerly plunging and punching headlong into the hoard of Cogs. Tanya laughed to herself as she followed her boyfriend into battle. She may not be able to beat Adam in a basketball match, but seduction was one game the yellow Zeo Ranger knew how to play very well.

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