Romance Theme Challenge: Adam and Tanya

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Chapter 16: Duty


Takes place in the middle of the episode "Song Sung Yellow"

Tanya could barely contain her delight as she raced toward the Study Center to find her friends. Ever since Tanya had filmed her homemade music video "Stick Together", her fantasies about breaking into the recording industry were actually becoming a reality. First, producer Vincent Nova of SC Records told her he was interested in having her record some tracks. He had even taken her video back to the studios. What happened next for Tanya was just too good to be true. She couldn't wait to find the…

"Guys, guess what?" said Tanya breathlessly excited. "Mr. Nova showed my video to Lazlo Trent. The director! He's interested in doing my next video."

"Wow!" exclaimed Adam. "He's one of the best."

"I know," replied Tanya thrilled. "He's flying down this afternoon with the president of SC Records. They're going to come hear me sing at Ernie's today, and if they like me, they're going to offer me a contract!"

"Wow," responded Tommy cautiously. "Congratulations, that's great. Are you going to take it?"

"Yeah!" exclaimed Tanya impulsively. She noticed Tommy's furrowed face. Then it hit her. She would have to leave Angel Grove if she took the contract, and Tommy would be down a yellow Zeo Ranger. "I don't know," continued Tanya confused. At that moment, the bell for class began to clang. Adam put his arm around Tanya's shoulder comfortingly as the couple walked to history class.

"You seemed awfully eager for me to take that contract," said Tanya, teasingly nudging Adam. "Are you trying to get rid of me already?"

Adam chucked at his girlfriend's over-dramatic, playful pout. "All I want is for you to be happy," responded Adam honestly.

"Adam, what would you do if you were me?" asked Tanya despondently.

"I'd go," replied Adam without hesitation. "That was you could introduce me to Lazlo Trent. That would be really great in getting my directorial career off the ground."

"Hey!" said Tanya in pretend mock-offence.

"Just playin'," smiled Adam, kissing her on the check.

"I just can't abandon my duty as a ranger," said Tanya seriously.

"Yeah, but this is an amazing opportunity," said Adam. "Zordon and the rest of us understood when Kimberly left to go train in Florida for the Pan Globals."

"If I took the recording contract, I'd have to move to L.A.," thought Tanya out loud. "We'd be so far apart."

"Tommy and Kim were far apart when she left for Pan Globals," began Adam.

"And look how well that turned out!" finished Tanya, looking at Adam like he had lost his mind.

"You have a point there," said Adam awkwardly, thinking of the red Zeo Ranger's recent heartbreak. Tanya and Adam walked down the high school hallway, neither knowing what to say to remedy the situation.

"Remember how you told when we first got together that you weren't like Sarah Diaz, my last girlfriend?" said Adam, finally breaking the silence. "We're not Tommy and Kim. If this recording contract is your dream, we'll find a way to make it work. Because being with you Tanya has been my dream come true."

"Adam, that was ridiculously corny," said Tanya, looking at him adoringly.

"Yeah," replied Adam sheepishly as he wrapped his arms around his girlfriend's waist and pulled her close. "But it made you smile." The pair met in a quick but passionate kiss, reflecting on their time together as a couple, before heading into history class.

Tanya's earlier conversation with her boyfriend was still on her mind when she took the stage at Ernie's. She had chosen to perform her original song "I'd Still Love You," which she had actually written about her relationship with Adam.

"I won't waste your time,

But I've seen a lot of you to know.

These feelings of mine

Have no other place to go."

Tanya had written the song shortly before they'd became a couple to vent her frustrations about how much she liked Adam, but that he was too shy to tell her how he felt. Singing the words out loud reminded Tanya how much she cared for Adam all over again.

"I'll wait for you

So patiently.

True love won't be denied."

Tanya remembered when she had gotten up the courage to sing the song to Adam for the first time. Nervously strumming out the chords on her guitar, Tanya with her voice wavering had performed the piece as Adam looked on warmly. "That was awesome,"

Adam had said after enthusiastically, which Tanya knew as the phrase the bashful boy used to express his highest level of admiration.

"I've seen the best and the worst you have to give,

And I'd still love you babe.

I'd still love you babe."

At that moment, Tanya heard her communicator go off. "Not now!" panicked Tanya to herself as she glanced down at her wrist. Looking worriedly at her friends, Tanya saw them duck behind the speakers to talk to Zordon. Tanya fought the urge to run off the stage and go join them.

"I've seen the best and the worst you have to give,

And I'd still love you babe.

I'd still love you babe."

Tommy came back into view and gestured for Tanya to stay on stage, signaling that the others could handle it. Giving Tommy a discouraged nod, Tanya turned back to the crowd torn with emotion. Not only did she feel like she was letting her friends down, but herself as well. How could she have ever thought a recording contract could be more important than what she and her friends did as Zeo Rangers?

"You're the best thing that has ever come my way,

And I'll try my best to make you want to stay."

It dawned upon Tanya after singing these lyrics that it was her friends that were the best thing to ever come her way, not the recording contract. More importantly than her duties as a ranger, Tanya had a duty to stay true to her heart. She knew at that moment she wanted to stay in Angel Grove with her friends… and with Adam.

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